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Peace In Hotep

Perspective for A New Vision
Maat, Imhotep & Rituals of Peace: Authentic Models Of Conflict Resolution In African Culture

From Vision Thought, 2010 [Edited]

Peace is central to the constitution of the individual African person as well as to the foundation of the overall society.

In African society, peace for the individual and the general community were pursued simultaneously, with each effort complementing one another. The relationship between the individual and the community in African thought are inextricably intertwined and is best expressed by the dictum given to us by John Mbiti, “I am because we are.  We are therefore I am”.

The African understanding of peace can be identified with the Ancient Kemetic civilization as a whole, with Imhotep in particular, with the names of several African countries, the concept of ubuntu and rituals for conflict resolution. Continue reading

Kemetic Yoga

Heka & Sema Taui - Union of the Two LandsWhat is Kemetic Yoga?
By Sehu Khepera Ankh (edited)

Yoga was practiced in Kemet – North East Africa and Arabia – for a very long time. Kemet, meaning black or the black land of the Nile and along what is now called the Red Sea. Research has indicated that the philosophy of personality integration, or yoga, was already practiced in Kemet for about 10,000 years, which is a great expanse of time.

The teaching of yoga in Kemet was derived from the meditations and insights of the early temple priests. The term YOGA is not indigenous to Kemet. Yoga is “yoke” in Sanskrit, one of the languages of present day India. To yoke or to bind what, some may ask? Each person has an individual consciousness and individual mind upon which they perceive the world. No two people can be assumed to think in exactly the same manner, nor have identical ideas on things. This is the manifestation of individual reality.

At the same time, there is universal consciousness that is beyond the scope of the normal realm of consciousness, or individual reality of persons. Hence, the practice of yoga is a personality integration method that allows people to bind their individual transitory reality with the universal consciousness. Continue reading

KMT Tree of Life

Kemetic Tree of LifeKemet Cosmology

These seven Divisions of the Spirit correspond to [an] ultimately a potential infinitude of the patterns of energy organization of Spirit. [There] is organizing utility as well as tutorial value in this particular breakdown of Spirit, and it is an organization that is now hallowed by tradition.

The seven Divisions of the Spirit and their corresponding chakras are as follows:

  1. the Red Spirit: The Khab, corresponding to the physical body and the lower half of Sphere 10 (Geb);
  2. the Sacred Spirit: The Khaibit, corresponding to upper half of Sphere 10 (Geb), and the animal, sensual part of being;
  3. the Sun Spirit: The Sahu, corresponding to Spheres 9 (Auset), 8  (Sebek) and 7 (Het-Heru), which coordinate and guide the two lower divisions; Continue reading
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