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Four Mulas

The 4 Life Path is practical and down-to-earth, with strong ideas about right and wrong. You are orderly and organized, systematic and controlled, and you are decisive and methodical, employing a step-by-step rationale approach to problem solving. Once committed, you do not give up easily.

You are not one for get-rich-schemes. Rather you use hard work and long hours while building a business career; you seek to establish a solid foundation. Precise tenacious and persevering, you have a great potential for success, but only after putting out effort, and by overcoming the limitations you so often encounter.

Justice and honesty are sacred to you. You are reliable and dependable, a cornerstone in the community. Though not an idealist, you are willing to work for a better world in the community. However, you can be rigid in your ideas, and sometimes too quick in judging your fellow man. Continue reading


Brain on Orgasm

Anatomy of a Climax
By Laura Berman, 2014

Have you ever wondered about the science of orgasms? Find out exactly what happens to your mind and body when you climax.

Understanding what happens to your body (and your partner’s body) during the peak of sexual satisfaction can help you to reach new levels of fulfillment and intimacy. After all, there is so much more to orgasm than meets the eye!

During orgasms, our brains are flooded with information, both from our psyches and from the nerves in our genital region. There are millions of nerve endings [in the root region], all of which feel highly pleasurable when stimulated and aroused.

When stimulated successfully, these nerves send messages to the pleasure center of the brain, the same part of the brain that lights up when we eat something delicious like chocolate; it’s also the area of the brain that is activated by more illicit activities such as drug use. Hence, when people say they are “addicted” to love, it’s actually quite accurate!

Not only does orgasm activate the pleasure center, it also causes our minds to temporarily “lose Continue reading

Root Chakra Balance

Real Life Root Chakra Solutions
By Carol Tuttle

Is it time to shore up your foundation? If you resist change, if you feel the need to control others, if you are quick to anger, if you lack self-confidence and lack the energy to motivate yourself to DO something about your situation… then yes, your foundation is weak. Without strength and balance, your Opening and balancing your root chakra is essential to strengthening your foundation.

The root chakra, located at the base of your spine, is your energetic foundation. This chakra is responsible for your feelings of safety as well as survival-related issues of food, money and shelter. If Continue reading


Teaching Root Chakra

Root Chakra
From Multidimensions

The first chakra is the root chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the spine.

The root chakra rules the lowest vibration of our body and has the slowest wavelength. There are four spokes, or petals. Four is the number of the square and foundations. The square is related to being honest, or giving a “square deal, the four energies of earth–earth, air, fire, and water, and the four directions. Four walls, four legs, or four wheels represent a strong foundation.

NOTE & MANTRA:   The note for this chakra is C and the mantra is “lam” or “e” as in red. Chanting these mantras in the key of D while focusing our attention on this area of our body can enable us to more consciously access the first chakra. Continue reading


Anger Energy

What Goes UpWorking Directly With Anger
By Craig Hollins

You can work directly with the energy of anger as a way to tame its overwhelming energy. Rather than being overpowered by it, over time you can learn liberate this energy so it can be more useful. You can learn to ride the energy of anger, rather than the other way around.

Working with anger energy is a gradual process, and depending on many factors, you could see some improvement anywhere from within a few weeks to several months. This may sound like a long time, but if you have lived with chronic anger for many years, things may or may not change quickly. Continue reading


Anger Therapy

Featured ImageProblems With Anger
By Tony Schirtzinger


Natural Anger

Anger is a natural emotion or feeling. We feel anger whenever we are BLOCKED from getting something we want. It is good for us when it helps to protect us from threats, it reminds us that we have power to overcome obstacles, and it gives us a measure of how important it is for us to get what we want.


Whenever we are blocked from something we want, a part of our energy goes into feeling anger. It can range from intense anger at being blocked from something important (like life itself) to minimal anger at small blocks over slight wants. Continue reading


Chakras of the Bible

Chakra’s and The Bible
By TJ Obsidian, 2013

In the Bible certain numbers have significance; the number 3 represents the Holy trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost , the number 6 represents man, the number 12 represents the 12 tribes, 12 disciples and 12 zodiac signs , and the number 7 represents God, the 7 days of creation which all points to the chakras.

In Genesis chapter 32, we have Jacob who is in a distressed situation with Esau his brother. The night before meeting face to face with his brother, Jacob is left alone from his camp, and ends up wrestling a “man” all night until morning. [Gen. 32:24] After the marathon tussle, Jacob was blessed by the angel/man and was given a new name “Isis RA El. ” Then, in Genesis 32: 30 the Bible says, “and Jacob called the name of the place PENIEL : for I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved.” The name PENIEL or Penuel as the Bible also respelled, is none other than the Pineal gland within the human brain. Continue reading

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