Emotional Energy

consciousness-scale-vibrationHuman Emotions Vibration Analysis Frequency Ranges
By Julia Smith, 2012

The Emotional Vibration Analysis Frequency Chart

Every person on this planet is vibrating at a very subtle hertz frequency rate or their personal vibration analysis. We have a base metabolic rate when at rest, but when events start happening in our lives and our emotions are engaged our vibrational rate changes rapidly and often dramatically.

From the moment we are born our emotions are engaged and our mind then starts learning defense reactions, which are imprinted and stored deep in the mind’s recesses.

As we move through each experience in life most of our reactions become automatic, often negative, emotional reactions as a learned habit. Our own behavior seems uncontrollable. In Western society we are not taught at home or in our education system how to view each life experience separately and appropriately, how to learn from those experiences, process them and let go the negative emotions, without emotional blocks appearing inhibiting our choices in both behavior and also activities we could enjoy participating in but don’t due to fears that have emotionally engaged with.

Emotions And Vibration Analysis

These negative emotions become stored – we literally are programmed until that program is dissolved and replaced by another. By the time we are an adult we have had so many unresolved experiences that many of our responses are automatically negative, and then perpetuate events for not the best outcome serving only to reinforce our initial learning from a time long ago – we are caught in a negative emotional events cycle often based on long forgotten past memories.

Once in these negative cycles, negative events and consequent negative emotional reactions become more and more frequent – a natural life lesson occurrence triggered to keep giving you opportunities to see the pattern, process it and dissolve it using the vibration analysis.

Reactions that trigger negative interactions include – judgement of others, feelings of you’re the victim, comparing yourself to others, perception that we are not all equal, are just a few.

Vibration Analysis For A New You!

Breaking negative cycles is paramount in raising your emotional state to mainly experiencing higher frequency vibration emotions such as joy, love, acceptance – this begins by making the decision, using your Will, that you no longer wish to behave in this way. Then you begin the journey of finding information, tools and techniques right for you to start breaking the constancy of these lower emotional reactions, choosing to act from love as often as you can, and congratulating yourself when you do move through challenging situations in a higher and higher emotional state. Self scrutiny becomes a habit and an effective tool.

Your positive behavior helps raise the vibration of others involved. The goal is to be living life as much as possible from a place of love. Ask yourself often – what would love choose?

The human emotional vibration analysis frequency ranges chart shown above, (& reproduced with permission from the Love or Above Toolkit), illustrates the vibrational analysis hertz frequency rate of the range of higher to the lower emotions. As the vibration analysis rate gets lower our breadth of consciousness and ability to deal with things positively is reduced, limiting your perception to the narrow band of reaction.

When caught in a lower vibrational frequency of operating, things can seem hard to overcome. However, in today’s world we are very fortunate to have many tools, therapies and information available that can powerfully help us. Choosing in a determined fashion to observe yourself in how you react when in situations, and objectively look at why we felt and reacted that way, to seek ways to dissolve those negative emotional hooks to past events, empowers us to greatly improve our life experiences & to living in a much happier state. When living usually in a emotionally higher vibrational state most of the time your interactions with others dramatically improves, your are much happier, wider options and opportunities appear.

Is It Time You Got A Vibration Analysis?

The use of specific sound frequencies helps cut through and break these lower emotional vibrational frequencies. These tools range from the simple Tibetan Singing Bowls through to the cutting edge BodhiBed, Sound Massages which greatly helps in offloading long term stored stress, retraining your body to resonate at the harmonic vibrational frequency rate optimal for the human body, and release emotional stress. All this leads to greatly reducing your stress and tension and much happier interactions and state of being.

Source: http://www.innertranquillity.com.au/human-emotions-vibrational-frequency-ranges

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  8. […] 7 Smith, J. (2012). Emotional Energy. Retrieved from https://thesevenminds.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/emotional-energy/ […]

  9. Rosa February 10, 2018 at 1:23 am Reply

    I love the article, but I have a question / doubt, concerning the chart: does the colour patterns represent the real colours for each emotion (concerning the energy behind them, cromotherapy) or they are aleatory? Thank you so much.

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