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Great Wuthering Eight


Those with the 8 Life Path are gifted with natural leadership and the capacity to accumulate great wealth. You have a great talent for management in all areas of life, especially in business and financial matters. You understand the material world; you intuitively know what makes virtually any enterprise work. Your talent lies not with the bookkeeping or petty management, but with greater vision, its purpose and its long-range goals.

You are a visionary and a bit reckless at the same time. You posses the ability to inspire people to join you in your quest, but often they are incapable of seeing what you see. Therefore, those around you need your continual guidance, inspiration, and encouragement. You must prod them into action, and direct them along the lines of your vision. You attract financial success more than any other Life Path, but effort is required. Continue reading

Road Runner

DSC08147Road Runner by Cindy Knoke

Road Runner
Compilation by 7M

Roadrunners are ground dwelling cuckoos found in parts of the southwestern United States and Mexico. They range in length from 20 to 24 inches from the tip of its tail to the end of its beak.

Legend has it that the roadrunner got its name from running on the road alongside horse drawn carriages. Also known as the chaparral cock this legendary bird is famous for its distinctive appearance, its ability to eat rattlesnakes and its preferences for scooting across the American deserts as seen in Warner Brothers cartoons. Continue reading

Venus of Taurus

TaurusTaurus energies align with the stomach and Solar Plexus energies. The solar plexus chakra is located an inch or two above the navel. This chakra is not only the focus point for mental power and will. The way to keep this chakra balanced is to know that Venus is the counterpart to Mars, and allow Her to help balance the chakra. Unbalanced, the powers of Mars will lead to either overt aggression or crippling lethargy.


The bull is used to describe the sign of Taurus because he usually is plodding and peaceful in his movements. He is deliberate and Continue reading

Mars of Aries

AriesThe Solar Plexus Chakra is located an inch or two above the navel. This Chakra is the focus point for our mental power and will. Our sense of power, ego and authority, as well as self-control and discipline are centered here.

Aries and the third chakra are each ruled by the planet Mars. The solar plexus chakra is instrumental in guiding on gut hunches and other matters of intuition.

Cardinal fire; ruled by Mars Continue reading

Tiger Spirit

Tiger growl 2Tiger Spirit Animal
By Spirit Animal

Tiger spirit animal and totem meaning

In the kingdom of spirit animals, the tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. The tiger spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust yourself. By affinity with this spirit animal, you may enjoy dealing with life matters spontaneously, trusting your intuition and acting fast when needed.

What is the meaning of the tiger spirit animal? Continue reading

Solar Plexus Chakra Properties

Solar Plexus Chakra CLProperties of the Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

Meaning: City of Gems

Color: Yellow

Petals: 10

Sanskrit Letter on Petals: dam, dham, nam, tam, tham, dam, dham, nam, pam, pham

Associated Age: 14-21 years

Location: Between Navel and bottom of the Sternum

Work organ: Legs and Feet Continue reading

Solar Plexus Chakra Food – Pleasure Food *

Inca God IntiAt the solar plexus chakra level it becomes clear why discipline is needed to be able to have a healthy body and mind. The solar plexus chakra represents self-development in society.

We cannot remain in the protective environment of our family and close friends (sacral chakra level). From a young age on, we are to go school, and then continue to work or run our own business as we get older. We are to become part of society. Society is as big or as small as we make it. For those who have business around the globe, the world becomes their society. We now spend time eating meals and snacks away from our family homes. How does this effect our diet?

It depends on society. In the West, the majority of the food of society is in the hands of a few big corporations. Those corporations do not only control the food society eats, but also dictate what that Continue reading

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