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More Soul of the Embryo

The Soul of the EmbryoSouls and Embryos

by D.J. Jordan

When does an embryo get a soul and become a human being in the womb of the mother? Abortionists say, it happens at the time of birth, and therefore it means that their legally sanctioned stoppage of life is justified, for they say it is not yet a real human being, just a mass of flesh. But I and many, many others would say differently. There are no exact scriptures on it, [so] allow me to present my basis from a scientific point of view.

For others suggest that embryo’s get souls at 4 months, but 4 months is just when the embryo has completely differentiated biologically into tiny but complete systems. It is complete but totally [dependent] on the mother for nourishment and protection. And then there are others that contend that this so-called completion period is accomplished even earlier, making the time frame for when an embryo gets a soul even more complicated and debateable in [their] eyes. But no where have I read biologically or spiritually that something happens at four months, or at three months. Continue reading

The Soul of the Embryo

Embryonic CellsScience cannot provide us with a soul

by Rev. Thomas F. Dailey (2001)

Recently I went on a pilgrimage to Rome. While there, we learned of the amazing discovery that a biotechnology company in Massachusetts had created the first human embryo ever produced by cloning. Their intent, according to the company’s CEO, is merely scientific: to produce embryos from which to extract stem cells, which would then be useful in ongoing medical research.

After hearing the news, one of my fellow travelers asked me a poignant question: does the cloned embryo have a soul? With some trepidation, I replied “yes,” knowing that my response would generate more questioning. Amid the ensuing intellectual barrage, I wondered whether the scientists engaged in this type of research ever had to deal with such questions. Continue reading

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