Spiritual Man

Layers of ManSpiritual Culture – deep within MAN and WOMAN is the essence of the CREATOR
By Metaphysics, 2009

According to the basic concepts of ancient African metaphysics or spiritual science, deep within MAN is the essence of the CREATOR. This is MAN’S true identity. Thus MAN’S self is divine (divinity), eternal and infinite. MAN’S true identity can never die. When an individual identifies with the divine essence, the self, as opposed to his person (the part of man that dies). Then Man is on the road to success in all areas of life.

Some call the divine self the SOUL. Since it is the same as – and derived from – the CREATOR, is this the reason why the Ijo refer to this SOUL OR SELF as ‘TEME’ while at the same time using this word TEME to also mean CREATE, and the SUPREME BEING CREATOR as TEMEOWEI, TEMEARA (TAMARA), TEMUNO?

Western science which is very reluctant to embrace the fact that there is a Creator of the universe, seems to be coming to the conclusion, based on the direct and indirect observations of the workings of the universe, that there is a FORCE or ENERGY that is external to the big bang and caused the big bang. [If any such thing did happen. 7M] With regards to the materials that went into the big bang to produce the universe, this FORCE OR ENERGY could only have derived this material from ITSELF! Is this MYSTERIOUS (MYSTIC) FORCE the SUPREME BEING?

Does this MYSTERIOUS FORCE operate in the electromagnetic radiation from the Sun? What about the dark matter and antimatter of the universe? is antimatter another term for spiritual energy or force? COMPARE THIS STATEMENT TAKING FROM GENESIS, WITH THE ACTUAL MEANING OF THE TERMS INSERTED BY ME, WITH THE SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE EXTRACT. My interpretation was derived from understanding the symbolic language use of the terms WATER, HEAVEN, EARTH, LIGHT AND DARKNESS AND SPIRIT, as contained in Ancient Egyptian metaphysics or spiritual science.

Genesis Chapter 1

[1] In the beginning God created the heavens (METAPHISCAL REALM) and the earth (PHYSICAL REALM). [2] The earth (PHYSICAL REALM) was without form and void, and darkness (TOTAL BLACKNESS, NON-VISIBLITY) was upon the face of the deep (THE INFINITE AND ETERNAL REALM); and the Spirit (CONSCIOUSNESS) of God was moving over the face of the waters (FORMLESS ENERGY/MATTER). [3] And God said, “Let there be light (KNOWLEDGE)”; and there was light (KNOWLEDGE). [4] And God saw that the light (KNOWLEDGE) was good; and God separated the light (KNOWLEDGE) from the darkness (POWER). [5] God called the light (KNOWLEDGE) Day (INTELLIGENCE OR ENLIGHTENMENT), and the darkness (POWER) he called Night (NON-INTELLIGENT). And there was evening and there was morning, one day (CYCLE). [6] And God said, “Let there be a firmament (BOUNDARY) in the midst of the waters (FORMLESS ENERGY/MATTER), and let it separate the waters (FORMLESS ENERGY MATTER OF THE METAPHYSICAL REALM) from the waters (FORMLESS ENERGY MATTER OF THE PHYSICAL REALM).”[7] And God made the firmament (BOUNDARY BETWEEN THE METAPHYSICAL AND PHYSICAL REALMS) and separated the waters (FORMLESS ENERGY MATTER) which were under the firmament (THE PHYSICAL REAM) from the waters (FORMLESS ENERGYMATTER) which were above the firmament (THE METAPHYSICAL REALM). And it was so.[8] And God called the firmament Heaven (METAPHYSICAL REALM).

And there was evening and there was morning, a second day (CYCLE). [9] And God said, “Let the waters (FORMLESS ENERGY MATTER) under the heavens (IN THE PHYSICAL REALM) be gathered together into one place (CONDENSE INTO A POINT), and let the dry land (PHYSICAL BODIES OF THE UNIVERSE) appear”. And it was so. [10] God called the dry land Earth (PHYSICAL WORLDS OF STARS AND GALAXIES)), and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas (PHYSICAL ENERGY/MATTER OR DARKMATTER OF SPACE). And God saw that it was good.

Source: tribes.net


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