Communicating Gemini

Duality and Unity: Planets in Gemini
by Alan Oken

As our inner eye awakens, it sees with ever-increasing clarity the relationship between the visible and the invisible, and knows that these two are drawing ever closer together. —A.O.

Occult glyphs and symbols are multileveled as to what they represent, and the glyph for the Twins is especially rich in allegory and meaning. The most obvious interpretation for the symbol of Gemini is “duality.” On the physical plane, (II) depicts the parts of the body ruled by this sign: the hands, the arms, the lungs and the entire bilateral nature of our physique. The highly developed athlete has this physical duality perfectly coordinated and under the control of the integrated mind, Mercury.

The true genius is capable of both intellectual understanding and the ability to perceive spiritual meaning in what is understood. The truly holistic man or woman is androgynous by nature and has integrated the prime duality of male and female into one harmoniously functioning organism capable of power and grace, direction and inclusivity, penetration and reception. I am not inferring anything here that has to do with sexual orientation nor am I inferring that androgyny and bisexuality are one in the same thing. They are most definitely not. I am stating that the energetic sexual duality of male/female inherent in every human being and personified therefore by Gemini (II) is resolved when the soul and personality unite. This separation is under the rulership of Gemini and its exoteric ruler, Mercury. This union is also under the rulership of Gemini and its esoteric ruler, Venus.

Gemini seeks to foster the understanding existing within relationships between people, ideas, and objects, but when Mercury rules, these relationships remain polarized and thus a certain tension comes about between the object and the subject, the view and the viewer, the opinion and the opinion maker. This is why esoteric astrology teaches that Gemini is a Fourth Ray sign, the Ray known as “Harmony through Conflict.” In essence, Gemini seeks to learn (and to explain) how things work. In order to do this, Gemini has to analyze, and by definition, this means, “to take things apart.” Yet from the level of the soul, Venus is the ruler of Gemini and thus the “urge to merge” is brought out through this interplay of opposites. The primary esoteric duality is that existing between the higher (soul) and the lower (personality) selves. The path between them, the force that links them, is known as the “Rainbow Bridge” and this essential link is also ruled by Gemini, and hence by Venus. The way we reach the Rainbow Bridge, however, is through the pain inherent in the Path of the Two Opposites (II), and resolved through the so-called Middle Path that moves between the polls finding resolution in Love (the quality of the soul). Venus governs the Middle Path, under the direction of the Laws of Cohesion, Magnetism, and Unity.

Highly developed Gemini does thus have three faculties at work:

– The rational mind (Mercury) that serves to analyze and objectify.
– The awakened intuition, a faculty ruled by Mercury’s higher octave, Uranus, the planet that reveals the inner meaning contained within all thought.
– The urge to unite, governed by Venus, the esoteric planetary ruler of Gemini.

Gemini is therefore the force of mind united with soul and carried into physical manifestation by the mechanical use of the hands, arms, and the two hemispheres of the brain, along with the wise application of the Word.

In our daily human experience, we can see that where Aries has pioneered the land and Taurus has settled and cultivated it, Gemini functions to explore neighboring regions, finding trade routes and creating communication between people. In essence, Gemini’s natural mutability is expansive by nature, bringing about new opportunities for interchange, growth, and development. Like the other two airy signs (Libra and Aquarius) and the other Mercury-ruled sign (Virgo), Gemini is not symbolized by an animal. Gemini is thus a human sign and as such has as its karmic task, the need to explain to people the relationships existing between the human and the other kingdoms in nature. It is through his intellectual enterprises that Gemini becomes familiar with the laws and principles inherent in humanity and may then communicate these to others to bring about a more conscious world. It should be noted that in esoteric astrology Gemini is a Second Ray sign. This Ray is known as “Love/Wisdom” and is the Ray of consciousness as expressed through teaching, healing, and by the power of the soul, which is Love.

As a mutable sign, Gemini is known for his versatility and on a practical level is often seen to support himself by at least two jobs. He is best suited for work that is not sedentary, allowing him flexibility and freedom to express his variable self. As an airy sign, Gemini has a wide range of acquaintances, talents, interests, and ideas. Yet his biggest challenge is to avoid superficiality and too much diversification. At his worst, he is very nervous and incapable of bringing things into harmonious and unified conclusions, continuing to separate himself and thus cause separation between himself and others.

There is quite a difference between a highly evolved, integrated Gemini and a scattered and diffused child of the Twins. The famous conductor Leopold Stravinsky was a Gemini. Stravinsky was able to hear each of the separate instruments of an orchestra and combine them into performing as a magical unit of sound. In order to do this, he had to remain at the center of his being while simultaneously projecting himself into every section of the orchestra and into each individual musician. If he were to lose his central wholeness, harmony would have become cacophony and the magic of the music would have been lost. The key to Gemini’s success in life lies in his ability to play each of the instruments of his personality and still remain the conductor of his personal symphony. This ability requires the integration of melody (Mercury) and harmony (Venus), the analytical mind (personality) and the higher faculties of cohesion and unity contained within the expression of love (soul).

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