Revelating Chakras – 2

EarthThe Seven Churches of the Revelation
As the Seven Spiritual Centers in the Body
by John Van Auken

See Part 1

THE CHURCH OF SARDIS – Fifth Center ­ Thyroid Gland ­ Throat Chakra

The speech delivered by the Spirit identifies this center with the throat ­ the channel of speech. The Spirit explains that the speech comes from “the seven spirits of God and the seven stars,” which are the sum total of all seven centers acting in unison with God’s will. The Spirit acknowledges that this center has good deeds, a name, is alive, and only a few aspects of its activities are “defiled.” Nevertheless, it is dead to the real truth and is imperfect. The Spirit encourages this center to strengthen itself because it is closer to death than it realizes. If it strengthens itself spiritually, then it will be clothed in white raiment, its name will not be blotted out of the Book of Life, and the Spirit will confess its name “before my Father and his angels.”

Notice how much of this center is identified with will and speech. Cayce says that one of the major steps to full spiritual consciousness is letting our will become subordinate to God’s will. He often recommended an affirmation such as this one from the Search for God Study Group readings (it was recorded in capital letters): “THY WILL, O GOD, BE DONE IN ME, THROUGH ME, AS THOU SEEST; FOR THE DESIRE OF MY HEART IS THAT I MAY BE THE CHANNEL OF BLESSINGS TO OTHERS IN THE WAYS AND MANNERS THOU SEEST; NOT MY WAY, O LORD, BUT THY WAY.” This is reminiscent of Jesus’ intimate prayer sessions with the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane, in which he prays three separate times for the Father to remove the cup of crucifixion from him, but only if it is the Father’s will, not just his will. At the end of the third prayer, Jesus knows it is the Father’s will that he drink from this cup, because despite its physical outcome, spiritual glory will be realized and the flesh will be raised up again to life spiritualized and everlasting.

The words of our mouths, the thoughts of our minds, and the feelings of our hearts need to be purified of self-aggrandizement, self-glorification, and self-exaltation. They must be channels of God’s words, thoughts, and feelings flowing through us. The throat center is the projector of words, and words can heal or harm. It is also the center for will. According to Cayce, no other gift from God is more influential than our will ­ not the stars in heaven nor the tricks of the devil can take away free will.

This center, acting in unison with God’s will, can bring all the centers to a higher vibration, a higher consciousness.

THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA – Sixth Center ­ Pineal Gland ­ Crown Chakra

As the spiritual self approaches the sixth center, located deep within the brain, it refers to that part of itself that is “holy, true, has the key of David, opens and no one can shut, shuts and no one can open.” Which is to say that only the spiritual part of our being can allow the spiritual process to proceed. This is considered to be one of the most holy centers in the human body. It is the place of “the mount of God,” according to Cayce. If we enliven this center with the Spirit and spiritual intentions, then we draw all the lower centers up to this high place and unite them with God’s Spirit.

The Spirit acknowledges the works of this center, saying that it is has kept his word and not denied his name. This center knows the truth of its spiritual nature and despite how weak it has become from the material struggles, it retains the truth of its real nature and purpose for life. This is the only center that the Spirit finds no fault with. There is nothing this center has to do except continue to hold onto its truth. Therefore, the Spirit promises to draw all the cells of the body before it and make them bow to its truth. It also promises to keep this center from the temptation that has and is coming to the rest of the body: to test the body’s true desires, whether they are spiritual or strictly material and self-centered.

In Patanjali’s arrangement, the crown chakra is the highest center in the body, the kundalini having risen up the spine, moved through the brain to the brow, and culminated at the opening of the crown. In Revelation 3:11, the Spirit actually mentions the “crown” in reference to this center. In Cayce’s arrangement, the energy flows up the spine to the base of the brain, then to the center of the brain, where the pineal gland is located. Stimulating the pineal opens this crown chakra.

If we fully awaken this center, then the Self promises to make us “a pillar in the temple of My God” and we will “never go out from it again.” The Spirit will also write the name of God, God’s city, and the Spirit’s new name upon us.

Opening of the crown chakra is also associated with experiencing the Holy Spirit. How did the Holy Spirit appear among the disciples? In the form of tongues of fire on the tops of their heads, above the soft spot. The event is described in Acts 2:2-4: “Suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent, rushing wind, and it filled the whole house. There appeared tongues as of fire and it sat above each one of them. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit.” Prior to this experience, at the Last Supper, Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit upon the disciples and explained, “The Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send … he will teach you all things.”

In the early times of the Hopi, legend says that some of the people strayed and stopped cooperating with the Creator. Others remained loyal and at-one with the Creator. To these the “Great Nephew” appeared, telling those that were still seeking to cooperate and that they were to be a Chosen People to inhabit a new world that he was about to create. He told them that the center on the tops of their heads would guide them to this new world. This inner wisdom would give them the sight to see a certain cloud which they would follow by day and a certain star which they would follow by night. It is fascinating how similar this part of the Hopi legend […].

