Lower Lower Self or Two-Dimensional Life Form?

Lower Lower Self or Two-Dimensional Life Form?
By 7M, Jan 2013

As I realized that my Higher Self operates in more dimensions than my lower self can sensibly register, I wondered if there is also an even lower self that is only two-dimensional. I decided on a little investigation. And the first site the search engine provided was a Star Trek inspired website.

“A two-dimensional life-form is unlike most typical lifeforms that exist in the galaxy. Generally, lifeforms exist in three dimensions, but these such lifeforms are known to exist in a single plane only (and as such have either no length, no height, or no width). Some of these beings make their homes in cosmic strings, objects a single proton wide but with lengths measuring in kilometers or more. These strings have a gravitational attraction like black holes or homing beacons for two-dimensional beings.

Because they only exist in a single plane, two-dimensional life-forms can interact in strange ways with starship engines. They exert forces similar to gravitational forces […]. Because they can share emotions, large numbers of two-dimensional lifeforms gathered in one area can overwhelm empathic and telepathic abilities, causing painful headaches.”

Intriguing. I could call karma my two-dimensional self. I can see that it is a template that sticks to my Self like a stick without width, but it is long enough to prod me during several life time experiences, and it keeps growing until I can locate it and discard it. I feel like I am unto something, but I am not able to convince myself yet. 

Is my computer screen not a two-dimensional being? Better yet, the words that I have typed and are now displayed on the screen? Those words will continue to live a life of their own. Can I diminish karma by the ‘good’ words that I let appear on the computer screen? Or will the words have a karma of their own? What does that even mean?

I need to keep in mind that other people will be reading this. Instead of giving a further glimpse of my wandering mind, to continue the search for lower lower self. The next website the search engine coughed up then: “God and Science”.

“There has been a lot of speculation about possible intelligent […] life in the universe. Some of this speculation has centered around the idea that these might be extradimensional beings. It turns out that the God of the Bible fits such a description. He can simultaneously hear and answer all the prayers that all people pray at all times. Not only that, but he can see all actions of all individuals – even those whose actions are done behind closed doors. Is this just wishful Christian thinking or is this possible within the framework of any possible existence?

According to particle physics and relativity, at least ten dimensions of space existed at the creation of the universe. Three of these dimensions (plus time) formed the space-time manifold that we can directly observe. The other six of these dimensions exist within the universe as incredibly compact dimensions of space. God must be able to operate in all of those ten dimensions plus more in order to have created the universe. A verse from the book of Hebrews suggests God created the universe out of some of the dimensions of space and time which are not visible to us.

The God of the Bible is invisible and cannot be seen except if He reveals Himself to us [through] a three-dimensional form that we can see. A being which exists in dimensions beyond our three spatial dimensions would be invisible to creatures (us) that can only exist in the confines of our universe.”

Interesting, I looked for lower lower self, and I find Higher Self. I do not have to be a Christian to get intrigued enough to read the rest of the text. And anything that can make sense of the Bible works for me.

Mr. and Mrs. Flat

“We cannot visualize a God who exists in dimensions beyond our own, but we can look at a model of a universe in which there are fewer dimensions than ours and extrapolate to that of an extradimensional God.

Imagine we are the observers of a universe which contains only two dimensions of space and one dimension of time. All things in this universe exist in a single plane (i.e., everything is flat). We observe this two dimensional universe from a three dimensional universe, and therefore, have one dimension more than the creatures that live in this two dimensional universe.

For this demonstration, we are pretending this page (or monitor image) is part of the universe of Mr. and Mrs. Flat. The Flat family are confined to the plane of this page and can only move within this plane. They can neither see nor interact with any part of the third dimension of a three-dimensional world.

Whenever Mr. Flat looks at Mrs. Flat, he sees only one side of her at a time. In this two-dimensional universe, she appears to him as a line segment. In order to see all of Mrs. Flat, Mr. Flat must walk all the way around his wife. From each angle, Mr. Flat will see only one or two line segments of differing lengths which compose Mrs. Flat. A complete picture of Mrs. Flat can only be formed in the mind of Mr. Flat.

However, we, as observers from a three-dimensional universe can see the entirety of Mrs. Flat at one time. Not only can we see all of Mrs. Flat, but all of Mr. Flat at one instant in time. We can even see inside Mrs. Flat, something that Mr. Flat could never see, unless he were to cut her open. Likewise, God, with only one extra dimension, can simultaneously see all sides and the insides of each one of us.

Mrs. Flat wants to have a moment to herself, so she goes into a room and locks the door. Mr. Flat cannot see her, because she is surrounded by four walls. However, we are able to see her, because her walls do not extend into the third dimension of our universe. Likewise, an extradimensional God can see us at all times, even if we try to hide behind our three dimensional walls. A god who is not extradimensional would not be able to observe us at all times, as stated in the Bible.

I would like to extend this model to describe a three-dimensional god in this two-dimensional universe. For simplicity, we will describe this god as a cube. This god, being three-dimensional, can choose to interact with the two-dimensional universe or not. This cube god decides to reveal himself to Mr. and Mrs. Flat, as well as their friend, Mr. Level in this two-dimensional universe.

The cube god places himself above the plane of the two-dimensional universe directly in front of Mrs. Flat and extends a corner of his cube into the plane of the two-dimensional universe. Mrs. Flat sees this revelation of her god as a point. Next, the cube god places himself above the plane of the two dimensional universe directly in front of Mr. Flat and extends the intersection of two sides of his cube into the plane of the two dimensional universe. Mr. Flat sees this revelation of his god as a line segment. Then, the cube god places himself above the plane of the two dimensional universe directly in front of Mr. Level and extends an entire side into the plane of the two dimensional universe. Mr. Level sees this revelation of his god as a square.

All three get together and talk about their experiences seeing their god. Mrs. Flat insists her god is a point. Mr. Flat says his god is a line, and Mr. Level states his god is a square. Even though there is only one cube god, they come to the conclusion that there are three gods, because the god each saw appeared differently to each person in their two-dimensional world. Therefore a god that exhibits extra dimensions, when described in a lesser dimensional universe would seem to represent more than one entity.

Likewise, our God, who must exist and operate in dimensions beyond our understanding, exists as a Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit [the Mother]), although He is one God.

The Bible says that God exists outside the dimensions of this universe, creating both the spatial and temporal dimensions under which it operates. The God model described above shows that such an entity can see and interact with everything that happens in a lesser dimensional universe, such as ours. Not only can He interact anywhere within such a universe, but He can act at any time – past, present or future – during the history of that universe. God never runs out-of-time or is limited by it. […] His abilities probably extend far beyond what has been described here.”

I like this simplified explanation. This page deserves a bookmark. But… how am I to interact with my lower lower self? There needs to be a medium for communication, or else I cannot know what to communicate to the lower lower self. I have no understanding of a lower world. If I relate the lower lower self to karma, how am I to get karma to move? Just keep typing? Reach out for some strings attached? I will meditate on what I have found so far, and proceed when the door to do so, opens.



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2 thoughts on “Lower Lower Self or Two-Dimensional Life Form?

  1. thesevenminds January 16, 2013 at 5:54 pm Reply

    The recommended book is Flatland; A Romance of Many Dimensions, by E. Albott (edition 1884). Which I found in pdf-form at http://www.radford.edu/~rbarris/art428/FLATLAND%20(book).pdf.

  2. On the Fourth Dimension | The Seven Minds December 14, 2013 at 9:27 pm Reply

    […] See also: Lower Lower Self, or Two-dimensial Life Form? […]

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