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Ori and Destiny


What is Ori-Inu?

Ori-inu (literally, “inner-head”) is “the individuality element or that which is claimed to be responsible for one’s personality”;10 “it is the real essence of being, the personality-soul, which guides and helps a person before he is born, … through the passages of life, at death, and finally goes back to Supreme Deity, its Creator, to give an account of man’s conduct on earth”11; it “rules, controls, and guides the life and activities of the person”12; “it also serves as a man’s double or guardian angel or counterpart”13. From these interpretations and meanings of Ori or Ori-inu, it is categorically clear that Ori-inu is a person’s spiritual element or being which is invisible but actively present when one is being created, throughout life, at death and when one appears before the Creator in judgement.

The spiritual essence of Ori-inu is evident in the fact that it “is closely related to God and it is given to man by God Himself”14. In this regard, Ori-inu can also be considered as a divine assistant delegated by its Creator to assist a Continue reading

Yoruba Ori

The Ori
By Philip Neimark

Ori plays an important role for Ifa devotees. The word itself, in Yoruba, has many meanings. It means head, or the apex or highest pinnacle of achievement. In a spiritual sense, the head, as the highest point of the human body, represents Ori. The head of a company or organization is known as Olori, or Ori for short. The supreme being, our single God, is known as Oludumare, another form of the word.

In the human body, Ori has two roles: the physical and the spiritual. The physical functions of Ori will be familiar to us: our brains think, our eyes see, our noses smell, and our ears hear. Our mouths speak and eat and breathe. Our faces are different from all others and provide our physical identities. Our spiritual Ori are themselves subdivided into two elements: Apari-inu and Ori Apere. Apari-inu represents character; Ori Apere represents destiny. An individual may come to Earth with a wonderful destiny, but if he or she comes with bad character, the likelihood of fulfilling that destiny is severely compromised. Character is essentially unchangeable. Destiny is more complex. Continue reading

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