Vibrational Energy Field

deep-breath - Melanie WeidnerVibrational Healing and the Human Energy Field
By Breanna Redwin

Beyond the physical body are the subtle energy bodies. Knowledge of the extended human energy field and vibrational healing can revolutionize modern medicine.

Matter is energy; whether it is energy of the physical plane, or subtle energy all depends on frequency characteristics. The subtle energy bodies, the etheric body, the astral body, the mental body, and the causal body, all coexist with the physical body, although they are difficult or impossible to perceive with the physical senses. Vibrational healing does not contradict conventional medicine; but, in fact, opens up our understanding of preventive medicine and health with this multidimensional model of the human energy field.

The Etheric Body of the Human Energy Field

The etheric body is the closest subtle energy body to the frequency of the physical body. Often, when people refer to viewing someone’s aura, they are seeing the etheric body around the frame of the physical one. This higher energy body can in fact be thought of as the physical body’s energy template, providing information for cellular growth, repair, and stability.

As the etheric body is so close to the solid human form, there is an energetic interface between the two. In traditional Chinese medicine, this interface is the meridian system, an invisible system of pathways carrying subtle energy known as chi, throughout the body. According to Eastern philosophy, a system of energy centers, known as chakras, exists within each subtle energy body. The chakras act as the doorways of energy flow from higher dimensions to lower ones. Energy passes directly from the chakra system of the etheric body to the physical one.

The Astral Body of the Human Energy Field

Where the etheric body is directly connected to the physical one, so much so that one could not exist without the other, the astral body is another vibrational octave beyond the etheric body. Unlike the etheric body, it is not always superimposed with the solid human form and can in fact be a vessel for mobile consciousness, while the physical body exists independently with automatic brain function. It is believed that this movement of consciousness with the astral body is what occurs during dreaming and during astral projection.

The astral body is also known as the emotional body. Abnormal energy flow within the astral body and the chakras of the astral body is connected with emotional imbalance, which indirectly impacts physical health, just as emotional stress eventually leads to disease.

The Mental Body and Causal Body of the Human Energy Field

The mental body is of a higher frequency than the subtle energy of the astral body. It is associated with the mind, with expression of concrete intellect, and the self. Like the etheric and astral bodies, the mental body has its own chakra system through which energy is transmitted to the lower dimensions. There are no tools to measure energy on this level, although those who claim to “see” subtle energy would view the mental body as thoughtforms and ideas that a person may focus their life around.

The causal body is one frequency octave above the mental body. This is the subtle energy body where individual emotions and ideas are no more, as the causal body is the energy plane of abstract ideas, of the essence of things, far beyond illusions of appearance. It is sometimes considered the “Higher Self.” The causal body as well has its own chakra system, which moves energy to the mental body. It is also impossible to detect, and even difficult to conceptualize.

The Impact of Subtle Energy Bodies in Vibrational Healing

The physical body and the subtle energy bodies of the human energy field are highly interconnected. The energy balance or imbalance on one of the higher dimensional bodies of the multidimensional human eventually impacts the physical body, manifesting as well-being, or in the case of disorder, disease.

The ability to use vibrational healing to prevent and manage illnesses can be an extremely powerful tool in alternative medicine. Energy travels from one resonance level to the preceding one, from the causal body, to the mental body, the astral body, the etheric body, and then the solid human form through the chakra system of each subtle energy body. Vibrational healing through the etheric body can potentially guide the body on a cellular level. Healing with the mental body would have a much more profound impact because of the greater intensity of mental energy, as would subtle energy from the causal body be even more powerful.

At this point, only the etheric body is readily detectable through scientific means developed over 50 years ago. Neuro-anatomist Harold Burr was able to map the electromagnetic energy around living beings; and, the Russian researcher Semyon Kirlian developed electrophotography, creating images of the shadow-like etheric body.

Very few highly-developed individuals are able to work with the subtle energy of higher frequency energy bodies. With a more widespread acceptance of the multidimensional model of the human energy field, perhaps further advancements will be made which will place the full potential of vibrational healing within human reach.


Dr. Gerber, Richard. “Vibrational Medicine.” Third Edition (Bear & Company, 2001).



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