Nazar Drishti Dosha

Nazar Dosha Evil Eye - nccHow to take away Kann Drishti or Buri Nazar or Evil Eye?
By Divine Brahmanda, 2010

“Nazar”/”Drishti”/”Kannu”, however you want to call it is the same all over India. In ancient times, they understood the power of thought and even speech. People adhered to Dharma and hence their thoughts and speech would be true/come true – such was the power of their mental energies and focus.

The concept of Drishti/Nazar is also that knowingly/unknowingly – thoughts of jealousy and envy must not affect someone/something.

So in effect, to mar “perfection” a beauty spot is placed on children, brides and bridegrooms. Interestingly in the south during the “Seemantham” ceremony done for Pregnant women in their 7th month, the women has to wear a black saree.

Again, trucks, houses and cars commonly display a tin plate of a fierce ogre, or dangling crystal, lemons, chillies etc. In some temples, there are offerings such as pepper and rocksalt given to take away this nazar.

In anycase, the different things to take away the drishti are localized and will have many different forms. One of the common things is to throw salt and chilli in into the fire and have the child or person also spit into it. Another is to take an arati of them with the flame on a lemon, coconut or pumpkin and dash this on the ground. In fact, the act of taking arati after functions is that the vermillion will absorb any evil energies from Drishti.

The drishti is caused by the negative and evil thoughts that are directed towards us by other people. When they direct their negative thought patterns to us, invariably our physical aura attracts that negative energy and starts to attract negative happenings in our life. When people are jealous at our growth in life, at our prosperity, our good looks (why not!) they do not have to physically abuse us or make us realize their enmity outwardly, but their subconscious mind which has those thoughts radiates the negativity towards us.

We will come to the topic i.e How to take away Kann Drishti or Buri Nazar or Evil Eye by using rocksalt and lemon? This procedure was given by Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharma in his Bruhat Brahmanda Programme.

How to take away Kann Drishti or Buri Nazar or Evil Eye?

Rock Salt

The whole family members, to whom the drishti has to removed have to sit or stand facing east.

The elder citizen of the family, who is the dristi remover have to face west. If elders are not available, it can be done by female head of the family.

Take a palmful of rocksalt, do an anticlockwise and clockwise full round head to toe for 3 times before the person for whom drishti is to be removed.

Note: One palmful of rocksalt is for one person only. Again take a palmful of rocksalt and continue the above procedure for next person.

Put this rocksalt in separate container may be tumbler which consists of water for each person.
If you take away drishti for 3 persons, there should be 3 containers.

After salt gets dissolved, you can pour it somewhere outside and you can use it after cleaning it.

If you happen to have fire place you can put the rock salt in it.

After the above procedure, take a lemon (one lemon is sufficient for whole family) do an anticlockwise and clockwise full round head to toe for 3 times before all persons for whom drishti is to be removed.

The dristi remover should take the lemon outside and should smash the lemon in the two pieces with her left leg and one piece should be put to her left and other should be put to her right.

After this procedure, the dristi remover should wash her legs and hands before entering the home.

After this removing dristi, no one should go outside. Finish all your works before sitting for dristi removal.

Keep Vibuthi on the forehead and go for sleep.

The drishti sutthal can be done on Thursdays, Sunday, on Pournami and Amavasya day(If there are any other days I am not aware).

Regularly performing this can help the person to cast away his/her negative energy, which could not only be the cause of others evil thoughts but one’s own train of negative thoughts.



Nazar Nivaran Yantra – For Protection

This is a very powerful Yantra for protection against the Evil Eye as per ancient vedic texts. When this yantra is placed in the home temple or almirah and dhoop/ incense is lit in front of it daily, the worshipper and his family, especially small children are protected against all sort of evil eye and bad vibes coming from those people who are not their well wishers.


Dhrishti Dosha – troubles due to the sight of some evil persons

In our day to day life we may come across various problems or difficulties due to various factors like the evil/bad look/sight of some persons or due to the planetary positions of various planets etc. Here we will see the Dhrishti dosha – dosha or troubles created by evil sights of people.

There are some persons who has some peculiarity. If they see a person or thing that person or property will have some problem. This is known as drishti dosh. This persons look will bring problems in health, finance etc. To ward of the effect of such dhrishti dosha there is remedy prescribed. What has to be done is to take 5 red chillies, salt crystals (not table salt) a hand full, padikara (Alum) 10 grams and camphor 9 pieces and keep in a piece of cloth and make a bundle. With this bundle do aarthis (wave the bundle in clockwise direction) around the front of all persons of the family affected and the corners of the house/shop/office cash box and places where valuables and important documents are kept. After this keep the cloth bundle near the main door and burn the same. This is to be done on all Fridays if possible. If it is not possible for some reason do it at least one Friday a month.


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