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Complex Possession

domestic_violence_poster_by_untoldpromisesARE WE POSSESSED?
By Paul Levy

Part 1

The demons, psychologically speaking, are very real, in that they alter our experience of ourselves. Jung says,

“As a rule there is a marked unconsciousness of any complexes, and this naturally guarantees them all the more freedom of action. In such cases their powers of assimilation become especially pronounced, since unconsciousness helps the complex to assimilate even the ego, the result being a momentary and unconscious alteration of personality known as identification with the complex. In the Middle Ages it went by another name; it was called possession.”

We, as “modern” people, to the extent we are acting out our unconscious, are as much “plagued” by possession as people in the Middle Ages.

Jung comments,

“…in all cases identification with the unconscious [complex] brings a weakening of consciousness, and herein lies the danger. You do not ‘make’ an identification, you do not ‘identify yourself,’ but you experience your identity with the archetype in an unconscious way and so are possessed by it.”

Anything we are unconsciously identical with we are possessed by, and hence, compelled to act out in our life without understanding why. Though we have dismissed the idea of demons on the altar of our rationality, to quote Jung, Continue reading

Possession Complex

By Paul Levy

C. G. Jung writes, “If, for a moment, we look at mankind as one individual, we see that it is like a man carried away by unconscious powers.” We are a species carried away — “possessed” by — and acting out, the unconscious. Jung elaborates, “Possession, though old-fashioned, has by no means become obsolete; only the name has changed. Formerly they spoke of ‘evil spirits,’ now we call them ‘neurosis’ or ‘unconscious complexes.’” To condescendingly think that we, as modern-day, rational people, are too sophisticated to believe in something as primitive as demons is to have fallen under the spell of the very evil spirits we are imagining are nonexistent. What the ancients call demons are a psychic phenomena which compel us to act out behaviors contrary to our best intentions. To quote Jung, “…the psychic conditions which breed demons are as actively at work as ever. The demons have not really disappeared but have merely taken on another form: they have become unconscious psychic forces.”

“Possession,” according to Jung is “a primordial psychic phenomenon” that “denotes a peculiar state of mind characterized by the fact that certain psychic contents, the so-called complexes, take over the Continue reading

Spirit Attachment

casting_out_demons jiayiSpirit Entities and Spirit Entity Attachment
From Markoftheparanormal

From the Vedas to the New Testament, there can be found many unambiguous references to the clearance of spirits and entities and many religions have technical rituals dating from ancient times for taking care of the energetic “pollution” arising from someone’s passing and work to protect the living from that circumstance.

In Chinese medicine in the practice of acupuncture, among the 361 acupuncture points, we see the word KUEI (meaning discarnate spirit) making up part of the main or secondary name of 17 points, thus supporting the Chinese belief in the importance of the spirit in maintaining the health and well being of the body generally.

With this in mind, we can be sure that spirit entities are not simply some kind of odd theory made up to frighten people. If anything it is our modern Western Culture that is at odds with history and all other cultures as it disregards the existence of spirits and entities to the detriment of those people who suffer mentally, emotionally and physically due to attachment. Continue reading

Possessive Demons

Asuras Wrath GaretroWhat is the meaning of being ‘affected by ghosts’ and being ‘possessed by ghosts’ (demonic possession)?
By Spiritual Science Research Foundation

1. The definition of being ‘affected by ghosts’

Being affected by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) means the physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual (or any combination thereof) functioning of a person is affected or altered by ghosts entirely through the use of their black energy. There is no direct control by the ghosts over the mind and intellect of the affected person. The ghost has not succeeded in merging with the person’s consciousness in any form.

Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) with their black energy can either stimulate or cloud the faculties of the affected person. Through this black energy, they can affect the person in many ways such as giving him a skin rash, inducing negative thinking or clouding his intellect that cannot be attributed to any other known cause. In a way, this is indirect control over the person. Continue reading

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