Shiva and Shakti – Maha Bindu

Bindu Sakti–Light Energy
By V.Krishnaraj, 2012

From Nirguna Siva (Siva beyond the beyond without attributes, Supreme Consciousness) originate the three Bindus: Brahma Bindu, Vishnu Bindu, and Rudra Bindu. Karana Bindu (Causal Bindu) gives rise to Karya Bindu (Effector Bindu), which gives rise to Nada (sound) which again gives rise to Bija (Seed).

The three Bindus are the sun (Ravi), Moon (Chandra), and Fire (Agni). Fire and Moon are in the Sun which is mixed or Misra Bindu, also known as Paramasiva and Kamakala, the latter is a triangle representing Divine Desire and the root of all mantras. Moon –Soma, Chandra– is Siva Bindu and also Sita Bindu (White Bindu). Fire is Sakti Bindu and also Sona Bindu (Red Bindu). Sun is a mixture of both. Fire is Will; Moon is Knowledge; Sun is Action (Iccha, Jnana and Kriya). Sita Bindu or White Bindu on its descent to material level becomes semen, and Sona Bindu (Red Bindu) to Menstrual fluid.

Sun = Misra Bindu = Paramasiva = Para-Siva = KAmakala. Misra Bindu is Sakti Tattva when Sakti is dominant and Siva when Siva is dominant; it is thus Sakti and Saktiman. In this coupled form it is YAmala RUpA and thus Sun is Samasti (Aggregate or Totality). Sun contains Moon and Fire = Tri-Bindu. Here Sun, Moon and Fire (Solar, Lunar and Fire Mandalas) do not refer to heavenly objects but to creative Trinity.

Moon = Siva Bindu = Sita (white) Bindu
In [the] material plane, Sita Bindu becomes Semen. Apotheosis (exalted) of Bindu degenerates and undergoes apoptosis (a process of cell self-destruction) resulting in semen. Do not ask for proof.

Fire = Sakti Bindu = Sona (red) Bindu. In material plane Sona Bindu becomes Menstrual Fluid (Ovum).

Union of Siva and Sakti is Mithuna (consortium); the thrill is Nada; the product is Maha Bindu, which becomes three Bindus, also known as KAmakala.

Nada and Bindu are two saktis (power). Naada (Nada rep. as semicircle) is sound and Bindu is dot, or point. Strictly speaking, Bindu is a Circle with Void inside–O. The confining Circle is Sakti, while the Void is Siva.  Think of Bindu as Singularity with no dimension, from which everything proceeds. Nada and Bindu are the progenitors of Tattvas, the building blocks of the universe. Supreme Consciousness divides itself into subject and object in time and space.–Woodroffe.

Sakti divides again into Nada, Bindu, and Bija. Bindu is Siva and Bija is Sakti. Nada is the relationship between the two. Nada is action and Bindu is static; Nada is white and Bindu is red.

The Bindu should be worshipped (like a grain of gram, which are the two cotyledons and represent) the inseparable Siva and Sakti.

Eternal Siva is Nirguṇa (unqualified) and Saguṇa (qualified). The first is He who is Prakṛter anyaḥ or the other of Prakṛti,” that is, ” He and She are one but here He is considered as other than Her. (Raghava Bhatta says Prakṛteḥ is used in the genitive not ablative case). Saguṇa is He who is with Kalā (that is, Mūlaprakṛti = मूलप्रकृति = root cause). From Paramaśiva ( = Supreme Siva) who is Sac-cid-ānanda (= Being-Consciousness-Bliss) and Sa-kala (many parts) issued Śakti, from Śakti issued Nāda and from Nāda Bindu “. Here the Paramaśiva who is united with Kalā or Mūlaprakṛti Śakti is Tamo Guṇa (the quality of darkness), Some also call it Mūla Ajñāna (primal ignorance). By Nāda (Sound) is meant Mahat-tattva (Great Principle, Cosmic stuff of experience) which is threefold according to the Guṇas (qualities), These three Nādas are Avyakta Maheśvara, Avyakta Brahmā and Avyakta Viśṇu (Unmanifest Mahesvara, Brahma and Vishnu). –P68 The Worship of Sakti, The Great Liberation by Woodroffe.

