Energetic Motions

Process Emotions as Energy Vibrations
By Gini Grey, 2011

Like colors and musical notes, each emotion is a unique vibration of energy.

Spiritual growth involves awakening to who we are as spiritual beings connected to the Source of all life. This journey can be a bit bumpy at times as we transmute darker energies into the light of consciousness. Old painful memories, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns surface in order to be released. This triggers an array of emotional reactions in the body.

As we move into higher levels of consciousness we become more sensitive to the energy within and around us. Feelings such as sadness and anger can feel daunting if we don’t know how to process emotions easily.

Experiencing emotions as energy vibrations supports us to be with them and allow them to flow through us. It also helps us to know what is ours and what belongs to someone else. We can’t manage someone else’s emotions. If we’re carrying our sister’s sadness, our husband’s anger, or the world’s grief, it will feel overwhelming. But when we clear out everyone else’s energy, our emotions feel lighter and manageable.

Processing Emotions as Energy Vibrations

Like colors and musical notes, each emotion is a unique vibration of energy. It’s the way the body communicates. Boredom is how the body says “I need more stimulation.” Sadness indicates a loss. Anger lets us know we need to set a boundary. Enthusiasm tells us we really like what we’re doing.

Most of us weren’t raised to process emotions but were told to “stop crying,” “don’t be angry,” “don’t get too excited.” We were taught that emotions are dangerous, especially the heavier ones. So we learned to stuff them down and cover them up with busyness, thinking, and an array of addictions. But we can’t do this if we are on a path of spiritual awakening; being conscious involves seeing and experiencing everything as it truly is.

Here’s an exercise to help you own your emotions so you can process them easily and know what’s yours and release what’s not.

~Sit with your eyes closed, centered within your spiritual self. Say hello to you as a spiritual being then say hello to your body. Notice what emotion your body is communicating to you. Feel the vibration and essence of it. Now go through each emotion as a way to own and clear them.

~ Picture a piano keyboard. Activate your emotions by imagining a keyboard in front of you. On the left side of middle C are the heavier emotions and on the right side are the lighter ones. Start on the far left and imagine touching the key for apathy. Let your body vibrate at the emotional energy vibration of apathy. What does it feel like? Does it feel heavy and slow? Is it comfortable or do you have messages within you that say it’s not okay to feel this? Let it vibrate while you consciously intend to release any “No” messages.

~ Tune into your vibration. Have your intention to have your own emotion of apathy vibrating, while being aware of anyone else’s apathy in your space. You may sense someone’s energy or see an image of their face. Consciously release their emotion out of your space as you focus on your own pure vibration of apathy. Notice if it feels lighter or easier as you do this.

~ Go through all the lower emotions. After apathy, work your way up the keyboard. Touch the key for boredom and allow it to flow and vibrate while releasing foreign information and energy. Then touch the key for sadness and do the same. Then anger. Notice how strong, yet gentle anger can be once you’ve released other people’s energy.

~ Touch into higher vibrations. At the middle of the keyboard is amusement. Being amused supports us to have neutrality and be bigger than any problems that may be facing us. Feel the light, bubbly vibration of amusement flow through your body. Next, tune into joy – how much joy can you have? Then play with enthusiasm. With each of these, clear out any limiting messages or foreign energy as you own these lighter emotions for yourself.

Doing this exercise will help you to own and process your emotions. When you go through a spiritual growth period and your emotions are triggered, you’ll be able to manage them easier. You’ll also be able to detect when you are carrying someone else’s emotion and easily release it.

What emotions are easy for you to feel? Which ones are more difficult?

Source: http://ginigrey.com/spiritualtransformers/process-emotions-as-energy-vibrations/



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