Union of Energies

KMT 101: The Animated Universe
From Metaphysics, 2007

To understand Ancient Egypt, one must understand their mode of expression. Understanding them through Western paradigms is a lost cause.

The totality of the Egyptian civilization was built upon a complete and precise understanding of universal laws. This profound understanding manifested itself in a consistent, coherent and interrelated system, where art, science, philosophy and religion were intertwined, and were employed simultaneously in a single organic Unity.

The cosmological knowledge of Ancient Egypt was expressed in a story form, which is a superior means for expressing both physical and metaphysical concepts. Any good writer or lecturer knows that stories are better than exposition for explaining the behavior of things, because the relationships of parts to each other, and to the whole, are better maintained by the mind.

The Egyptian sagas transformed common factual nouns and adjectives (indicators of qualities) into proper but conceptual nouns. These were, in addition, personified so that they could be woven into narratives, like a sacred drama or mystery play, which can be easily digested.

Personification is based on their knowledge that man was made in the image of God, and as such, man represented the created image of all creation.

A Matter of Energies [Edited]

The Ancient Egyptians made no [definite] distinction between a metaphysical state of being and one with a material body. Such a distinction is a mental illusion. We exist on a number of different levels at once, from the most physical to the most metaphysical.

Matter is a form of energy—a coagulation or condensation of energy. Energy is made up of molecules rotating or vibrating at various rates of speed. In the “physical” world, molecules rotate at a very slow and constant rate of speed. That is why things appear to be solid, for our earthly senses. The slower the speed, the more dense or solid the thing. In the metaphysical (spirit) world, the molecules vibrate at a much faster, or ethereal dimension—where things are freer and less dense.

In this light, the universe is basically a hierarchy of energies, at different orders of density. Our senses have some access to the densest form of energy, which is matter. The hierarchy of energies is interrelated, and each level is sustained by the level below it. This hierarchy of energies is set neatly into a vast matrix of deeply interfaced natural laws. It is both physical and metaphysical.

This matrix of energies came as a result of the initial act of creation and the subsequent effects of the Big Bang that created the universe. This matrix of energies was identified with the Neteru (gods/goddesses) in Ancient Egypt.

There are cosmic energies (neteru) in every stone, mineral, wood, etc., is stated clearly in the Shabaka Stele (8th Century BCE):

And so the neteru (gods) entered into their bodies, in the form of every sort of wood, of every sort of mineral, as every sort of clay, as everything which grows upon him (meaning earth), in which they had to come into being and assumed forms.

The universal energy matrix (known in its pre-creation state as Nun/Nu), encompasses the world as a product of a complex system of relationships among people (living and dead), animals, plants, and natural and supernatural phenomena. This rationale is often called Animism because of its central premise that all things are animated (energized) by life forces. Each minute particle of everything is in constant motion, i.e. energized, as acknowledged in the kinetic theory. In other words, everything is animated (energized)—animals, trees, rocks, birds, even the air, sun, and moon.

The faster form of energies—these invisible energies in the universe—are called spirits by many. Spirits/energies are organized at different orders of densities, which relates to the different speeds of molecules. These faster (invisible) energies inhabit certain areas, or are associated with particular natural phenomena. Spirits (energies) exist in family-type groups (i.e. related to each other).

Energies may occupy, at will, a more condensed energy (matter), such as human, animal, plant, or any form. The spirit animates the human body at birth, and leaves it at death. Sometimes, more than one energy spirit enters a body. We often hear a person ‘not feeling [like] himself/herself’, or is ‘temporarily insane’, ‘possessed’, ‘beside oneself’, or a person has ‘multiple personalities’. The energies (spirits) have an effect on all of us, to one degree or another.

Since the created universe is orderly, its energy matrix is likewise a well-oiled machine with nine interpenetrating and interacting realms.

The Nine Realms

Ancient Egyptians believe that the universal energy matrix consists of nine realms, which are commonly classified as seven heavens (metaphysical realms) and two earths (physical realms). God lives in the most distant heaven. Neteru inhabit heavens two through six. Ancestor spirits inhabit the heaven nearest the two earths. The two earthly realms are commonly known as The Two Lands.

