Inner Self

Light & Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd

The Inner-Self
From Vopus [Excerpted]

The Being, the Inner-Self, the Monad, has two Souls; the first is the Spiritual Soul, the second is the Human Soul. The former is Dante’s Beatrice, Beautiful Helen, the Shulamite of the wise Solomon, the ineffable adorable wife, the Buddhi of Theosophy. The Latter is the Human Soul, the Causal Principle, the Noble Husband, the Superior Manas of Theosophy. Even when it may seem rare and strange, while the Human Soul works, the Spiritual Soul plays.

Adam and Eve integrate within the Monad and its Kabbalistic value is 10, which reminds us of the IO, in other words, of the vowels iiiiiii ooooooo. The very sacred union of the Eternal Masculine with the Eternal Feminine, the integration of the opposites within the Essential and Divine Monad.

The Divine Triad, Atman-Buddhi-Manas, the Being, we have said and we repeat, is not born, neither does he die, nor reincarnate in the run-of-the-mill intellectual animals. We can and should affirm beyond all doubt, that only a fraction of the Human Soul lives inside the Lunar Bodies; the latter is the Essence, the psychic material to elaborate a Soul, to develop the Human Soul and thereby the Spiritual Soul.

The Monad, the Being, creates, fabricates, develops his Two Souls and the latter should serve and obey him. We should distinguish between Monads and Souls. A Monad, in other words, a Spirit is; a Soul is possessed. Distinguish between the Monad of a world and the Soul of a world; between the Monad of a man and the Soul of a man; between the Monad of an ant and the Soul of an ant.

Hierarchies exist among the Monads; the Inferior Monads must obey the Superior ones, that is the Law. Inferior Monads belong to the Superior ones. [When the Monads] abandon the physical body, death is then inevitable. The Monads in themselves are indestructible; they abandon their old connections in order to briefly carry out other new ones.

Nature deposits in the Three Cerebrums of the human being a certain capital of Vital Values; when the latter are exhausted, death is inevitable. The Three Cerebrums are: 1.—The Intellectual Center; 2.—The Emotional Center; 3.— The Motor Center.

After the death of the physical body, the Ego garbed with its Lunar Bodies, continues in the molecular world. Three things go to the cemetery, to the sepulcher: 1.—The Physical Body; 2.—The Vital Body; 3.—The Personality.

The vital body floats near the sepulcher and disintegrates as the physical body disintegrates, as its Monads become liberated. The Personality is inside the sepulcher, but it comes out when someone takes flowers, when a mourner visits it, it ambulates in the cemetery and returns to the sepulcher. The Personality has a beginning and an end; it slowly disintegrates in the cemetery. Proserpine, the Queen of the Infernos, is also Hekate, the Blessed Goddess Mother Death under whose direction work the Angels of Death.

The Angels of death, when they are working, wear their funeral suits; they assume a spectral figure, they clutch the scythe and with it cut the silver cord that connects the Internal Bodies to the Physical Body. The Angels of Death cut the cord of life and take the Ego out of the physical body. The Angels of Death are very wise and they develop and unfold under the Ray of Saturn. The Angels of Death do not only know what is related with the run-of-the-mill death of the physical body; these Ministers of Death are, moreover, profoundly wise in everything related with the Death of the Pluralized I. After the death of the body, the disembodied one falls into a fainting fit which lasts three and a half days.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead says, “You have been in a faint during the last three and a half days. As soon as you recover from this faint, you will have the thought, what has happened?, for in that moment, the entire Samsara (phenomenal universe) will be in revolution.”

The Kabbalistic value of the Ego is fifty-six; this is the number of Typhon, the mind without spirituality.

The Ego carries away its worldliness beyond the sepulcher of the physical body and the retrospective vision of the life that just passed away is very terrible. After the Great Faint of three and a half days, the deceased have to slowly relive in a retrospective manner, the entire life that just passed.

The Time concept is something very important in the work of the retrospective vision of the life that just passed or retrospective vision of Samsara. In the infernal worlds, all time scales are mineral, frightfully slow and oscillate between 80,000, 8,000, 800 and 80 years.