When the great Nephew had finished instructing the Hopi Chosen People, all over the First World the Chosen People disappeared. Their villages were empty. The houses, temples, and fields ­ all empty. Many of those left behind called out to them, “Where are you going?” To which the Chosen Ones replied, “We are following the cloud and the star.” The others laughed and said, “We see no cloud or star.” The Chosen People explained to them, “This is because you have lost your inner vision that came from the tops of your heads.”

The top of the head is the crown chakra, a most important spiritual center. Cayce identifies it with “the mount,” and states that only those who have experienced “the rejuvenation in the mount” may know the truth and enter fully into the Creator’s presence to receive the resulting guidance. He goes on to say that as this center is awakened and our soul’s memories return to consciousness, stating that this event is what is referred to when Jesus said “The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things….” -John 14:25.

Let’s ignite again our crown chakra. Let’s ascend to the mount of higher consciousness. Let’s open the soft spot, through which our soul first entered this body, and receive the inner vision, the inner guidance. The Hopi prophecy says that soon a new stage of life will begin, a stage in which only those who are open at the tops of their heads will be able to hear and see and know the way.

THE CHURCH OF LAODICEA – Seventh Center ­ Pituitary Gland ­ Third-Eye Chakra

Finally, the Spirit arrives at the highest center in the body. The aspect of our spiritual self that is in this center is “the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the Beginning of the creation of God.” This is the master gland of the body. But the Spirit is upset with this center because it is “neither cold nor hot.” Because it is lukewarm about the spiritualization process, the Spirit is ready to “spit you out of my mouth.” This center says that it is rich and needs nothing, but the spiritual self challenges that it is actually “wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked” (harkening back to the original sin in the Garden, where Adam and Eve hid from God because they were naked).

Amazingly, this center has no redeeming qualities and no virtue to acknowledge. The Spirit gives none. This center is stagnant and lukewarm, contributing nothing to the overall spiritualization of the body. The Spirit therefore warns it to get truth forged in the fires of the Spirit, white garments of purity that its nakedness will be clothed, and eye salve to anoint its eyes to see the real truth. However, in a backhanded way, the Spirit acknowledges its love for this center, saying: “Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline.” If this center will rise up and conquer, then “I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I myself conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne.”

Cayce’s readings identify this center as the third eye, on the forehead. Almost all yoga books identify the third eye as the sixth chakra and the crown as the seventh. When Cayce was asked about this during a reading, his reply was that he did not care what others were saying, but he was giving the correct arrangement. In some of the illustrations in this booklet, you’ll see how the classical imagery supports his perspective.

But the real importance of this center is that it is lukewarm in most people and needs to be enlivened with a higher ideal with the energy of the life force combined with the Holy Spirit. The Egyptians considered the eye, the single all-seeing eye, to be one of the highest images of God. To awaken this center’s true nature and bring illumination to the whole of the body and mind, this center must again find enthusiasm for the quest. It is like a dying ember and needs the breath of the Holy Spirit upon it to re-ignite its fire.


A New Condition throughout the Body

Now that the Spirit has addressed and awakened all seven centers within the body to the spiritualization process, it takes the body to a new level of vibration. Now a throne is in the midst of heaven, and the higher, spiritual self is seated upon this throne. Around the higher self and the throne are the twenty-four elders, which Cayce identifies as the twelve paired (24) cranial nerves within the brain.

Energy is being emitted from the brain (“flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder”), and the seven chakras and glands are turned toward the throne (“seven lamps of fire burning”), which are the seven spirits of God in the midst of the throne. Before the throne are the four beasts we first saw in Ezekiel’s vision, then in Daniel’s vision, and now here again in John’s vision. We find these same beasts represented in ancient Egyptian mysticism as the four children of Horus [the Elder]. […] The four children of Horus are wrapped like mummies on a lotus, subdued and intoxicated with the fragrance of the great flower. They stand before the throne-seated Osiris, Horus’ father and guardian of the way through the Netherworld.

According to Cayce, these beasts are “the four destructive influences that make the greater desire for the carnal forces, that arise as the beasts within self to destroy.” We have learned what these destructive influences are from the Spirit’s comments to the first four churches: (1) leaving our first love; (2) fear; (3) anger, impulsive reactions, and spirit-killing urges; and (4) living life without spiritual purposes and ideals. All of these destructive influences are personified in Cain. Though he first sought God’s love, he later didn’t desire it. He killed his brother impulsively in anger and spitefulness, only to then become so afraid that he could not go on without God’s promise of protection. Finally, he goes out to live life for himself and his own gratification, without any spiritual interests or intentions. Satan claims that Job is the same way, having no interest in God and the Spirit, and would curse God to His face if He touched Job’s material, physical life, and being. Cayce says that these destructive influences must be met; as God says to Cain, “Sin is couching at the door, its desire is for you, but you must master it.”

As the Revelation continues, the four lower glands are raised to higher vibrations, turning away from material, earthly pursuits and contributing to the spiritualization of the body (“the four beasts gave glory and honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne”). When they do this, it affects the cranial nerves (“the twenty-four elders will fall down before him who sits on the throne”), and they in turn begin to contribute to the spiritualization of the body (“cast their crowns to him who sits on the throne”). Then the spiritual self is able to open the seals on each of the spiritual chakras of the body.

