Kemetic Chakras

KEMETIC PROSPERITY on Pinterest ...The Kemetic Chakra System
By Anthony Bahlibi (edited)

“Mastery of Passion allows divine thought and action.” Kemetic Poverb

This chapter is about the Sefech Ba Ra (seven souls of Ra), also known as the Arats or Chakras, through which the life-force energy (Sekhem or Chi) flows from the Self and sustains consciousness and ones being. The Life-force moves through the Sefech Ba Ra with the intention, direction, and focus of Consciousness itself.

Without the Sefech Ba Ra there would be no multiplicity, levels, or nature to existence: there would be only singular non-dual existence with no expression. The Sefech Ba Ra allow for the expression of individual existence and spiritual energy to be used for sexual energy to allow beings to interact with one another through a individual mind and body. Consciousness is the tool which the Self uses to create and interact with itself in the form of Creation.

Already you can see from this small paragraph that there is much more to an individual being then what is normally known; most people understand life to be about acquiring possessions, relationships, having children, etc, without knowing why, how, or who “I Am”. This is part of how creation operates. When there is a shift in the individuals intention through introspection or insight into Self, the direction and focus of consciousness shifts from the lower three chakras to the upper four chakras, sexual energy transforms back into spiritual energy and the individual is lead to self-realization and yogic union with the NTR / Ntru.

The Sefech Ba Ra or Chakras are seven energy centers through which consciousness operates and exists in time and space. This is also represented by the Seven Cows of HetHeru through which the Single Bull of Amun reproduces life. The first three Chakras (1-3) are the most readily understood by the average person. For example, the first chakra represents the idea of being an individual person who must eats, drinks, thinks, and acts, to survive and enjoy life.

The second chakra represents the idea of being an individual person who must have sexual experiences, sensory pleasures, relationships, and desires in order to enjoy life. The third chakra represents the idea of being an individual person who must assert their will-power, assert their individual identity (ego), and act as an individual in the world to enjoy life. These three chakra levels are the ordinary levels of an earthly being and many people do not grow past these levels of consciousness.

The Chakras operate as consciousness centers, and each chakra carries with it a level of experience and development in which the consciousness interacts with creation as an individual being. This means for example that a persons second chakra (sensory consciousness) may have developed an experience of pleasure derived for a specific sensory pleasure (example: chocolate), and when the consciousness desires pleasure the second chakra might exert energy on the individual to pursue chocolate.

To showcase knowledge that one who cleanses the first three chakras understands, I will now give a new way of looking at the normal consciousness levels as they operate through an enlightened mind.

The first chakra becomes; “I am not an individual, I am the eternal The NTR and I am provided by self, even if I don’t eat or drink and my body decays, I will not die, thus I do not need to fight to survive.” The second chakra becomes; “sexual energy is only a manifestation of the spiritual life-force coming from my true self, thus I do not have to pursue sexual experiences, relationships, desires, or actions, in order to survive and enjoy life.” Third chakra becomes; “I am not the body or mind, thus I am selfless, thus I act selflessly and do not have to assert my individual will or interest, or act as an individual, in order to live and enjoy life.”

In order to experience the higher chakras (4-7) one must, through Smai Tawi (spiritual yogic practices) and Shedi (spiritual intelligence through study), [intuitively] begin to understand themselves to be more than an individual human who experiences only birth, disease, old age, and death. The pressure of individuality makes it impossible for a person to realize their higher consciousness levels. For that reason they cannot be broken down in the same way as the first three were above, because the average person would not be able to understand that level of consciousness intellectually. This book is designed to show one how to heal, open, and harmonize their chakras, which leads to attaining above average physical and mental health as well as spiritual enlightenment.

Over-View Of: The Kemetic Life-Force Energy Teachings

At a number of temples The Ntr Khnum is seen creating seven Ka for the Per Ahh (Pharaoh). These seven aspects of the personality (Ka) represent the seven chakras, the seven endocrine glands, the seven aspects and instincts of creation existing within an individual and creation itself.

These are: survival (adrenals), Generation (Gonads), nourishment (the spleen), nurturing (the thymus), conscious development (the thyroid), creativity (the pituitary), and aspiration for unconditioned experience (the pineal).

Sefech Ba Ra- Chakras- and Glands are three different ways to describe the same thing. The glands are the most important aspect of the body and are largely misunderstood. The glandular system is responsible for secreting hormones that regulate the body’s development (Youth, Puberty, and Old Age), that trigger sexual energy fertility and reproduction.

