Dark Moon Supreme

A Dark Moon, A Dark Sun, a Full House in Pisces
By Sarah Fuhro, March 4 2016 [Edited]

A meeting has been called in the sign of Pisces. Gathered together are Mercury, the messenger; Neptune, the visionary; Ceres, the earth mother; the new Moon, queen of cycles; the Sun, a king in eclipse; Chiron, the wounded healer; and the South Node in Pisces, the location and timing of this solar/lunar event.

The flavor of this stellar event is Pisces; the theme is compassion, intuition, mystical knowledge, music, and addiction to what can’t be seen, but can only be felt: A Love Supreme. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clC6cgoh1sU] John Coltrane’s opus, A Love Supreme sets the tone for this total solar eclipse on Tuesday, March 8.

Coltrane’s ascendant, his soul gate is at 2° of Pisces. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: Petrified tree trunks lie broken on desert sand. Keynote: The power to preserve records of their achievements which is inherent in fully matured culture. Indestructability.

Music is both ephemeral and transcendent, like Pisces. Love, like music renews itself with each phrase, just as the Moon renews herself with each new Lunar cycle, and as we renew our connection to life with each new breath.

You won’t see the eclipse unless you are in Eastern Asia, but this combination of planets, a total solar eclipse, and the closeness of the Moon (Perigee) to earth means the lunar and Piscean energy will reverberate wherever you are. This is a moment to stop and take note, to listen to what must be healed within and without.

The Moon is always invisible at the time of the new Moon. All this has to be felt, and it can only be felt if you honor this celestial event with some form of consciousness. Meet the new lunar cycle in mystery and darkness if you can. You can become part of the stellium in Pisces with meditation, music-the music of your soul, and water. Float a candle in a bowl of water and listen to some music which reconnects you to a Love Supreme.

New Moon in Pisces 2016Jupiter is in perfect opposition to the new Moon and Sun. He’s one of two planets who rule Pisces and set the tone for this zodiac sign. He is the King of the gods on Olympus (Zeus), and expands our spirits through optimism and hope. Some say he supplanted the original monarch of the Greeks, Hera. Juno (Hera) in this chart is trine to Ceres (Demeter). Are we going to see a flood of female energy return to balance a long imbalance of male energy, as illustrated in the American election drama? Yet neither political party speaks to the cause of Demeter, our earth mother. This chart has the potential to bring attention to the environment, with yet another warning about the way we dishonor our home.

The outer planet ruler of Pisces is Neptune, who is part of the confab of planets, which are teaching us Pisces’ values. To feel another’s pain and pleasure is the genius of Pisces. The Age of Pisces began around the ‘time of Christ’ and is now on the wane. At that time, two thousand years ago, a prophet symbolized by a fish, also the symbol of Pisces, spoke of the importance of [brotherly] love; ‘love thy neighbor, as thyself.’ The sacrificial aspect of the fish became a theme in Christian doctrine. Yet often it was applied to the poor and to women, and left out the powerful and men.

Saturn and Uranus are in trine to one another and both contact the central players in the Pisces line up. Saturn would like to put the brakes on change; Uranus can’t wait to set fire to the establishment. Expect more in the way of change and the resistance to change. Saturn makes a square to Jupiter, on one side and on the other to the Sun/Moon/Ceres drama. The outlet for all of this is in Gemini. Gemini is communication, and a kind of nervous energy, which can make polarities seem like irreconcilable opposites instead of equal parts of a whole.

In the Gemini card (The Lovers) from the Arthurian Legend Tarot we are offered another view of polarity. Gareth and Lyoness walk side by side in the forest. Their relationship does not consume or eliminate either one. As the seasons change so does their bond. The usual sense of this card as one of choice, takes on an evolutionary tone. We don’t have to eliminate contradictory elements in our nature. Astrology shows us the complexity of our nature held within a circle, a living picture of many parts which ‘feels’ change.

And one last player cannot be overlooked. Pluto trines Jupiter and makes a sextile to the luminaries. His influence as Death, as Lord of the Underworld is always triumphant, offering us the power of our own being.

Source: https://sarahfuhro.wordpress.com/2016/03/04/a-dark-moon-a-dark-sun-a-full-house-in-pisces/


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