Cayce states that the book with the seven seals is the human body. The only part of us that is truly worthy to do this is that part that has crucified self-centered desire sufficiently to allow God’s will to fully enter. This one is identified in the Revelation as “the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root and offspring of David,” all terms associated with the Messiah, only this is the little messiah within each of us; our spiritual self reborn, created by God and sent to redeem our physical selves. This self has made its will so subordinate to God’s that it is represented as a lamb. It is in the spirit of the Lamb of God that we may safely open the seals of the spiritual centers of our bodies.


Cleansing & Uniting the Seven Centers

Now that the seven spiritual centers are awakened, the higher self and the life-force are raised and again seated upon the throne. The lower urges are turned away from their interests and the cranial nerves are firing with spiritual influences. We begin a series of cleansings through the seven bodily centers. Prompted by John’s vision of the four colored horses, Cayce picks up on the colors for each center and proceeds to add musical notes, key words from the Lord’s prayer, the four elements, the endocrine glands, and even planets within our solar system! There is so much information that the original group working directly with Edgar Cayce created charts to keep track of everything. I’ve also created charts based on the originals, but with supplemental information. See the illustrations section of this manual.

We might ask, how could the planets in the solar system have any relevance to the spiritual centers and endocrine glands in our bodies? Cayce’s answer is that we are parts of the Universal Consciousness, and as such we have relationship to the Universe and all that is in it. At first glance it may seem paradoxical that these outer influences are also within us: spiritually, mentally, and physically and that universal “things,” such as planets, find a relating point within our physical bodies. But, as the Ancient Egyptian god Hermes (Thoth) stated it: “As within so without, as above so below.” It is not so much the occult science of astrology that we are referring to as it is the microcosmic and macrocosmic nature of life.

The human body is arranged in a manner that reflects the arrangement of the universe. Here’s one of Cayce’s best explanations of this. I have italicized a key line and his stenographer capitalized words that Cayce emphasized by raising his voice during a reading:

As we find, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus – with Mars in an abstract position – all becoming a part of this entity’s experience; not because of bodily birth but because of the entity as a soul.

For the entity finds itself body, mind and soul, and recognizes – or may become aware of the manifestation of the Godhead in the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. He finds himself then a counterpart, a shadow of all that is; and that within his own self EACH CELL of its body is but a miniature of the universe without its own body, its own cell of positive and negative force that applies to the material, the mental and the spiritual. Indeed then the body is the temple of the living God, where He hath promised to meet thee in thy searching, in thy seeking to know what ye may do; not for the gratifying of thine own selfish self alone but to fulfill the purpose for which ye came into being ­ to be then an emissary, and advocate, yea, a sign; that others who have lost their way (as YE may have lost thine) may take hope and gain more awareness of the God-force that IS latent and manifested within thine own self.

Following this philosophical line of thought, each spiritual center in the body has a corresponding relationship with the seven primary colors of the spectrum, the seven basic notes of the Western musical scale, seven key words in the Lord’s prayer, and seven planets within this star system or solar system. Nevertheless, Cayce does hedge his teaching on this in several readings, explaining that these correlations that we are making are only relatively correct because of the many variables in human spiritual development that would cause another color, or note, or word, or planet to better represent that center. The variables are these: (1) cycles in each person’s development, or (2) a particular individual soul’s unique experiences, and therefore, karmic influences. But for us all generally, these are relatively correct as we have them (and in the chart in the illustrations section of this manual).

As we go through the opening of the seals and the sounding of the trumpets, Cayce says that we are going through the purifications that influence spiritual development through the vibrational changes in the body. The way these purifications are described in the Revelation causes one to believe that these are terrifyingly devastating to the physical self. However, Cayce explains that as the progress is made toward giving birth to the spiritual self (which occurs later in chapter 12 of the Revelation), the physical self must become more humble, meek, long-suffering, and patient. It must decrease while the spiritual self increases, as John the Baptist said of himself and the coming Jesus.

Cayce says that the devastating sufferings represent those influences that meet and conquer self for the greater spiritual development and the creating of a oneness of the individual’s purposes and desires. The two parts of our being (human and divine) can be at war with one another unless these cleansings occur and a singularity of purpose is achieved by subduing earthly desires and accentuating heavenly, spiritual desires. Therefore, the fire is to purify; hail, to crystallize opposing purposes into oneness of purpose. Less and less of self’s desires and more and more of God’s desires are depicted as the destruction of a third of the earth, the sea, and the heavens, followed by the falling of a great star from heaven, representing the coming of heavenly influences upon the earthly self. The Sun is darkened so that the Son may give a new light to the body. All the terrifying events that occur during the opening and sounding of the seven spiritual centers under the influence of the higher self upon the throne of consciousness are symbolic of this great transition, this great preparation for the birth of the new, God-centered self.



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