If these glands are working properly the body is healthy or if there is an obstruction then there is illness. The glands if obstructed, are blocked by pus or mucus, known in ancient Kemet as Ukhudu. It must be understood that this obstruction arises due to an even more subtle mental obstruction in consciousness, these obstructions are related to what are called “fetters” “sins” or “negative karma”, and are related to intense greed, lust, anger, hate, resentment, etc.

Obstruction of these glands can result in subtle or gross (physical) disease and mental imbalances. If the glands are balanced one will have Life, Vitality, and Health, and if they are obstructed one will be susceptible to mental or physical disease.

egypt book of the dead | Egyptian Hieroglyphics Book of ...The purification of the glands opens new levels of consciousness, heighten the senses, and enable physical and mental expansion. This allows a person to turn disease into health, lethargy into vitality, and confusion and agitation into clarity and lucidity.

When a gland is imbalanced through blockage or impurity, it [causes] less energy (Sekhem) to flow through the Chakra, this causes physical and mental impairment, which limits expansion in consciousness in the mental-physical chakra consciousness which is impaired. To understand this you can look at it as a lamp. If the wire has an obstruction anywhere in it, this can weaken the light from the bulb or causes no electricity to pass from the socket to the bulb. The socket is the Self (the source of energy), the mental- physical consciousness which exists in the spine is the wire (conduit for electricity), and the bulb is the light and activation of the chakra.

Those whose Sefech Ba Ra centers are unopened or impure, generally move in life toward physical and mental ignorance and negativity, get themselves into negative situations they could have avoided or prevented; feel, think, and act ignorantly and carelessly, and live a self-destructive or unfulfilling life.

A person whose Sefech Ba Ra centers are opened and they are pure, generally are moving in life toward physical and mental knowledge and mindfulness, get themselves into liberating situations in life, and feeling think and act in an enlightened and healthy manner. This showcases how the energy of the supreme being works to support the pure and destroy the impure, without judgement, through each individuals own Sefech Ba Ra and Sekhem, according to that individuals actions in this lifetime.

Actions can either purify a person of negative karma and work to open the Sefech Ba Ra, or actions can strengthen bad karma and work to imbalance the Sefech Ba Ra. This chapter will show you how to work with you chakras and open them.

The purpose of opening the Sefech Ba Ra chakras is to experience the highest vibration of consciousness, which creates life, vitality, and health within an individual. Each Sefech Ba Ra chakra is a Consciousness unto itself. This means that as the consciousness shifts from the different chakras through the day and through life, the consciousness level at that stage results in different levels of feeling, thought, and action, inspired by different aspects of consciousness or different chakras.

Pain, sorrow, bad health, negative thoughts, and negative surrounding exist at a level of low vibration. Health, vitality, unconditional love, happiness, positive thoughts, and positive experiences are experienced when one is at a high vibration. The purpose of life is not to gain desired mental or physical experiences, but to reach a higher consciousness in order to experience unlimited oneness, expansion, fulfillment, inner peace, and happiness.

Positive Development

Each of the 7 chakras relates to aspects of life and consciousness which are to be mastered through Self-Mastery. These manifestations of particular chakra levels in life require you to experience, so as to master the experience. This brings a return to ones whole basis and nature and this occurs through the activation of harmonizing of the 7 sefech Ba Ra with Ma’at (Truth and Harmony.) This is the positive and corrent movement of purifying the chakras. One should gain a greater oneness with the 42 precepts and the teachings of Ma’at and practice of MaaKheru.

Negative Development

Disease occurs when energy does not move freely and purely up the spine to the crown or from the physical world back to the causal realm (Self). First what occurs is physical disease or dis-ease which blocks the energy through either a dormant or active disease, or unmatian [disharmonious?] feelings thoughts and actions (toxic character, personality, or lifestyle). This causes Sekhem to be blocked at particular chakras as it moves up the spine. It is blocked by dormant or active mental disease due to impure mental impressions, conditioning, and attachments. This movement effectively blocks pure connection with the self. One should cease practice until they can redirect themselves to a higher pursuit and endeavor and resolve to overcome their ignorant conditioning, impressions, and attachments.

The Chakras — The Consciousness – The Realms of Existence

The Chakras are consciousness centers or conduits and realms of existence through which consciousness moves. The Chakras represent all of the consciousness levels as well as the levels of the Ta, Duat, and Pet Realm. Thus the chakras and the consciousness encompass the path and attainment of Self-Realization and Self-Mastery, enlightenment, and ascension.

Chakra 7 – unconscious mind – Pet Realm
Chakras 6-4 — Subconscious – Duat Realm
Chakras 3-1 – Conscious – Ta Realm

[When] all seven chakras are open, ones body, mind, and soul is operating at its highest level and Nehast (Enlightenment) and coming forth by day (Ascension) is possible.




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