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Self Discernment

less-is-more-zoltan-bekefy-13 asdFrom Reading the Mind
By K. Khao-suan-luang

Discernment vs. Self-deception

It’s important that we discuss the steps of the practice in training the mind, for the mind has all sorts of deceptions by which it fools itself. If you aren’t skillful in investigating and seeing through them, they are very difficult to overcome even if you are continually mindful to keep watch over the mind. You have to make an effort to focus on contemplating these things at all times. Mindfulness on its own won’t be able to give rise to any real knowledge. At best, it can give you only a little protection against the effects of sensory contact. If you don’t make a focused contemplation, the mind won’t be able to give rise to any knowledge within itself at all.

This is why you have to train yourself to be constantly aware all around. When you come to know anything for what it really is, there’s nothing but letting go. On the beginning level, this means that the Continue reading

Vipassana – Mindfulness of Breathing

MeditationMindfulness of Breathing

There are sixteen methods of Mindfulness of Breathing (Anapanasati) which Buddha has praised. These sixteen methods are categorized into four groups of four.

Each step consists of a pair of breathing in and breathing out. Here is a brief summary explanation, giving both the Pเli and the translation.

I – Mindfulness of the Breathing Body (Kayanupassana)

Group One is categorized as Mindfulness regarding the body because the breath is recognized part of the body.

1. When a monk takes in a long breath, he is mindful that he is taking in a long breath. When a monk lets out a long breath, he is mindful that he is letting out a long breath.

One who practices Mindfulness of Breathing is firmly mindful of breathing in and out. One remains mindful as the breaths become shorter and shorter. Continue reading

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