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Feng Shui – More Water


Feng shui water element description – color, shape, geographical direction, symbol

Water is considered to be the initial element, that makes the birth to all the other elements and symbolizes wealth. Water has the clear and fresh effects. The water balance causes inspiration, wisdom and  astuteness.

The excess of water leads to flabbiness and despondency. Too many water makes the feeling of unbalance, the feeling you are sinking, alarm. The lack of water leads to the feeling of loneliness, [separation], stress, and insignificance. Continue reading


Feng Shui – Water

Dream of OceanThe Water Element
From The Spiritual Feng Shui

Feng Shui literally means “wind” and “water,” so you can see that water is a meaningful element in our lives. Wind is said to disperse chi and water holds it.

We are all mostly made up of water, as is the planet we live on. Water is where life is thought to have originated and it’s important for reproduction, without it it’s difficult for fertilization to take place.

To work best, water needs to move or flow. Stagnant water breeds rotting things and doesn’t fare well in any environment. Continue reading

Uncluttering Chi

Feng Shui Six Ways to Unblock Chi
By Katina Z. Jones

As serious as it sounds, blocked chi can be dealt with effectively in several easy-to-implement ways. Here are six quick fixes:

1. Remove Obstacles

Deal with the clutter, and deal with it in long-lasting ways. Create permanent storage areas where your necessary items can live when they are not being used. If you feel chi is blocked somewhere, whether inside or outside of your home, it probably is and the situation needs to be remedied immediately. Continue reading


Sha Causing Malnutrition

Feng Shui Bagua 2Feng Shui Energy Malnutrition
By DK Feng Shui Consultants, 2013

Does your building suffer from energy malnutrition? There are many ways it can happen and I’ll talk about just a few. First what is it and why should I care? In Feng Shui energy is equivalent to food for the body. We all ready know that energy, or food, is all around us. Without food we die. With poor quality food we live but cannot reach our potential. Only with good quality food can we have the best opportunity for a healthy business and life. So think of your building as a body and feed it properly. Continue reading


Saaaa Energy

Master Sha-Heals-Rati-AgnihotriFeng Shui & Geomancy

What is a Sha ? (Bad Energy)
An extract of Feng Shui Remedies for practitioners, by Lesley Mitchell, 1998.

Sha’s & some corrections

Not all influences that enter our environments are beneficial and good for us. Just as we have Chi (good energy) flowing throughout, we can also have Sha energy.

Where Chi is the positive, healthy energy for the human body, Sha is the destructive or cutting Chi. It is pronounced Shar or Saaa (in some ways this sounds as if you are running out of breath). Continue reading

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