Dosha Nivaranam

Mamma MokshaJyothish – Dosha Nivaranam or Quick Astrological Remedy
By Anugraha Gayathri Theertam

Almost all problem regarding life is connected with the following Doshas. By knowing the remedies you can overcome the doshas and proceed in your prosperous and successful family life.

1. Vasthu Dosha :-
It is the problem connected with the position, structure and alignment of your residence.

2. Sarpa dosha/Naga dosha :-
There are a lot of places where serpents are clustered. Sarpa and Nagas are divine and the disturbance or harm to them could bring you Sarpa Sapa which shall results in sarpa dosha. It may result in the harm of children, hindrance in marriage, incurable diseases- especially skin diseases.

3. Navu Dosham :-
Certain people with negative energy may spell out curse like words when they may see certain much coveted things. eg: If a good house is built, if a child is smart, if somebody looks healthy and wealthy, they could throw a spell which could affect negatively. This is called Navu Dosha.

4. Drushty Dosha :-
Like Navu Dosha when certain people with negative energy casts their “Black eye” drastic harm could be done. Even without spelling out anything, things will be affected negatively just like Navu dosha.

5. Thali Dosha
In Indian culture Thali, which is tied on a chord is bound around the neck of the bride by the groom during the wedding.This is a talisman representing the thrimurthis, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara and shall all ways be worked as a divine protecting armor for the married women. Hence losing it, removing it misshaping it, irreverent it, handling it with negligence etc. Shall cause great bad happening to her and family members.

6. Mangalya Dosha :- Rukmini pooja at Sreelakom for Marriage
(Chova Dosha -Sani Dosha -Rahu Dosha -Gulika Dosha)
Marriage in the proper time is a luck. Certain Doshas like chowa dosha and other doshas could hinder the alliance with a proper partner. This could be tackled by the guidance of srilakom. During the fifth day of the Bhagavtha Sapthaha, called rukmani Swayamvaram, those who covet mangalya soubagya can submit a pudava. This pudava or sari will be returned to the devotee same day after Rukmini pooja.

7. Santhana Dosha :-
The greatest sorrow of a couple is childlessness. May suffer from this great Dosha. Spiritual science provide great effective suggestions to get an offspring. If the menstrual period and semen counts are perfect the problem could be solved. These Vedic science defines certain days for samayoga. Proper preparations like pooja, prayers, physical preparations as well as oushadha seva could make your dream come true.



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