Krishna’s Flute

krishna-syamasundara_2The Beauty Behind Krishna’s Flute
By Sanjib Mukherjee

Radha is the embodiment of devotion with her entire existence dedicated to loving her Lord Krishna. She loved Krishna from the very core of her being and totally accepted everything about him, even the flirtatious attentions of all the fellow gopis (village girls) who also had their eyes on her beloved.

Nothing in this universe could ever move her from her affections; Radha did not care for all the other women chasing her love, did not bother with all the animals who unconditionally loved Krishna, or be concerned with the environment or nature who adored the lands Krishna graced. Nothing could move Radha from her one-pointed focus towards her Lord except for one tiny matter, which would bring out the most extreme jealousy within her. Throughout her life, Radha had always yearned to become Krishna’s flute.

Krishna is seen as the eight avatar of Vishnu (the God of preservation, who governs this entire creation). He entered the world some 5000 years ago and came with the intention of restoring righteousness within people’s hearts and uplift the spirituality of mankind. For each being to be cleansed of their vasanas (impressions) and karma (consequences of past actions), they would have needed a human body in order to experience this world and move through the journey life had mapped out for them.

The spiritual upliftment of a person is done through aura cleansing and internally connecting themselves with their higher infinite nature. Awareness of one’s inner consciousness is developed through igniting the 7 chakras (centres of energy) located running down the nervous system in the spine. Through a combination of meditation, positive thoughts, wisdom and intense dedication, the chakras can be released of their divine energies and help move an individual towards the goal of reaching their higher self. In becoming aware of your true self, you become aware of the divine.

Krishna is seen as a complete manifestation of the divine consciousness and to be in his presence is considered to be the greatest boon a person could ever wish for. In his company, wisdom, compassion, love, self realisation and innate talents all rise to the surface as the divine God you see on the outside is just a mere reflection of the divinity residing within us all. Krishna is said to not only guide us towards the source of our higher nature, but actually take us there himself in an elegant and effortless manner. Any barriers or obstacles we face to reaching our spiritual goals are completely removed by Krishna himself.

From a practical perspective, this is done by Krishna working through each chakra in our body and turning all our internal energies towards the divine. Remember how we mentioned the body has 7 chakras?.. well the musical flute in turn has 7 holes. Each hole in the flute plays a different note when held down, and when each of these notes are played in unison, beautiful music can be heared. In Krishna’s presence, the flute does not need to do anything to produce divine music, Krishna works through all the holes and allows his magic to shine through, the same way Krishna works through our 7 bodily chakras to release the natural beauty we have within us all.

Radha envied the flute because she too yearned to be an instrument who purely existed to be used by her beloved Krishna. She wanted to be the hollow and empty vessel which once touched by Krishna’s lips, would simply allow his divinity in the form of music to play through.

Grace can only flow through Krishna’s flute as there is nothing inside its body to prevent his will from coming through. As human beings, we too can experience this same grace by removing our ego’s and small minded concepts, to become hollow and empty vehicles. Radha realised the power of Krishna’s flute as it existed to be nothing other than an instrument of the divine. Only Radha was able to come to this realisation as only she could love Krishna with every cell in her body. Radha symbolises devotion and the flute represents our human body, when they both connect in union with another, Krishna appears in the form of absolute beauty and music.



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