Gross Chakras

Chakra Meridians - Positive HealthCHAKRAS or MERIDIANS
From E-Life Shields

The 7 major or traditional Chakras are energy vortex centres located within the body, along the spinal column. They receive and transmit energy and information to and from our environment. They are different in colour, purpose, and energy vibration. Below is an outline of the 7 main chakras.

LOCATION: Base of the spine.
PHYSICAL: Adrenal glands, the spine, bones, lower extremities (feet and legs) and bowels. Physical imbalance in this area includes diarrhoea, constipation, and poor circulation.
PURPOSE: Self-awareness and Life Force – survival, grounding. It is the link to the physical world via the tribal sense of security and belonging (fight or flight instinct).
IN BALANCE: Feeling connected to nature; understanding of nature’s laws; feeling grounded, structured, stable, courageous and patient; individuality, order, logic, loyalty, justice and honour.
OUT OF BALANCE: Inability to trust natural law; focus on material gain and acquisition; selfish pursuit of own desires and wishes; feelings of greed, anger, fear, and tribal violence; fear of physical harm or death.

LOCATION: Approx. 4 finger width below navel.
PHYSICAL: Reproductive glands; urinary and reproductive systems. Physical imbalance in this area includes bladder problems, lower back pain, and reproductive issues.
PURPOSE: Personal relationship; self sufficiency and self respect; sexual response; procreation;  reativity and pleasure.
IN BALANCE: Considerate, friendly, kind, openly shares emotions, desires, passions, and feelings with others. Happily connected to life with stamina, resilience, creativity, and vitality.
OUT OF BALANCE: Untrusting in sexual and emotional matters; cannot express feelings; suppresses natural needs; confusion, jealousy, envy, feeling unsupported, overindulgence and possessiveness; fear  of loss of control or being controlled; fear of poverty or financial loss.

LOCATION: Above stomach below breast bone.
PHYSICAL: Pancreas, liver, stomach, small intestines and spleen. Physical imbalance in this area includes diabetes (blood sugar regulation), ulcers, eating and digestive disorders.
PURPOSE: Personal power, self esteem/self worth, desires, wishes, impulse, and the personality.
IN BALANCE: Feelings of wholeness; inner calm and peace; inner tolerance and acceptance of others; balance of the spiritual and material world; willpower, laughter, self-respect and self-discipline.
OUT OF BALANCE: Dominate and control; need for material security; feelings of guilt, powerlessness, anger, rage, fear, self-hatred, and rejection; fear of aging, keeping secrets, no self esteem, or self  worth, victim, and martyrdom.

LOCATION: Centre of chest.
PHYSICAL: Thymus gland and immunity, lungs, heart and upper extremities (arms and hands. Physical imbalance in this area includes; heart and lung disease, asthma and circulatory problems, problems with the hands and/or arms i.e. frozen shoulder, arthritis.
PURPOSE: Emotional development; how to love freely, be compassionate, empathy, self love, healing and letting go. Love conquers all.
IN BALANCE: Feeling of wholeness; tolerance, acceptance of life and relationships; balance of the material and spiritual; unconditional love, forgiveness, heal oneself and others; compassion, joy, contentment, tranquillity, inner peace and hope.
OUT OF BALANCE: Looking for rewards; emotional instability, inability to sympathise or empathise, hurt,
bitterness, cold hearted; fear of loneliness; cannot commit or forgive others or self; cannot trust or accept love from self or others.

LOCATION: The Throat.
PHYSICAL: Thyroid/Parathyroid glands, throat, neck, and shoulders. Physical imbalance in this area
includes; throat and voice problems, colds, asthma and thyroid problems.
PURPOSE: Willpower; verbal communication of individual expression; communication of feeling, choice,
and self expression – sound.
IN BALANCE: Balance of expression – silence and speech; ability to listen to the ‘Inner Voice’ and
intuition; wisdom, honesty and kindness, the freedom of choice for what is right for you; faith and self
OUT OF BALANCE: Cannot find true expression; fear of being judged, rejected, ridiculed, silenced, being
alone, ignored, isolated, frustration and being misunderstood; fear of decision making for fear of being

LOCATION: Centre of forehead.
PHYSICAL: Pituitary gland, eyes and face, both hemispheres of the brain. Physical imbalance in this area
includes; sinus and eye problems, headaches.
PURPOSE: Mental reasoning and perception, beliefs, attitudes, intuitive sight and wisdom, self
responsibility and psychological traits.
IN BALANCE: Awareness of spiritual aspects brings; intuition, insight, wisdom and inner awareness into
daily life; connection to the Universe; imagination, clairvoyance, clarity, concentration, compassion and
OUT OF BALANCE: Rejection of spiritual aspects of life; focuses on intellect and science; only sees
obvious, superficial meaning; afraid of intuition, cynicism, confusion; inability to see things from another’s perspective; unwilling to look within and see one’s fears and shadow side; fear of universal truth, judgment and discipline.

LOCATION: Top and centre of head.
PHYSICAL: Hypothalamus and Pineal gland, the entire central nervous system. Physical imbalance in this
area includes; brain function problems, mental instability and neurosis.
PURPOSE: Our spiritual nature integrated into our life; the doorway for faith, prayer, life force – the
meaning in life.
IN BALANCE: Living with the knowledge of Unity; knowing that the Self reflects the Divine; inspiration,
peace, faith, transcendent ideas and prophetic thoughts; releases ego in exchange for inner guidance, healing, trust, and devotion.
OUT OF BALANCED: Unable to let go of anxiety and fear; unable to imagine Cosmic Unity; depressed,
unsatisfied, isolated and filled with despair; fear of spiritual abandonment, guru worship/cults; fear of loss of individual identity.



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