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Correcting Proteins

The Myths & Metaphysics of Protein
By Carla Golden, 2013

If you’re on Facebook you’ve probably seen charts like the ones below proclaiming protein content of assorted vegetables.

Vegetable Protein

Vegetable Protein Continue reading


Peru Purple Corn

Purple Corn
By Purple Corn Benefits

Purple Corn has always baffled scientists and even the ancient royalty of Peru centuries ago–why the purple color and since when did it turn purple? Well, the why has been answered–it is due to the rich anthocyanin count in the plant. Anthocyanin being the pigmentation responsible for the deep purple color. But the when?

One article has it that the enigmatic purple corn has been here even before man fell in Eden. It’s the original corn God created, the article boldly claims, and only pollution probably turned it to white. But it has been preserved in Peru.

Whatever the reason, purple corn with the powerful anthocyanin grows only in the high mountains of Peru and along its coastlines. You may have purple corn also growing in your locality but it likely does not have the 16.4 mg per gram count that our Peruvian Continue reading

Sha Causing Malnutrition

Feng Shui Bagua 2Feng Shui Energy Malnutrition
By DK Feng Shui Consultants, 2013

Does your building suffer from energy malnutrition? There are many ways it can happen and I’ll talk about just a few. First what is it and why should I care? In Feng Shui energy is equivalent to food for the body. We all ready know that energy, or food, is all around us. Without food we die. With poor quality food we live but cannot reach our potential. Only with good quality food can we have the best opportunity for a healthy business and life. So think of your building as a body and feed it properly. Continue reading

Sharing Vegan or Vegetarian Spaghetti

Spicy, Lemony Spaghetti With Roasted Garlic AsparagusSpicy, Lemony Spaghetti With Roasted Garlic Asparagus
By Thisgirlsgottaeat, January 31, 2014

Get dinner on the table fast with this simple, fresh pasta dish. This spaghetti is bright and lemony, with a nice kick of heat. Serve it as a side along with a protein, or as a main dish like I have here with roasted asparagus. Delicious with a crisp white wine!

The following serves 4: Continue reading

Spinach Sautéed with Mushrooms and Green Onions

The Mountain Kitchen


As promised, here is the spinach recipe I paired with the Oven Baked Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes.


  • 8 cups fresh spinach
  • 8 -ounce baby bella mushrooms, sliced
  • 2 large green onions
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • kosher salt & pepper



Wash the spinach very well. Rinse it again, and drain it. You want your spinach as dry as you can get it. I used my salad spinner (Click HERE for Salad Spinner Kitchen Tips) to dry my spinach.

chopping-off-stemsPick it over, discarding any tough stems and yellowed or slimy leaves. 


Clean the mushrooms, and slice them. Save the white bulbs from the onions for something else; chop the greens finely.

Olive Oil and Butter

Heat the butter and oil in a large skillet until it begins to foam.


Sauté the mushrooms until lightly browned on both sides.


Add the green onions, and sauté until they are limp. Season with…

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Daily Bread – Semolina Loaf

Semolina bread

Semolina Sandwich Loaf Recipe!
By Pepper Bento, Jan. 2 2014

I have never liked semolina. That coarse, sandy coating that encases an otherwise delicious English muffin? No thank you!

For me it was mainly the texture since sandy isn’t my number 1 texture of choice, so when I saw some Continue reading

Trigunas – Sattva Raja Tama

Sattva Raja Tama definitions

Sattva Raja Tama
The 3 subtle basic components of creation
A Spiritual Perspective
By Spiritual Science Research Foundation


The three subtle basic components (trigunās) of Sattva, Raja and Tama are the very fabric of creation. Unknown to modern sciences, they permeate through all living and non-living, tangible and intangible things. The vibrations emitted by anything are dependent on its predominant subtle basic component. This also influences the behaviour of all things. The proportion of these components in human beings can only be changed by spiritual practice. Continue reading

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