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Ten Signs of the Superior Person

up_and_higher_by_kariliimatainenTen Signs of the Superior Person
by Tibetan Master Milarepa

1.   To have little pride and envy is the sign of the superior person.

2.   To have few desires and satisfaction with simple things is the sign of the superior person.

3.   To be lacking in hypocrisy and deceit is the sign of the superior person.

4.   To regulate one’s conduct in accordance with the law of cause and effect as carefully as one would guard the pupils of one’s eyes is the sign of the superior person.

5.   To be faithful in one’s engagement and obligations is the sign of the superior person. Continue reading

Pieces of Peace

Seven Simple Steps to Inner Peace
September 10th, 2007

Inner peace is the most valuable thing that we can cultivate. Nobody can give us inner peace, at the same time it is only our own thoughts that can rob us of our inner peace. To experience inner peace we don’t have to retreat to a Himalayan cave; we can experience inner peace right now, exactly where we are. The most important criteria is to value the importance of inner peace. If we really value inner peace, we will work hard to make it a reality. These are some suggestions for bringing more peace into your mind.

1. Choose carefully where we spend time.
If you are a news addict and spend an hour reading newspapers everyday, our mind will be agitated by the relentless negativity we see in the world. It is true, that we can try to detach from this negativity. But, in practise, we will make our progress easier if we don’t spend several hours ruminating over the problems of the world. If you have a spare 15 minutes, don’t just automatically switch on the TV or surf the internet. Continue reading

Intricate Ignorance

hybrids-liu-xue-12From Reading the Mind
By K. Khao-suan-luang

Part 1

The Intricacies of Ignorance

There are many layers to self-deception. The more you practice and the more you investigate things, the
less you feel like claiming to know. Instead, you’ll simply see the harm of your own many-faceted ignorance and foolishness. Your examination of the viruses in the mind gets more and more subtle. Before, you didn’t know, so you took your views to be knowledge — because you thought you knew. But actually these things aren’t real knowledge. They’re the type of understanding which comes from labels. Still we think they’re knowledge, and we think we know. This in itself is a very intricate self-deception.

So you have to keep watch on these things. You have to keep contemplating them. Sometimes they fool Continue reading

Self Discernment

less-is-more-zoltan-bekefy-13 asdFrom Reading the Mind
By K. Khao-suan-luang

Discernment vs. Self-deception

It’s important that we discuss the steps of the practice in training the mind, for the mind has all sorts of deceptions by which it fools itself. If you aren’t skillful in investigating and seeing through them, they are very difficult to overcome even if you are continually mindful to keep watch over the mind. You have to make an effort to focus on contemplating these things at all times. Mindfulness on its own won’t be able to give rise to any real knowledge. At best, it can give you only a little protection against the effects of sensory contact. If you don’t make a focused contemplation, the mind won’t be able to give rise to any knowledge within itself at all.

This is why you have to train yourself to be constantly aware all around. When you come to know anything for what it really is, there’s nothing but letting go. On the beginning level, this means that the Continue reading

Bending the Mind Again

hybrids-liu-xue-99 Mind-Bending Epiphanies That Turned My World Upside-Down
By Raptitude, 2013

Over the years I’ve learned dozens of little tricks and insights for making life more fulfilling. They’ve added up to a significant improvement in the ease and quality of my day-to-day life. But the major breakthroughs have come from a handful of insights that completely rocked my world and redefined reality forever.

The world now seems to be a completely different one than the one I lived in about ten years ago, when I started looking into the mechanics of quality of life. It wasn’t the world (and its people) that changed really, it was how I thought of it.

Maybe you’ve had some of the same insights. Or maybe Continue reading

Energetic Motions

Process Emotions as Energy Vibrations
By Gini Grey, 2011

Like colors and musical notes, each emotion is a unique vibration of energy.

Spiritual growth involves awakening to who we are as spiritual beings connected to the Source of all life. This journey can be a bit bumpy at times as we transmute darker energies into the light of consciousness. Old painful memories, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns surface in order to be released. This triggers an array of emotional reactions in the body.

As we move into higher levels of consciousness we become more sensitive to the energy within and Continue reading

Modoc Freedom

Modoc Captain Jack THFrom Cherokee Feast of Days
Joyce Sequichie Hifler


Our faith is shaken and disappointment sets in when the pain we thought we were rid of comes back. Our bodies and souls have good memories where pain is concerned – and no matter how hopeful we were, our first response is to think we must have been mistaken.

We were not wrong, and we would never let a thief come back in to rob again. Fear is the thief and it Continue reading

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