Re Creative Misfit

can-dagarslani-identities-asdYou Raise Your Frequency, Or Are Highly Creative. And Others Attack You, Or Don’t Support You. Why?
By Indian in the machine, 2013

Many of us have been raising our frequency, living our truths, paving the way. In a world like our’s, one might feel like others would appreciate our presence. Instead people will attack, act out in rage, get real vicious, and want to pull us back down. It can be rather shocking, especially when we are growing, evolving, being of service to others, standing in our Light etc. Why????

1. Light In Others Triggers Jealousy, Rage, Frustration etc.
– If you are in your Light, you may cause others to look at parts of oneself that they wanted to have, but did not allow it due to: Lost Will, Guilt, Ego confusion and Judgments against self. All of these may have Continue reading

Hawk’s Eye

Hawk’s Eye
By BJordan Gemstones, 2013

Hawk’s Eye is the name given to blue or blue-gray Tiger Eye and, like golden Tiger Eye, it is a silicified asbestiform crocidolite (crocidolite with strands of asbestos running through it, which over time have been replaced with Quartz. The fine layers of Quartz crystals within Hawk’s Eye reflect light and give the stone its characteristic silky sheen. The most important source of stone is South Africa, but it is also found in India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Western Australia, Brazil and California. Hawk’s Eye is also known as Blue Tiger Eye, Falcon’s Eye, Rodusite and Silicified Crocidolite. Continue reading

Mountain Dove

HawkHawk (Animal Totem)
From Mynzah

Hawk Medicine: – Visionary Power – Guardianship

Cycle of Power: Spring and Fall Equinoxes; New Moon  

Hawk is the Messenger, the Protector and the Visionary of the air. Along with Owl, it has the keenest eyes of the raptors. This powerful bird can awaken the Visionary within you, and lead to your life purpose. It is the Messenger, and when it shows up pay attention: there is always a message coming. Once Hawk shows up, it will stay with you permanently. This powerful bird can awaken your visionary power, open your higher chakras to hear the messages of the Universe and lead you to your life purpose. Also look for Raven to precede or Continue reading

Shiva Yoga – Ask A Swami

shiva_linga_rp19Frequently Asked Questions
From Shiva Yoga

1. What is the meaning of the term ‘Lingodhbhavamurti’ ?

Shiva is addressed as Lingodhbhavamurti, the self-existent Truth.

2. Is Shiva a male and Shakti female ?

The attempt to identify Shakti with woman and Shiva with man is a blasphemous error. As a matter of fact, they are neither male nor female nor even neuter, for the Shivagamas declare in unmistakable terms, that Shiva is the Sat aspect of reality while Shakti is its Chit aspect. Shiva and Shakti are, as it were, Continue reading

Shiva Linga Debate?

Shiva LingaShiva Linga Debate
From Isajha, 2013

I remember the first time i learnt Shiva linga meant Shiva’s member was actually after being enlightened by a country bumpkin. Till then i had no idea except that it was a symbol for Lord Shiva. So did all Hindus need to be pointed out to that fact at some stage? Or they all knew all along? Which brings me to the second question. Why does a fact that billions of people follow need to be pointed out? I think that Shiva linga means Shiva’s member is a recent phenomenon. This false information has been propagated by the western media and so called intellectuals who had too much education or lack of it. Inspired by Behoove’s story, i did a bit of googling in this. I would like to share what i found. Continue reading

Nazar Drishti Dosha

Nazar Dosha Evil Eye - nccHow to take away Kann Drishti or Buri Nazar or Evil Eye?
By Divine Brahmanda, 2010

“Nazar”/”Drishti”/”Kannu”, however you want to call it is the same all over India. In ancient times, they understood the power of thought and even speech. People adhered to Dharma and hence their thoughts and speech would be true/come true – such was the power of their mental energies and focus.

The concept of Drishti/Nazar is also that knowingly/unknowingly – thoughts of jealousy and envy must not affect someone/something.

So in effect, to mar “perfection” a beauty spot is placed on children, brides and bridegrooms. Continue reading

Navu Nazar Dosha

nazardemons - atcNazar Dosha Tips
By Astro Yatra

The thought of “Buri Nazar” (evil eye) or “Nazar Dosh” is incredibly standard and creates ripples within the mind once anybody detected concerning it.

Nazar Dosh could be considered a transfer of negative energy. When someone holds intense negative thoughts concerning another person or object, the negative thoughts accumulate within the mind. When this vibratory energy transfers to another person or object, it causes hurt thereto.

Effect of Nazar Dosh
•            Disturbance of the thinking pattern of the person envied.
•            Diseases without identifiable somatic cause. Continue reading


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