Mandala Chakras

By Surya Mandalas [edited by 7M]

The Mandala balance the chakras by means of colours and meditating to connect to the logical side of our brain through sacred geometric forms. The Mandala will send impulses through the mind to the receivers of the brain where the signals will be processed and a reaction will be obtained.

Meditating with Mandalas heals as much on the physical level as the psychic and spiritual level. As you meditate, it is very probable that you experience alterations in consciousness, like the sensation of expansion. Also it usually brings “memories” to the conscious mind that we had forgotten, but remained stored in the subconscious mind, such as traumas of the childhood. In meditation, we can face up to such facts and thus remove the obstacles from our mind and be able to surpass all the related limitations at psychological-spiritual level and diseases at physical level.

A Mandala is always going to be positive whatever its colour, but it is doubly useful, when we have already located a problem, and are ready to solve it. We could help ourselves choosing some particular colour, which would act directly on the mind, accelerating the treatment process.

List of colours

Red. First Chakra. It’s the colour of passion, sensuality, strength, endurance, independence, conquest, impulsiveness, ire and hate.

It pushes the vital strength to the whole body. It also increase the trust and security in yourself, it lets you control the aggressiveness and avoid the intent of domination. Concerning the physical aspect, this colour projects its energy on the inferior body zone and provides strength to the reproductive organs. Its surviving essence.

Orange. Second chakra. Energy, optimism, ambition, activity, courage, trust in yourself, eagerness for prestige, frivolity, it foments tolerance in order to be sociable and friendly with other people.

It also increases self appreciation, it helps persons to confront challenges necessary for their evolution. It teaches you how to use success or downfalls as experiences and learning. It propitiates positive energy for carrying out projects and objectives. Concerning the physical aspect, this colour projects his energy to the small intestine and colon, the whole metabolic processes and inferior lymphatic ganglions.

Yellow. Third Chakra. It’s light, the sun, happiness, understanding, liberation, growing, wisdom, fantasy, freedom’s desire, envy, superficiality.

It helps persons to liberate inner fear. It lets you govern the ego, the disillusions, all things that affect you emotionally. It helps you to canalize the intellect. Concerning the physical aspect, this colour projects its energy to the digestive system, liver, vesicle, pancreas, spleen and kidneys.

Green. Fourth Chakra. Equilibrium, growth, hope, perseverance, willingness, cure, integrity, well-being, tenacity, prestige. Absence of sincerity, ambition, power.

It projects tranquility and balance to the emotional aspect. It lets you express feelings more freely. It expands the inner love to oneself and to others. It helps people to liberate from the possessions and attachment to false excuses. It equilibrates the whole body. It helps you to control envy. Concerning the physical aspect, this colour projects his vital energy to the circulatory and cardiovascular system and heart.

Blue. Fifth Chakra. Calmness, peace, serenity, security, tediousness, stopping, ingenuity, vacuum.

It helps you to externalize the inner being, allowing for personal evolution while life’s changes occur. It avoids the frustration and the resistance to social communication; it allows for more tolerance towards people with other thoughts. Concerning the physical aspect, this colour projects its vital energy to the lungs, the throat, the trachea, superior lymphatic ganglions, and it also helps to avoid allergy and skin sickness.

Indigo. Sixth Chakra. It helps you to communicate with the inner being, further opening intuition.

It allows the brain’s messages to flow so that intelligence can be connected directly with the cosmic conscience. It foments mental control and expands the receptive canals in order to percept the truth at any life level. It stimulates the trust in yourself so that your own inner being can guide you. Concerning the physical aspect, this colour projects its vital energy to the brain, nervous system, muscular and osseous system.



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