Sadhana and the Subtle Sound

Krishna and Flute - kamat

Sadhana: Krishna’s Flute
Sharing an enlightening article on the connection between Krishna’s Flute and yoga sadhana through contemplation on our own inner sounds.

Significance of the subtle sound – Antarnad
By Sri Shankaracharya

“When one’s essential nature is contemplated upon for a moment or half a moment, then the (subtle) sound called Anahata is heard in the right ear.”

Note: Anahata (literally ‘unstruck’) is the subtle sound produced by the vibrations of Prana or bio-energy within the body through the nerve channels and is recognised as sound by the brain, though there is no external source of vibration causing it. In his Yogataravali, Sri Shankaracharya mentions Pranayama or breath control with the three neuro-muscular “locks” of Hatha Yoga viz., Uddiyana, Jalandhara and Mula Bandha as the direct means of activating the Kundalini (the potential bio-energy in all beings), and manifesting this subtle inner sound.

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Krishna’s Flute

krishna-syamasundara_2The Beauty Behind Krishna’s Flute
By Sanjib Mukherjee

Radha is the embodiment of devotion with her entire existence dedicated to loving her Lord Krishna. She loved Krishna from the very core of her being and totally accepted everything about him, even the flirtatious attentions of all the fellow gopis (village girls) who also had their eyes on her beloved.

Nothing in this universe could ever move her from her affections; Radha did not care for all the other women chasing her love, did not bother with all the animals who unconditionally loved Krishna, or be concerned with the environment or nature who adored the lands Krishna graced. Nothing could move Radha from her one-pointed focus towards her Lord except for one tiny matter, which would bring out the most extreme jealousy within her. Throughout her life, Radha had always yearned to become Krishna’s flute.

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Kundalini Magic F-Word

Krishna___playing_the_flute_by_vishalmisraKundalini and the Magic Flute
Durga Ma and Terry Anne Preston, 1999

We each have a tonal center, a certain pitch to which our own bodies are tuned, just like a musical instrument.

Imagine that your sushumna [the central energy channel in the body] is like a bamboo stalk that has been made into a flute. The finger holes represent the seed sounds of the chakras—seven holes and seven notes in a musical scale.

In deep meditation, when the energy passes through this central channel, heavenly music is playing and can be heard. It’s not like hearing it in your mind or your imagination. It’s as real, even more real than if you were to have it Continue reading

Virgo to Mercury

VirgoThe Throat Chakra is located in the center of the throat near the adam’s apple. This Chakra is linked to our creativity and ability to communicate.

Mercury as the ruler of Virgo influences the need to gather information and communicate based on the data, so you will notice that a sense of power and wellness arrives whenever your throat is in tip-top shape. Virgo does not have to engage in public speaking, she is ready to precisely deliver the facts.

Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)

The symbol of Virgo the Maiden was chosen by astrologers to represent people born under this sign because there is a cool, clear quality to the way that a typical Virgo person thinks.  Continue reading

Simple Hand Chakras

Hand ChakraDaily Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hand Chakras
By Chakra Healing, 2013

Hand chakras, though small, are important to your wellbeing.Our hands are receptive, taking things that are given to us. They are also giving. They are expressive of our moods, communicating our needs, desires and ideas – but did you know that there are chakras in the hands?

When we talk about the chakras we typically refer to the seven main chakras, but do not discount these ‘lesser chakras’ simply because of that. The chakras in your palms are not so much centers for storing energy like the seven main chakras are, but more channels through which energy can pass back and forth. The chakras in your hands are directly related to Continue reading

Indian Dance Mudras

POIndianDanceMudras400Mudras of India
By ShaktiBhakti, 2010

The word mudra stems from the Sanskrit root mud, which means “to delight in”. This hints at the power of these beautiful gestures to evoke deep feeling in the observer and joy in the practitioner. The word mudra also denotes “seal,” and is employed in a yogic sense to explain the process of sealing and strengthening the body’s vital energies.

Mudras are an essential part of Classical Indian Dance, Yoga, and other spiritually based practices. Mudras are practiced for concentration, healing, and expressing the vast array of human emotion and experience.

In [the Mudras of India] blog I will include images, description, and usage of the fifty-two mudras described in the Abhinaya Darpana of Nandikeswara Continue reading

Back to the Root

1 clever-coffee-illustrations-livscreams-9Hello? Hello? Is any mind home?

As usual, after a long break, I feel like going on another break. A real break. A really real break this time. Instead, I am to remind myself, that this IS the break. To be able to blog on whatever I feel like, IS the break.

As weak as that sounds to me, I better remind myself that I am a blogger. And bloggers blog. And bloggers who have been away for a while thank everyone who kept supporting their blogs.

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