NTRW – The Importance of Intent

Ani - Weighing of the Heart 2THE IMPORTANCE OF INTENT
Lecture by Atiba King

Our Souls, Your Spirit, That Which Is Eternal In You, Is Able To Accomplish Anything And Everything!

The above statement is true without qualification. The eternal element within you is that which makes you unique and that which connects you to all existence. The eternal element is the spark of Godhood (to use a term common in western civilization). The differentiation of the unique singularity of the Cosmos into limitless, unlimited particles is difficult to explain with comprehension using the communicative tools of western civilization. Be that as it may, I ask that you accept this differentiation of the ONE into many as true. I ask that you accept this differentiation as one of the unlimited possibilities for the existence of consciousness throughout all that exists in the cosmos.

The Kemetic Book of Coming Forth by Day and by Night gives us many methods and techniques for transforming our physical beings into a wide variety of spiritual qualities known as NTRW (commonly mistranslated as gods). The famous judgment scene showing the heart of Ani being weighed against the feather is a representation of the moment when the correctness of the intent, methods, and accomplishments of an individual is revealed before the NTRW.

In western civilization it is often said that all is spirit and God is everywhere and in everything. From the Kemetic perspective this same statement can be said as all is NTR. If we accept as true that all is NTR then we must accept that NTR is everywhere and in everything. We must accept that every person, plant, animal, and all of nature is NTR. Our desire to accomplish a thing is the will of NTR. Our desire is creating NTR with every thought and action undertaken by life.

Everyone has a goal in life. If there is something you wish to do, achieve, or acquire in life how can you reach your goal? In order for us to reach any goal we must maintain concentration on every intermediate step or task. This is only possible with an unchanging focus of intent. Your ability to commit yourself to one goal will enable you to learn everything about everything you need to know and internalize the information so you can accomplish that goal.

You will need assistance in order to reach your goal. This assistance will come from other elements of the unique singularity that has differentiated. These elements are other people and life forms. You need them to help you reach your goal yet they will not always agree that your goal is correct for you. It is your responsibility to learn from them and help them without abusing them so you can move on when it is time to move on with everyone feeling positive about the encounter. This is one of the major “tricks” of interacting with other units of the differentiated singularity. Being respectful and loving as you come together and separate is the key.

There comes a time when we set a goal of finding someone who is on the path to achieving their particular goal. We look for someone who will allow us to attach ourselves to their existence so we can benefit from the knowledge, methods, and techniques they have learned on the path to attaining their goal. This is a very good thing to do. It is called finding a teacher. Your first teachers are present in your community.

When you were a child did you tell your family what you wanted to be when you grew up? How did they respond? With support? With surprise? How did your friends react when you told them your goal? How did the responses by your family and friends affect your desire for your goal? That innocent interaction was the first test of the strength of your intent in the fullness of your community. Your ability to negotiate your intent through the maze of souls in your immediate circle of friends and family both develops and reveals the foundation of the strategic implementation of your intent.

A child cannot write this down. It is more instinctive than rational. As you grow and mature it will become necessary to create a written plan for certain parts of your strategy. Beware of the tyranny of the written word. Take care that this written part does not codify your strategic implementation. If that happens the codes you create will subvert your intent and ruin your ability to maintain focus on your goal. Even worse, others may read your plan and follow it thereby allowing your written plan to become their Law which subverts and ruins their ability to reach their own particular goal. Maintaining your intent is an Art not a Science. Maintaining your intent is more a feeling than a thought process.

I do not worship the NTRW nor do I want you to worship the NTRW or any other spiritual entity or concept. Your intention to create a better life for yourself and your family will not be realized if you place any person, book, group, spiritual entity, or community/spiritual organization between you and the accomplishment of your goal. Follow your own intent while being respectful of the intent of others.


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3 thoughts on “NTRW – The Importance of Intent

  1. ~meredith February 18, 2015 at 3:30 pm Reply

    [Your intention to create a better life for yourself and your family will not be realized if you place any person, book, group, spiritual entity, or community/spiritual organization between you and the accomplishment of your goal.] «bugs bunny gets it right» 😀
    (and again… thanks.)

  2. thesevenminds February 18, 2015 at 3:57 pm Reply

    Thanks, Meredith. Bugs Bunny?

  3. ~meredith February 20, 2015 at 9:09 pm Reply

    😀 classic shapeshifter, completely adept at being anything…seamlessly and without malice in his pursuits of carrots and contentment.

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