Beings who are more spiritually aware reside on a higher level, and less evolved souls are on a lower level. We can never go to a higher level until we earn it. However, those beings on a higher level can go to a lower sphere; and in many cases, they do just that in order to aid and assist those souls who are not as aware.

The Ancient Egyptian texts clearly allude to climbing/passing through levels/steps; an example can be found in the Unas Funerary (Pyramid) Texts at Sakkara—Utterance 215 §149, from the Sarcophagus Chamber:

thy arms are Hapy and Dua-mutef,
which thou needest to ascend to heaven,
and thou ascendest;
thy legs are Imesty and Kebeh-senuf,
which thou needest to descend to the lower sky,
and thou descendest.
The text (just one example out of many) clearly states:
…ascend to heaven…descend to the lower sky.

The concept of 9 realms are consistent with the concept of the Grand Ennead—the unity of 9—the generator of the manifested creation. The energies in the 9 realms form an orderly interactive hierarchy. (our planets)

The Two Lands

In the Ancient Egyptian texts, there is no name given to Egypt. References are made to The Two Lands. Western academia cavalierly stated that the Two Lands are Upper and Lower Egypt. There is not a single Ancient Egyptian reference to confirm their notion, or even to define such a frontier between “Upper and Lower Egypt”. The true meaning of the Two Lands lies in the Egyptian traditions.

The term, Two Lands, is very familiar to the Baladi Egyptians, who refer to it in their daily life. It is their strong belief that there are Two Lands—the one we live on, and another one where our identical twins (of the opposite sex) live. The two are subject to the same experiences from date of birth to date of death. You and your “Siamese” twin, who “apparently” separate at birth, will re-unite again at the moment of death.

It is interesting to know that the women who come to Egyptian funerals are called Enumerators (not wailers). In their enumeration, they describe the conditions of the other world. One of their enumerations is that the deceased is being prepared to join his/her counterpart, AS IF it is a marriage ceremony. [Sacred Union.] This is reminiscent of the many symbolic illustrations in Ancient Egypt of the tying the knot of the Two Lands. To be married is to tie the knot.

In the universal matrix of 7 heavens and 2 lands, we exist in realm number 8, as our physical (earthly) realm. The last realm—number 9—is where our complimentary opposite exists. The Siamese twins who live in realms 8 and 9 are in perfect harmony. In musical terms, the ratio/relationship 8:9 represents the Perfect Tone.



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  1. Union of Energies | A Way in the Woods November 23, 2015 at 6:15 pm Reply

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  2. sheilambelekhama August 1, 2016 at 2:35 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on sheila mbele-khama.

  3. Johnny August 22, 2016 at 7:28 am Reply

    Very interesting! I would like to know more! I believe in things you don’t see. Etherea, atmospherea, earth! Multiple Sprits attaching themselves to you because of your diet! Thoughts, habits Etc! This is an embryo state and when we die we are born to where and what you have formed on earth! Some of us won’t get to a lower heaven for thousands of years let alone heaven.

  4. thesevenminds August 25, 2016 at 8:55 pm Reply

    Thanks. It is interesting, but it is also a bottomless pit. To understand most of it takes cracking of the mind that may leave you no self. I no longer know who some of us are nor who some of you are supposed to be. You are welcome to share your view on it.

    • michele October 19, 2016 at 6:25 pm

      You are me and i am you we are all one on different vibrations…there is no self only ALL

  5. Farid November 22, 2016 at 3:23 am Reply

    They were not Egyptians they were Afrikans in Afrikca

  6. Nkosikhona Duma December 26, 2016 at 3:58 pm Reply

    Another interesting share,,, some of the things that have been on my mind are slowly becoming clear,,,, I like the 9 realms, I would like to get more read on its.

  7. Wayne February 19, 2017 at 2:57 pm Reply

    Hotel. Thank u for being and this is great history through which jews, whites, Asians and other civilizations built there religious societies off of.

  8. ebmercurio April 8, 2017 at 12:16 am Reply

    The ancient Kemetics cared very little about discussing race or promoting their own race, and we should learn from this..

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