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Subtle Neshamot

Neshamot – A Subtle Physiology
By Leo Bahrman, 2007

Is there an equivalency for the idea of chakras within Christianity?

Chakras are a well known phenomena as taught within Hinduism and Buddhism. The word ‘chakra’ means wheels or turning, and are the wheels or centers of energy located usually at seven points along the spinal column of the subtle yogic body. The energy is said to lay dormant, coiled as it were at the base of the spine. This ‘coiled’ energy is often depicted as a sleeping serpent called ‘kundalini’- meaning ‘coiled’. And so various yogic techniques are used to awaken this energy, and then to raise it up, so as to penetrate each of what are 7 chakras, until the topmost chakra, Sahasrara-chakra, is attained, thus Continue reading

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