Chakras of the Bible – 2

Chakra’s and The Bible
By TJ Obsidian, 2013

See Part 1

2. Sacral Chakra: The second chakra or “sacral chakra” is located between the genitals and the navel. It’s color frequency is orange. This chakra deals with creativity and how we choose to express ourselves to the world. The sacral chakra also corresponds to the union of masculine and feminine energy, our sexual desire and our emotions.

The sacral really begins to take precedence between ages 7-14. This is why teens love talking on the phone and finding interest with the opposite sex around this time. The element for this chakra is water and also has a connection to the genitals which contain the waters of creation.

3. Solar Plexus: Next is the solar plexus, or “navel chakra” because its located at the navel area. The solar plexus has the corresponding color yellow. This is where the term “yellow belly” or being “yellow” comes from.

In the Wizard of Oz, yes another reference, is the yellow brick road that leads to the emerald city of Oz. The solar plexus is about our will, self-esteem, courage and leadership; and takes precedence during ages 14-21. When we fail to stand up for what we believe in, or let others walk over us, this chakra can become unbalanced. We must learn to assert ourselves in the world with different people. The element for the solar plexus is fire. This makes sense as the belly performs digestion and burns up food.

4. Heart Chakra:  Next we have the heart chakra as it is appropriately named. The heart chakra vibrates on the color green and corresponds to the heart.

Remember the Wizard of Oz – what can I say, it illustrates this concept very well – the heart chakra is the Emerald City; and It is also the emerald throne room from Revelation 4:3. In the Hindu system the heart chakra is called “Anahata” but also goes by the nam “Dvadashadala.” This chakra has the shape of the star of David and is also known as the merkaba. The first part of the name Dvadashadala looks just like the name David with vowels moved around! Coincidence???

Jesus and David share a connection with this chakra as Jesus focused on the heart of man. The heart chakra holds the balance of all energies, and it is required to have this chakra balanced in order to move into higher consciousness. One of Jesus’ most famous verses is John 14:6, where he states that, “no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” The heart chakra holds a powerful energy and we cannot ascend higher to the Father in Heaven i.e. the Pineal Gland until we balance the heart and open it so that loving energy can flow through it.

The heart chakra deals with our connection and relationships with others. It is a chakra that optimally resonates on the frequency love. The heart chakra is open and balanced when we are loving to ourselves and all existence of all things, but how can we do that at the same time when we are so judgmental? Here we realize that everything is connected, and is one consciousness, making separation and individualism only an illusion.

The heart chakra gives off one of the most powerful frequencies or “vibes ” as it is the foundation of our spiritual development. This chakra takes precedence in our lives from ages 21-28; which explains our expansion into adulthood and forming more serious and committed relationships and finding true friendship, companionship and love.
“Quick and interesting point about these first three lower chakras, is that we have red, orange and yellow. The colors that we see in the leaves when the sun appears to descend or falls downward into the cold seasons. We go from bright green in spring and summer to yellow, orange and red. Nature is showing us the way light frequency works and it is not different in your chakras.”

5. Throat Chakra: Next is the throat chakra which carries the frequency of the color blue.

The throat chakra relates to manifestation all things communication, this means speaking, hearing and writing. This chakra relates to the Word of God, as God spoke and creation manifested itself. This chakra teaches us the importance and power of words in what we say, and what we are communicating to ourselves and to others. We learn the power of the tongue, we can build up ourselves or others with positive affirmations or destroy by speaking ill of ourselves or others.

In Genesis 1:1 , before anything was created God moved on the face of the frozen blue waters and then spoke, I know this because I looked it up on blueletterbible!!! In this day and age, when we want convenient communication with someone on the phone we put on our “Bluetooth,” blue for the throat chakra and tooth to represent the mouth. Some say that the bluetooth was named after a man named Bluetooth in time past, however this is very unlikely. Also, the hottest thing we can buy in the electronic store is a Blu-Ray player – as the blue laser can allow for greater amounts of information to be stored – giving us an AMAZING picture compared to the old DVD ‘s which used a 650 nm RED laser. So, the blue laser is better than the red laser… hey that’s just like in Star Wars, the blue light saber Jedi against the red saber Vader! Coincidence? I think not. Oh how technology and movies copy the “real thing” (us).

6. Third Eye Chakra: As the winged kundalini serpent rises up the spine, passes through the throat chakra, it enters the “brow chakra,” also called the third eye, the pineal gland, and the Ajna Chakra. The third eye chakra  carries the color frequency of indigo/ purple.

The symbol of kundalini rising into the third eye is all captured in the image of the caduceus. The third eye chakra is the “double-petal lotus” or the “two-leaved door” mentioned in Ezekiel 41:24 which in fact it says a two leaved door with “two turning leaves,” no doubt this is hidden language about this spinning chakra.

Once the energy light of the kundalini reaches the pineal gland, the pineal vibrates at a higher frequency and opens our internal eye to see beyond our 3D reality and enter the 4th dimension and see deeper into ourselves and get in touch with the divine soul within us. Jesus said in Matthew 6:22, “the light of the body is THE EYE: if therefore thine eye be SINGLE thy whole body shall be full of light.” This scripture captures the opening of the pineal gland and raising your consciousness into divine unity with self.

This is the place where we remember who and what we are, and where we dissolve our illusionary ego to become divine. In the activated pineal gland we can heal our body and mind of disease, and through practice, begin to astral project and perceive into different realms of consciousness. Higher spiritual senses activate here, and we become more intuitive which will help us live in the life we have chosen with purpose. Purpose is vital to our existence and experience on this planet; and the truest way to know this purpose is to go within and bring forth the light from within you.

7. Crown Chakra: Rising even higher beyond the third eye, the different dimensions, and the astral plane, we rise into the crown chakra, the one-thousand petaled lotus. The crown chakra has the color frequency of violet and also connected to the color gold and also white (representing purity).

This is the beloved place of nirvana and bliss. The crown chakra is where we step completely out of individualism and become one with all things seen and unseen. We experience bliss and unconditional love here, and this is the desired place that many of us seek. The endless void in our lives that we try to fulfill with vices is satisfied to the depth of our being in the crown chakra – as this is the place of loving abundance and spiritual inner healing.

This is why royal figures are oft times dressed in purple and wearing the golden crown. This experience of raising our consciousness into the crown chakra, is symbolized in the Bible as Aaron’s Rod in the book of Numbers [17:2-6, 7-8], which budded as this is the budding lotus of super consciousness, where it all unfolds. With the crown chakra open, the entire matrix of life and the cosmos unfolds to bring in the ultimate experience of being one with the source. In Revelation, the Bible touches on this unfolding, by mentioning a point where the heavens themselves rolled away like a scroll; and this is the place where we touch the divine source.

The entire process through each chakra from the root to the crown is orchestrated in meditation; breathing in the prana and chi energy so that it may rise within you. All religions of the world have this truth hiding within them; and it is in your best interest to experience the joy of self realization through meditation and the raising of your kundalini energy. The bible says “know ye not that your body is the temple of the living god.” We are Solomon’s temple and we have a clear understanding of the ladder to higher consciousness.

Let no religion mislead you into their literal beliefs, they must instead be taken as a cover story which contains the truth behind all of the lore. Raising our consciousness is why we are here on this planet, each day we must go deeper and deeper within ourselves in order to find truth and light in a dark and crazy world.



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