In this Cellular Region in which we live, gestation lasts ten lunar months; infancy, one hundred lunar months; life, more or less one thousand lunar months. In the Molecular World, events can be measured with the time scale that goes from one month to forty minutes.

In the Electronic World, the time scale oscillates between forty minutes and two and a half seconds.

The Retrospective Vision of Samsara (the life that just passed), in the instant of death and during the subsequent three and a half days, is of an electronic type and that is why each event can be measured with the Electronic time measurement.

The Retrospective Vision of Samsara in the Molecular World is slower and that is why each event is measured with the Molecular Time Measurement.

The Inner-Self, the Monad, the being with its Two Souls, before we were born in this valley of tears, dwells in the Milky Way and even during the life of the physical body here below, continues living in the stars.

The fundamental thing for the essence, after death, is to attain the Relative Buddhic State and the Intermediate liberation; this is only possible for the Soul Embryo that we have within, by climbing, ascending to the Electronic World. It is urgent to know that our Divine Immortal Triad, our being, our Buddha, lives in the Electronic World.

To unite with the immortal Triad after death, to be one with it, in fact means to have become a Relative Buddha, to have achieved Intermediate Liberation and to enjoy a beautiful vacation before returning to a new human organism.

If the Clear Primordial Light has been properly recognized at the supreme moment of death by the deceased, it is a clear sign that he has achieved Intermediate Liberation. If the deceased only perceives the Secondary Clear light at the supreme moment of death, it is a sign that he will have to struggle much to reach the Relative Buddhic State. The difficult thing for the Essence is to become unbottled, to escape from its prison, to come out of the Lunar Bodies, to abandon the Pluralized I. Each person’s Karma is definitive in this matter.

When the deceased has relived the entire life that has just passed in a retrospective manner, he then has to appear before the Tribunals of karma in order to be judged.

There are Kingdoms of inconceivable happiness that the disembodied one should make the effort to enter; let us remember the Blissful Kingdom of the West governed by Amitabha Buddha. The Buddhas travel through the Inalterable Infinite among the indescribable symphonies of the worlds, which throb within the bosom of Mother-Space. However, every reward, every capital becomes exhausted. When the Dharma of happiness is exhausted, the Return to a new womb is then inevitable. The Return to a new womb is carried out in accordance with the Law of Karma.

The Ego continues in the descendants of its past or past lives. The “I” is a sum of small I’s and not all of those I’s return to a new human organism. The “I” is a sum of different, diverse entities, without an order of any type and not all of those entities return to a new human organism; many of those entities reembody in bodies of horses, dogs, cats, pigs, etc., etc., etc.

[The] fanatics of the dogma of Evolution will launch against us all their defamatory dribble and will protest saying, “The Ego cannot retrogress, everything evolves, everything should reach perfection, etc., etc., etc.”

Those fanatics ignore that the Ego is a sum of small animal I and that like attracts like. Those fanatics ignore that the Ego does not have anything that is divine; it is a sum of animal entities that the Law of Evolution will never be able to take to perfection.

The animal entities have the full right to enter animal wombs of dogs, horses, pigs, etc., etc., etc., and that cannot be prohibited by the fanatics of the dogma of evolution, even if they yell, curse, and fume.

This is the Doctrine of the Metamorphosis or Metempsychosis of Pythagoras and is founded on the same Laws of Nature.

In the Golden Ass of Apuleius we find this Doctrine of Pythagoras totally documented. Apuleius says that in the Thessaly of witchcraft, the rocks were nothing but petrified men; the birds, men with wings; the trees, men with foliage; the fountains, human bodies that bled clear lymph. This is an admirable symbolic way to represent the doubtless fact for every occultist, that the different entities that constitute the Pluralized I, can become reembodied in the organisms of beasts or enter the Mineral, Vegetable Kingdom, etc., etc., etc.

With just reason Christian Mystics speak with love about the sister plant, the brother wolf, the sister rock.




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