KMT Sensitivity

Esoterism and MDW NTR Pt. 2
A re-interpretation of Chaps. 3 & 4 of Esoterism and Symbol by R. A. Schwaller deLubicz
By Temple of MAAT-TEHUTI

The cerebral organ operates in stages. The first stage consists of your five senses. The senses acknowledge and record observations. The second stage consists of your memory. The memory compares the recorded ideas. The third stage is reason, which operates on a different level and will be dealt with later for the sake of clarity.

The senses are the organs we use to become aware of the principle elements.
Touch belongs to the Earth element.
– Taste belongs to the water element.
– Smell belongs to the air element.
Sight belongs to the fire element.
Our senses are not aware of an activity until they can oppose it with resistance of a similar nature.

Our ability to touch or physically feel things lets us become aware of everything that forms a material obstacle to the body. Touch is the Earth element. Our ability to taste is only possible when something is slightly dissolved. Taste is the Water element. Our ability to smell requires the object is either naturally volatile or made so by some other agency such as heat. Smell is the Air element. Our capacity for sight requires an invisible radiance in the subject. (Ordinary fire has heat that belongs to touch and not sight. As a baby our sight induced an attraction to fire until we touched and therefore experienced the heat of the flame.) Sight is the Fire element.

The fifth sense, hearing, is physically tangible through sound. Our hearing is the door to the intelligence of the heart. Whereas the first four senses naturally pass directly through the brain and are therefore cerebral, hearing naturally passes through the heart without speaking to the brain.

The great minds of western culture call this magic. Placing oblique or negative labels on all activity that can possibly put you on the path of true knowledge is a continuation of the negative governmental, religious, or social practices of the european Dark Ages. The Renaissance did not end that horrific period of torture and mind control. It was actually the signal moment that their cruelties were unleashed on the entire world. Make no mistake about it, western society is still in the Dark Ages. It is our duty, our sacred duty to our ancestors to raise ourselves out of the darkness to the best of our understanding and ability. The reason for the atrocities can be explained very simply. The powers that be used violence to establish a new connection. Hearing has been forced to pass through the brain. We are still in the Dark Ages. If the term “The Matrix” were used instead of the Dark Ages would it make more sense?

The seven [nine] principles of Tehuti teach us that everything has vibration. Everything has its own sound. The scientific viewpoint and all of its instrumentation transforms the principle elements (or the five senses) and reduces them to the spheres of our cerebral intelligence. We attempt to communicate with life through the five senses. There are aspects of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water that the five senses block. Considering that there are sound waves we cannot hear and light waves we cannot see. It should be reasonable to admit the possibility of a world interpenetrating all aspects of the things we can perceive. This world can also be composed of exactly the same principle elements operating on a vibration outside of our current ability to perceive. We only have to expand the sensitivity of our five senses to experience this world. The capability of the hearing faculty encourages us to believe in a larger more ideal state that corresponds to principle forms.

It is a fact that we have within us the ability to conceive of abstractions that the cerebral intelligence cannot understand. This is a demonstration of the existence of worlds parallel to ours. Cerebral intelligence is limited by the strict boundaries accepted by the five senses. The intelligence of the heart is free of these boundaries and belongs to the larger complex of life. Fundamentally, cerebral intelligence is trapped in the concept of duality. We know quality only through the opposing actions of duality. Abstract ideas are discussed by limiting their qualities. We can be satisfied with words but when you try to break it down you begin to limit the abstraction.

What is the meaning of horizon, love, skin or any other word? You know you “know” what it means. Our cerebral ability comes to a halt if we cannot make them objective. We will never understand it or be able to communicate its meaning until it is made concrete and then we’ve established limitations. A good example is the word “axis.” Every rotating body revolves on its axis yet science teaches that the axis is imaginary. The axis exists! The axis is real! Science is cerebral and tries to ignore the axis because it can’t make it objective. The best definition science can arrive at is to label axis imaginary because it’s beyond the grasp of cerebral intelligence.

The innate intelligence of the heart is that aspect of all people that allows us to penetrate beyond the confines of the cerebral intelligence of the brain. The extent to which we can become one with NTR is a function of awakening the innate intelligence of the heart.

Every natural object in the universe is an example of divinity. Each animal type, species of plant, and each mineral group is a stage in the process of becoming aware of the Cosmic Cause. The Cosmic Cause is a language in itself. It is expressed in its living function, it is the basis of innate intelligence, it is related to all of nature and it knows nature in the deepest sense. This level of knowledge cannot be objectified and it is real. Experiencing this level of reality is a fusion of consciousness and object to create a separate identity. This fusion of living function is an experience innate to the intelligence of the heart. Our understanding of this process can be communicated to our cerebral intelligence by establishing a relationship between the life in us and observation of that life in Nature. The supreme wisdom of the people of KMT did this so well that we call it magic. They understood the relationships and knew how to manipulate the relationships between the consciousness of their surroundings and the consciousness of the heart.

