Waters of Ye Maya

Yemaya, The Mother of Earth
By Yamaya Cruz, 2011 [Edited]

Humanity started in Africa. Everyone human being can trace his or her lineage back to our mitochondria mother in Africa. This mitochondria mother is known as Yemaya in Santeria. She is known as Yemoja in Yoruba. She is also known as Yemanja in Brazil. She is known all over the world.

There are thousands of stories, great myths, and legends about the African goddess. In Yoruba, she was known as the river goddess. She became the Yoruba deity of the ocean during the enslavement of Africans after the Mid Atlanticcrossing. Millions of enslaved Africans appealed to her for guidance and support. Thus, she became the Orisha who presided over the oceans.

Yemaya can also be associated with Our Lady of Regla in Santeria. She is linked to the second chakra or swadhisthana chakra in Sanskrit. The 2nd chakra is located in the womb area and is a vessel for creativity [creation and protection of the hero]. Yemaya presides over the womb and is called upon for maternity purposes, or to help aid mothers while giving birth. She helps mothers give birth, not only to children, but also to new ideas, opportunities, and beliefs. Yemaya is the divinity of creation itself.

Yemaya is the deity of the ocean. The ocean in itself represents the collective consciousness of the human race. The waves rising and falling are symbols of the chaotic states that we all emerge from. The rise and fall of the tides represents our emotions, both negative and positive. The ocean also represents the strength of unity and oneness. It can also be a symbol of reconnecting with a primal Source of energy or ashe that fuels us all.

Yemaya’s number is seven. It is the number of completeness. There are the seven chakras, the seven African powers, seven primary colors, and the seven rays of light. The number seven also deals with magical forces. It also has esoteric and scholarly aspects associated with it. Yemaya is known to be very skilled in magic and other crafts, and will not hesitate to use her magic to protect her children.

Yemaya’s colors are blue and crystal. Objects associated with Yemaya include strong matriarchal statues, mermaids and creatures of the sea, shells, and images of the ocean. Offerings made to Yemaya include molasses, seafood, ducks, hens, or roosters.

Source: http://newafricanspirituality.com/page3/files/fe5049f2464278501a23e1a009fade3d-20.html#

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