Chakras of the Bible

Chakra’s and The Bible
By TJ Obsidian, 2013

In the Bible certain numbers have significance; the number 3 represents the Holy trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost , the number 6 represents man, the number 12 represents the 12 tribes, 12 disciples and 12 zodiac signs , and the number 7 represents God, the 7 days of creation which all points to the chakras.

In Genesis chapter 32, we have Jacob who is in a distressed situation with Esau his brother. The night before meeting face to face with his brother, Jacob is left alone from his camp, and ends up wrestling a “man” all night until morning. [Gen. 32:24] After the marathon tussle, Jacob was blessed by the angel/man and was given a new name “Isis RA El. ” Then, in Genesis 32: 30 the Bible says, “and Jacob called the name of the place PENIEL : for I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved.” The name PENIEL or Penuel as the Bible also respelled, is none other than the Pineal gland within the human brain.

The pineal gland, sits in the center of our brains in our hypothalamus, the center area of the brain. Anyone can research this, find a brain diagram and find where it is. The pineal gland is as small as kernel of corn; and has the shape of a pine cone. The pineal gland is what helps us go to sleep every night by secreting a substance called melatonin. Melatonin is the reason we start feeling sleepy. And what happens when we sleep? We dream, well most of us. The great mystery here is how can we see in our sleep with two eyes closed? The reason is because the pineal gland, as it has an actual lens and retina in our brain. As an experiment , look into a bright light bulb and quickly close your eyes, you’ll see an image of the light bulb that is in the middle of the darkness in your brain because of the light. The pineal is called the “seat of the soul” by Rene Descartes (15th and 16th century AD).

Looking at Genesis 28, we have Jacobs dream in which he saw a ladder which went up from earth and into heaven to the throne of god, commonly known as “Jacob’s Ladder.” [Gen. 28:12] On the ladder,  Jacob sees angels going up and down on it. When Jacob wakes up, he acknowledges the experience as “the gate of heaven,” because The Lord was there. So we have Jacob sleeping because of the melatonin secreted in his pineal gland; and then Jacob seeing with his inner eye open in the dream these amazing things. The significance of the ladder is to symbolize the spine / spinal cord which has 33 vertebrae and looks just like a ladder and goes from the base of the spine all the way to the top of the head or dome which is why we say kingdom, the kings dome the highest place on the body and the high place of god.

The chakras are 7 energy centers along the spine that are in the areas of certain endocrine glands in our bodies. The chakras are what we commonly refer to as our “aura” or spiritual Body. These chakras are energies that spiral in these areas; and are light frequencies that make up our aura or auric field. The 7 chakras have 7 colors for each ; and starting from the bottom we have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. So starting from your bottom to the top of your head Lets go through the 7 major chakras step by step.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Image courtesy of [The Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing]

1. Root chakra: located at the tail bone of the spine, it’s color is red. It’s the slowest in vibration to the other 6. Its element is earth.

Here is where the kundalini energy is sleeping and is wrapped around the base of the spine 3 and a half times. Once awaked in mediation practices, the kundalini makes its way up through the other 6 chakras and into heaven (the pineal gland). This represents your consciousness rising into unity with your god-self.

Ever wonder why the devil is depicted as red? Because red is the lowest state of consciouness (also the lowest color on the light spectrum), and also deals with sex which is associated with evil; hence the terms “red light district” or “painting the town red”, “devil in a red dress.”

On a more holistic side, the root chakra and red to us represents safety, security and home. In fact, many people have a red door to their home as the frequency of the color relates to home. Speaking of home, in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy wears ruby red slippers, which she clicks three times (kundalini wrapped 3 times around the spine) and says “there’s no place like home.” Furthermore, to break down the name Dorothy, we have “Do ” which is the first (root) note in the 7 note solfeggio music scale (do re mi fa sol la ti). The second part of dorothy is “roth,” which is is a jewish, german and anglo surname which means is derived from rot meaning red. So Dorothy is a female personification of our root chakra!

During ages 1-7 this chakra is of great importance because it deals with our home and our nurturing as children. Certain negative experiences we have as children, whether it be abuse or neglect, can have harmful affects on us as we grow and can cause our root chakra to be “unbalanced.” This can cause lack of trust with others and a need to protect yourself; this can cause many issues in our relationships with people going forward because these are our roots.

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