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Accumulating Merit

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

Merit decides success in this life. Some have vast merits and things come to them easily. One needs to prepare so to have as much merit out of this lecture as possible. Merit in time is irrelevant. Motivation and dedication decide the accumulation of merit.

The way of the Bodhisattva needs the highest motivation. Which is to free all sentient beings from their suffering.

Bridging. The Bodhisattva text is beneficial to everyone. Buddhist or not. Whether one beliefs in the afterlife or not. The Bodhisattva Shantideva enables enlightenment. The points are summarized in the text.

Chapter 1 – The Benefit of the Spirit of Awakening Continue reading


Purify Your Mind

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

It is important to cultivate our minds through study and practice. To know what state of mind to cultivate, and what state of mind to abandon. We have to realize that our current life is short. Our future lives will be much longer, but we have to cultivate our minds now.

(The six paramitas = perfections.)

At the end of this life the body will be abandoned, but the Self will continue. So, to know that after this life we will continue with this mind, it is important to cultivate a stable mind. We need to seek lasting happiness – stable happiness, not temporary pleasures.

To strive for the benefit of others, one benefits automatically too. Our own minds are affected, even if no one else actually benefits. To wish all sentient beings and Self, full enlightenment, is to lead to lasting enlightenment. Continue reading

Anger Affects Rebirth

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

Protect ethics and morality to achieve a precious rebirth. To be able to choose the right circumstances to be born in. To have pleasant things in life comes from generosity.

Rebirth as LIGHT. See it, and know that what you do now, will have an effect. You will have to deal with the effects, and still strive for enlightenment.

The antidote to anger is patience. (Even the Dalai Lama gets angry.) Even animals move away from an angry person. One of the five kleshas.

Difficult people are precious, as they learn us to practice bodhicitta. And help us cultivate a mind of patience. Experiencing someone giving us problems, means that we at least have half the responsibility. Continue reading

Child of Buddha

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

Ch 1.9

After enlightenment, what title is achieved? Child of Buddha.
Their minds are more important than their worldly position. So, it does not matter if the person is poor, if the mind is enlightened then this is a child of Buddha.

It takes a lot of effort to accumulate wealth. What if that effort was put into attaining enlightenment? It is clear that we are capable of effort. People have the patience to attend to their appearance, but not to attend to their mind?

Ch 1.10

The lesser becomes supreme. (Sounds much like New Testament doctrine, but it is not.)

There is something impure of the human body by nature. Not just in this life, but in all previous lives. Continue reading

Of Wheels and Dharma Doors

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

Introduction to the goal of happiness is to be found in studying the Bodhisattva.

Chasing after worldly success does not lead to a happy and stable mind. Temporary happiness is not enough. One should strive for eternal happiness. Final liberation.

The Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma. [A framework for understanding the sutra stream of teachings of the Yogacara school of Buddhism.]

Middle – 84,000 ways (Dharma-doors) of perfection of wisdom Sutras. Continue reading

Happiness Is A Long-Term Goal

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

The life of his Holiness the Dalai Lama has three main commitments (aims).
1. The promotion of religious harmony and understanding.
One is able to have better relations with others for having a better understanding (and tolerance) of others.
2. To travel throughout the world to help people build this positive state in their minds.
How to endow our human life with meaning? How to live a happy life?
3. To represent the people of Tibet in their struggle for freedom from oppression.

Preciousness of this human life and the things that we can achieve. There has to be a value to obtaining this human body to achieve, instead of just taking care of the body. One might as well be a cow otherwise. Cows know how to take care of their bodies too. And it is much easier. Continue reading

Seek For the Message

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

Happiness is based on the practice of dharma. The first step is to recognize the difficulties when encountering people and events. Having recognized it, one can proceed to deal with it, and achieve a state of happiness. Reducing the strength of the difficulties is to be able to remove them completely.

The first stage of practice is Buddhist science. It can be practised by anyone. It has benefits for the Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. The power is in the teachings and can bring benefits to anyone in any or all areas of their lives. Success does not mean that their lives have real meaning. Wealth without meaning is empty. Continue reading

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