NTRW and Book of d’Or

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NTRW from the Book of Doors: Tepi-Aui-Un
By Temple of MAAT-TEHUTI

The NTR of NTRW: NTR NTRW is an expression of the absolute. The symbol for NTR was believed by Wallis Budge to be an axe. We now believe it to be a flag or pennant. It’s the standard that’s placed in front of or on top of the temple to signify the NTR. Two modern day spiritual systems use flags in ways that are similar to their use in KMT. In Tibet the prayer flag has a mantra written on it. When the wind blows the vibration of the spiritual energy is activated which extends the divinity’s blessing to the surrounding area. In Voudon tradition flags are designed according to the direction of the spirits. The flags develop and collect psychic power in them.

In KMT the pole of the flag is symbolically related to the tree. The Tree of Life is the Tree of Nut that restores life and energy to both NTR and people. The tree is also in contact with both heaven and earth. Every part of a tree works to sustain life. Its roots absorb nutrients from the earth, its leaves absorb nutrients from the air, and all energy is transformed into the sap that nourishes itself and other forms of life. The cloth of the flag is made of a natural material that represents the crossing of cosmic coordinates. The flag is activated by Shu-Tefnut the NTRW of air.

(Note: modern day scientific data informs us that magnetism and gravity not air are the two forces that separate Earth-Geb from Nut-Cosmos. Shu and Tefnut should also be considered the twin NTRW of magnetism and gravity.)


NU: Nu is the first impulse of creation that brought everything into existence. Nu is the primordial water and the energy in the water and in the sky. You see this in the three lines of the symbol “N”. Above the “N” signs is the sign for PET that signifies the sky. Pet is the spiritual principle within the primordial waters and also signifies the nine parts of the soul, the subtle bodies of all life. The three vases are not only the containers for the energy of the sky they are the energy that is contained. The energy above is the same as the energy below. Nu is a masculine principle for the origin and end of creation.

NUT: Nut is the cosmic mother, the creative polarity of Nu and the original division of Unity and the multiplication of form. Nu is pure energy in a state of rest and Nut is the dynamic action of creation. Nut is the Feminine principle. Every feminine NTR takes on some of the attributes of Nut. The symbol for Nut is the same as Nu with the addition of the loaf symbol, female determinative “T”. This symbol means direction and manifestation so Nut is the energy of Nu with direction in order to become manifest. Nu is energy in a chaotic state and Nut is the same energy actualized. The picture on this card shows Nut as the sky arched over the sign of energy with her hands and feet touching the Earth. Life giving energy is represented as the Sun on her belly with the each ray becoming an Ankh, the symbol of eternal life. The hands and feet are two receptacles of Karma. They are the future and the past linked by the pure energy in Nut, the eternal present.

HUH: The ‘twisted flax’ symbol of h with a dot under it is the sound of life and spirit. It is also the symbol for Eternity when used to indicate time. Huh represents the primordial time and fire of eternity and is shown standing in water and mud surrounded by fire. This masculine principle holds the Was scepter in one hand and the Ankh in the other. The kilt is in the triangular proportion of Phi the golden ratio, the symbol of order out of chaos. It covers the three lower chakra centers; the base of the spine, the sexual center, and the navel. The Frog head symbolizes the transformation and evolution of these elements through a fiery generative energy.

HUHET: Huhet has the same qualities as her opposite polarity Huh. Shown standing inside a snake that forms the symbol of Eternity she operates in infinity, helping the evolution and transformation of all life. Huhet, like all the feminine principles, is more aligned with cosmic energy than her male counterpart who has more terrestrial functions.

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KUK: Kuk and Kuket are the male and feminine powers of darkness that contain the primordial fire of Huh and Huhet. In the depths of the darkness of Kuk and Kuket light is created. The glyph is written by repeating the sound ‘k’, which means obscurity and is also a shallow container. Remember how deep the vases of Nu and Nut are? Those vases held the energy of the sky for a long time. The containers of Kuk and Kuket are like cups.  The obscurity of darkness is immediately transformed into light. Budge describes Kuk as the time of night that comes just before daybreak and the first impulse of light. The kilt, similar to Huh, is worn to symbolize Phi. Khepera on top of his Frog head give double emphasis to the act of becoming. The transformations of Khepera are willful and directed. He holds a cup in one hand while pouring a drop of tantric soma, the elixir of life which was received from Khepera. The cup is the grail that holds the life essence given to each individual NTR. Kuk stands on the primal mud and water.

KUKET: Kuket is the time of night that follows right after the day. Kuket and Kuk are the space between day and night. The Solar disk of Ra symbolizes accomplishment and her Snake head means power and regeneration. The highest level of the harmonious union of light and darkness takes place within Kuket. The tantric soma is received and given to all of creation. Shown holding the uas scepter of prosperity the surrounding darkness is pregnant with light and ready for Amen and Amenet.

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AMEN: Amen and Amenet are ‘the hidden’ they are ‘secret’. Kemetic priests never completely spelled out their functions and powers. Amen and Amenet are the powers of the night. The great work is accomplished and the power at rest. Amen is standing in the mud on a snake with two heads symbolizing infinity and the snake is in mud surrounded by darkness. This represents the energy in the Earth that comes from the infinite ocean of primal kundalini energy being drawn through his feet and transmitted through his hands where it is tempered by the uas scepter and Ankh.

AMENET: Amenet is standing in water with the two-headed snake of Amen out of the mud and in the light. The power of infinity is being manifested; the seed is being transmitted to the world. Amenet holds a finger to her lips keeping the creative operations in secret. Secret initiation into accelerated spiritual metamorphosis calls for these two NTRW. Only Amenet can use the principles of higher love to distill the energy from the denseness of the physical realm to make use of the subtle bodies and all the dimensions of existence. Mastery of this Earth element has to be achieved before we take the “leap” into the spirit world. This is the only female Tepi-Aui-Un with a frog head.




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4 thoughts on “NTRW and Book of d’Or

  1. thesevenminds May 6, 2017 at 4:05 pm Reply

    The Book of Doors, designed in 1986 by Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson, published in 1995 by Destiny Books.

  2. tennen December 3, 2017 at 6:53 pm Reply

    KMT Ogdoad. “three lines of the symbol “N”= Nun and Naunet, and is Amaunet not also a snake? 🙂

  3. thesevenminds August 18, 2018 at 9:59 pm Reply

    Hmm. I was looking for the link to the temple of Maat and Tehuti, to find flattery instead…

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