The two types of intelligence have given us two aspects of consciousness. One is the result of comparisons and is cerebral. The other is a process of identification and is innate and vital.

3Esoterism and MDW NTR Pt. 3
A re-interpretation of Chaps. 5 & 6 of Esoterism and Symbol by R. A. Schwaller deLubicz
By Temple of MAAT-TEHUTI

It’s totally ridiculous to think that cerebral consciousness and innate consciousness are identical in function. The languages of the Western world don’t have a suitable vocabulary to outline and define the meaning of the term consciousness. To combine this term with cerebral and innate only compounds the dilemma.

The sacred language of the Kemetic (but also Hindu) masters has the proper vocabulary and we are in the process of learning it. So with this limitation noted let’s begin with the understanding that cerebral consciousness is mechanical. It is a quantitative experience resulting from comparison. [For most of us,] our memory is nothing more than a single digital impression on a CD. [It] is nothing more than one frame of film on a movie reel. The entire catalog of the brain’s cerebral processing functions can be reproduced mechanically. [Reproduction without permission (thus forced) can go horribly wrong when someone has an ‘expanded’ or layered memory function. 7M]

The use of our memory is simply defining those impressions using the brain. Having said all that, the memory’s mechanical operation is only possible with the use of “magic” on a limited scale. The recording of facts by the senses is the trigger for recollection. A fragrance often recalls an impression from the past and a word can cause us to remember a thought heard or words read a long time ago. This mechanical reproduction of impressions (that passes for academic know-how) is really good for showing even the most hard headed, obtuse minded person an error.

In order to go beyond the crippling of spirit that’s a natural product of high achievement in academic ramblings to operate fertile thoughts we have to turn to the true magic of evocation. We have to appeal to the source of our sense of harmony, the innate consciousness. When we are effective we have tapped into the power of genius. [Which is why people seek to reproduce memory of persons without permission (nor PAY). 7M] This is the power of true creative thought that works ahead of the known.

== This book was written in 1947. Schwaller deLubicz goes on to talk about how artists are destroying the idols of yesterday while trying to create irrational expressions. He calls this the consciousness of the new way using atmospheres, images, and forms to evoke an emotion and provoke a vital reaction. A general understanding of his use of the words ‘evoke and evocation’ in relation to Kemetic wisdom and the MDW NTR are very important to realizing what the hell he’s saying. Keep in mind that we are going to use the brain to define something not of the cerebral consciousness so it, by definition, will not be linear and probably not logically complete.

According to Webster’s dictionary to evoke means to summon or call forth. According to Schwaller deLubicz in The Temple of Man on pg.11: All words, images, or gestures are symbols that substitute for something else. To explain a symbol based on what you see is to kill it. You are dissecting a living entity. To look at a thing as it is without dissecting it may allow the thing to evoke its own soul within you. We all have experienced love on a physical level. The tragedy of all physical love is that pure, sublime love is the impulse within us that becomes aware of the initial attraction and pure love is hidden from our physical nature. Pure love comes from the innate and physical love comes from the cerebral. The symbolic meaning of the attraction is lost once the brain starts comparing the aspects. Love evokes a state of being that dissection destroys.

Everything has life and everything is similar to itself. The tree is a good example of this concept. The branches of a tree develop in the image of its own roots. The roots evoke the branches just as the symbol evokes its own idea. In Symbol the soul evokes the animating principle, its own life. If we try to describe it fully, it will be fully destroyed. The Symbol is magical by its evocation of the animating principle/form bound in matter. To evoke is not simply to call forth or summon. To evoke is to feel and live the form.

Experience proves the truth, makes it certain, and drives the falsehoods away.

The relationship between innate consciousness and observation of fact is established by identification. Intelligence of the heart is identification. Identification means to live with and to live in the observed fact at every level of your being. It’s a sympathetic consciousness that’s inscribed in the nature of the organism. The inner drive of the organism’s function is also the impulse of necessity. This creates a quality in the organism that’s more capable of expressing emotions. The greater the sensitivity the better innate consciousness can be expressed. If an observed fact occurs while someone is in a meditative state the path to sympathetic consciousness is open. The mastery of thought, the cultivation of self, and the detachment from ego are different terms for directing the cerebral consciousness. Life and the function of life are the principle of living nature. This principle is a reality beyond physical matter. This principle assumes a physical body by means of the harmony of the elements of the body. The inscription of sympathetic consciousness is both vital and functional.

