Foot of the Root Chakra

Foot Chakra
From All Good Things

The Foot Chakra (which splits into the arch of each foot) is also considered part of the Muladhara as its energy moves down through the legs and into both feet. It represents the earth. It is responsible for flowing the energy to and from your physical energy system into the earth. This is your grounding point where the energy of your body is transformed into earth energy and the reverse.

A good healthy foot chakra will help you to (1) more easily manifest things physically, as it is the transformer of your thought energy into the earth system; (2) help you to stay physically focused on tasks throughout your day. If you are clumsy or fall frequently, it is a sign that this Chakra is not working well. Foot massages can help greatly. Walking barefoot in the dirt or sand is also very beneficial. Remember to exercise your feet! Pick up pencils with your toes. Roll your feet on balls. Use one of the many foot roller products. Walk on your toes.

Stretch and tense your feet daily and then relax them. This will help to prevent cramps, falls, maintain balance, and keep your feet in good working condition to follow you through life—with stability. Having healthy feet is more important than most people realize. We take our feet for granted. Women ignore the problems that result from wearing high heels, just to look good!

Breathe into your feet once in a while and feel what that does. Also let them rest by bringing your legs up while you lie on your back, relaxed, with your neck straight. Just hold them up there with your hands while you let them relax and feel the blood flow up to the Root Chakra, right into the Muladhara.

Spiritual Lesson

To learn how to understand and use the material world without becoming attached to it—for your own benefit and others. Awareness of the universal identity. How to acquire wisdom while in your body, while maintaining a strong sense of the practical—remaining down to earth and having great common sense about your life. To learn how to make the best choices for your own physical health and conscious unfoldment. This Chakra is the grounding force that allows you to connect to the earth energies and empower your life force.

Breath in defines time. Breath out defines space. Follow your breath.



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2 thoughts on “Foot of the Root Chakra

  1. Sultana Mutee June 30, 2017 at 12:08 am Reply

    Thank you for the information. I am having problems with my feet. Very appreciated.

  2. […] like pedicures and foot massages… those things won’t help at all unless you understand the connection between your feet and your root chakra, understand that it isn’t the massage itself but your ability to overcome any aversion to […]

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