Dhyāna of the formless (Nirākāra) and attributeless (Nirguṇa) is Suksma  Dhyāna. The latter again is of two kinds: (a) Bindudhyāna, (b) Sūnyadhāna,  The Bindu or Point has neither length nor height nor depth nor  breadth. It is however united with Māyā (Māyāyukta); It is from this  Bindu that Brahma, Visnu and Mahdvara and others originated. Meditation  on that which is undifferentiated (Aparicchinna), attributeless,  changeless, incomprehensible Sat Cit Ananda is Śūnya-Dhyāna. This is  beyond the scope of mind and speech. When by Yoga practice another  “sense” is awakened then Yogīs by Yoga-power experience the Bindu or  Sūnya, This is called Brahma-sāksātkāra (= God-realization by Tarkālaṁkāra). Woodroffe The Great Liberation  page 116.The Bindu or Point has neither length nor height nor depth nor  breadth.

This means that the concept of Singularity and Black hole was already present in India of past.

Explanation. You need three things to do anything in this world: Knowledge, Will and Action. Siva is Knowledge, which alone by itself does not serve any purpose. Siva is Static, just like the computer without the juice. Will and Action are necessary to go forward. Sakti is the dynamic power of Siva. She is Action; She is the powerhouse. She is the Mother (அம்மை) and begets beings and universe. Siva is the Father (அப்பன்).

One sources tells Parabindu divides into two parts; the right is Bindu, Male, Purusa or Ham and the left is Visarga, Female, Prakrti or sah. Together  Hamsah Mantra is the union of Prakrti and Purusa and the universe is also Hamsah. Parabindu is Siva- Sakti. Does it not remind you of Ardhanarisvara, androgynous Siva; left half of the body is Sakti and the right half is Siva. See the image [above.]

Prapañca-sara says:

“She whose name is Tattva is Cinmatra: when by proximity to the Light she wishes to create, She becomes massive (Ghanibhūya) and assumes the form of Bindu. Then in time She divides Herself in two: the one on the right is Bindu and that on the left side is Visarga. The right and the left are respectively distinguished as male and female. Ham is the Bindu, and Sah is Visarga; Bindu is Purusa, and Visarga is Prakrti ; Hamsah is the union of Prakrti and Purusa, who pervade the Universe.–Woodroffe.

create = VicikIrsu = wishes to distort Herself. Here Distortion or Stress is Creation.

Bindu is Vindu (விந்து) in Tamil meaning dot or point, drop, semen, sperm, mercury, a flaw in the diamond, the middle portion of the forehead between the eyebrows; circle, Sivatattva–sphere of knowledge presided over by Siva Jnana Sakti; Pure Maya (Suddha Maaya) according to Tamil Lexicon of Madras University. Bindu in its supreme state is the nucleus of the universe (Singularity), from which everything proceeds.

Compare it to the nucleus of the cell. When the cell and its nucleus undergo apoptosis, they degenerate and become mushy, waiting for scavenger cells to remove them. Likewise when the cerebral-dwelling Supreme Bindu undergoes “apoptosis or lysis = Sanskrit Laya” it becomes the (testicular) semen or (ovarian) ovum at a lower level of existence. Don’t expect a scientist to prove or disprove such a hypothesis. Bindu as a point and semen have creative potentialities; the former is at a cosmic level; the latter at microcosmic level. Gurus are of the opinion that Rajas Guna (motion, passion) makes the Bindu degenerate into sperm or ovum. The Apotheosis of Bindu undergoes apoptosis. (Every cell has a lifespan; it has to die its programmed death; otherwise, the cells accumulate and give rise to a tumor, cancer, leukemia or malignant growth. Apoptosis is programmed cell suicide; if this happens too efficiently, there is grave cell damage leading to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer, Huntington and Parkinson. Normal body has a balance between dying cells and new cells. When the cells degenerate but not renewed or removed, the debris accumulates and compromises its function.)



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One thought on “Shiva and Shakti – Maha Bindu

  1. ujjwak November 23, 2016 at 7:30 pm Reply

    Hi i came across your article because i believe i see a bindu.
    So sometimes my body is too powerful and other times just week.

    Your article is descriptive and thankyou for that.


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