The relationship between elements brings a function into play. Function is a necessity of the Living Law whose orderly processes cause all the movements of Nature. Everything obeys the divine mandate. No intelligence can resist it and no power can slow it down. The Causal Cause working through the Cosmic Cause is True Order. The inborn knowledge of True Order is Sacred Science. All the necessities and functional orders of world harmony are incarnated in the Temple inside us all. This is where the original creative energy of the NTR connects the intelligence of the heart with the universe. An observation of fact that directs and never eliminates emotions is needed to arrive at a cosmic consciousness independent of mortal components. The science of this willful return to the source speaks to us in this life through all Life.

Schwaller deLubicz ends chapter five speaking of “The christ arisen returns to the right of his father, not into his father.” I assume that because Esoterism and Symbol was one of his first books he wrote this to appease potential critics from the church. This false misleading christian thought is a willful misdirection that could never exist in Kemetic wisdom. There was no christ in the history of KMT! The story of the christ is a bastardization of many spiritual stories from KMT. To insert a character called christ into an explanation of Kemetic wisdom is truly deceitful so watch out for the BS. [Christ as son of ST. 7M] The Kemetic truth is that we must return the NTR that lives within us all to full manifestation on all planes of existence.

Everything that lives moves. It can be quantitative in space/time or qualitative defining space/time. The Force that causes this movement is the Idea that pre-existed matter. It is the life that causes what is apparent. The perfect definition of life is the Divine Presence. If we try to define the Divine Presence we can only do the Presence and ourselves an injustice by limiting it. In order to understand life we first have to speak about death.

The term dead body is applied to a mineral, plant, and an animal that neither moves nor breathes. Something that cannot take in food, experience outer actions, or express feelings or thoughts. Anesthesia and catalepsy can both create the same situation in a living being. A body is not actually dead until it decomposes into its constituent elements. (This is one of the reasons the priests of KMT took so much time and care in preparing the body for the Eternal voyage through Duat. The process took 70 days in which prayers and rituals were performed over every body and spiritual part.)

After cerebral consciousness has disappeared it is possible for the vital and innate life of matter to continue. Since there is life in every cell of every living thing there is a continuation of life during the body’s decomposition. Life is inherent in everything. Definitive death does not exist; there are only changes in non-permanent states. What we call life and living are transitory phases of self-awareness. Permanence can only be found in NTR, the Original Cause. The impulse to reach NTR is the perpetual process of living.

If definitive death does not exist and everything is life then we have to consider that the Idea of the form can be incarnated. I’m referring to the seed or the Idea that has a corporeal formation of energy elements within a nutritive medium. In plain english, consider the Idea to be the impulse that drives the egg and the sperm to seek each other, unite, and fertilize each other. This union changes into an ovum to grow into a fetus and so on and so on. The seed is the metaphysical Idea of the form it is going to generate. This is not convoluted and it isn’t philosophical speculation devoid of value. The esoteric teachings of the sacred science made it possible to prove spirit is a fact.

We say god and don’t know what it means. We say spirit and don’t understand its abstractness. We say energy and don’t know anything about its nature. Effects are given a cause that is sometimes god, other times spirit, still other times energy. All these words are used instead of admitting our ignorance. Speculation won’t resolve these types of problems. Speculation can only collect concrete material elements perceived by the senses. Metaphysics makes no sense to the cerebral intelligence. What can we do? We have to find the solution using the means at our disposal. The study and teachings of Nature will enlighten us when we join Nature in a natural communion. When we express our knowledge through translation in our cerebral function the “sympathetic” innate experience will always be uncertain. Sacred Science proves that this is possible by demonstrating that the abstract being of spirit becomes concrete by a definite route. This route is Esoterism. It is “hermetically” sealed from the cerebral intelligence. Until we cultivate another aspect of intelligence it will remain sealed.

The sages of KMT left all speculation to idle minds. They contemplated Nature. Nature teaches everything. A sound evokes its entire series of harmonics and an acorn evokes the mighty oak. The nature of a seed has a specific nature. This specification is the genesis of every seed from mineral to plant to people. Consider it the spatial reduction of substance without form. The egg precedes life and the substance of this egg has always existed as substance without form, the Cosmic Virgin. In the physical realm there is no “first seed or sperm” because the egg precedes life. In the Creation story of Atum it is stated that he became his own becoming in his hand. The egg of substance without form was waiting prior to the becoming.





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