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Tarot The-Fool - Egypt UrnashThis was last year’s page that got pulled. I updated it somewhat, and not much more than that. A new page is due, but I do not feel like it. So, out goes the pulled page. 🙂

Introduction to the Root of the Sacral Issues

Last year I noticed that many of my root chakra issues had been sorted out to satisfaction. Some problems I had for many years. I had worked hard to get a better standing over them, and was ready to let them go. I had made a conscious effort to cut back my physical desires and wants, so I could come to stand to see what it was that I needed to be able to function better.

I complained about it (unfair, unfair, so unfair) but I did make the effort, and several major struggles came to a satisfying end. The residue issues, I dealt with as I moved along to deal with the next level of issues. I have been controlled by the powers of false selves and foreign shadows, and I recognized that only through balancing my sacral chakra could I get my root chakra further balanced.

Last year was still a major struggle for me, as no matter how hard I tried to will myself into joy and happiness, the exact opposite of that will seemed to materialize. Something was completely off, and I needed to focus and put in the effort to discover the error of my ways. I came to find out that enforced trauma had caused energetic splits that had yet to be healed. Some of the very people who had caused some of the splits, were still busying themselves continuing to profit from my inability to understand their part in creating false selves and shadows for me.

The Fool became aware of the Sacral split and Solar eclipse

In the split of selves, other energies got into the mix, and confusion had been a steady companion. I had to study, choose to remain on my path, and make decisions that reflected and respected my own choice. I found myself in battle with self and “them”. My Mind was split not only stretching over the many parts of my self, but I was also dealing with intruders. I have friends – hello “my little friends” – who know about their dirty tricks, and they helped me to understand. Through subtle war is how they take possession. How else could “they” “win”?

I took as much control as I could just about manage (poorly, but still), and rebooted my Root chakra. In doing so, I got uprooted. Instead of fighting it and “them”, I took up what was left of my root and rode their violent stream. I continued to focus on giving my emotional ill-being a good cleansing. To peel off yet another layer from the onion of suffering. Gain insight in how it was connected to “them”. I needed to trade in vague yet heavily polluted emotions for clear feelings. Leave nothing for “them” to hide behind. “They” wanted me destroyed, but Nature had other plans for me. As a valued member of WordPress and mainstream media, I was to stick around for a much longer while.

Ace of Wands - Egypt UrnashSelf-cleansing became most important. It took a lot of error in the trial, as nothing I did seemed to work at first. I decided to continue anyway. Only when I got things somewhat right, did I come to know that the only rituals that worked, were because of my magic wand. My pen. I must admit that a lot of the time it looks like a keyboard. I used my key to write off as much residue energy of other people and beings as my waking hours permitted. I still have a long list to get through, but at least I know that many on the list work together in groups, and different groups work together. A cordon. How else could “they” “win”?

My sacral chakra had been forced wide open and “others” were feasting on my energy. Some of it I was leaking due to holes created by trauma, but some of “them” came right up to me for a batch of freshly made brew and took without asking. It was time to close up shop, and save the energy for myself.

Because I need the energy for the next sport of the ladder…

To be continued…


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2 thoughts on “Fool’s Page

  1. At Dream State March 21, 2015 at 10:24 am Reply

    Good on ya. Let’s get cracking on that next level again. 🙂

  2. thesevenminds March 28, 2015 at 12:23 am Reply

    Sigh. You do know that I am still holding onto my break, right? 😉

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