Energy Vibrations

Chapters 1 and 2
(Energy and Systems)
From Magic of Quantum, by Phyllis Kirk

This is what a piece of wave energy (hugely magnified) looks like

Frequencies are measured in Hertz (Hz), or number of waves per second.  They can be high frequency with lots of waves per second, Like this:




The height of the wave is voltage.


The power behind a wave is called amperage.

A wave’s vibration can be smooth:

 Or it can be angular:

A wave can have a regular pattern:

Or it can have an irregular pattern:

To keep it simple here (and with apologies to the scientists) the combination of the speed, height, power, smoothness and regularity is called vibration. A vibration is the resulting pattern of all the variables. There are zillions of combinations of these functions.  So there are literally an endless number of vibrations.

Everything (above the basic simple elements) has its own unique vibrational fingerprint. That energy fingerprint is created from the infinite combinations of limitless vibrations. So you are vibrationally unique. That’s important to remember. It’s the basis of fine tuning your magnetic attraction and broadcasting. It’s also important in your ability to transform during chaos. (More on that later.)

Remember the ELM Spectrum at the beginning of Chapter 1?  Remember the little slit of visible frequencies that make up what we see as light? At the top of the visible spectrum is violet. It vibrates the fastest. At the bottom of visible light is red which vibrates the slowest. If energy is vibrating faster than violet, we can’t see it. If it’s vibrating slower than red, we can’t see it. The energy we can’t see is called non-physical. It’s real, just not visible to the eye.


Just like with colors, physical objects have lower/slower vibrations and higher/faster vibrations. A mold’s vibrations are slower than a goldfish’s which are slower than a human’s.

Molds/viruses/bacteria/parasites *        77 KHz    ~ 900 KHz (kilohertz)

Goldfish                                          1000 KHz    ~ 1300 KHz

Human *                                        1520 KHz    ~ 9460 KHz

* (Side note: This is how frequency health devices work. They use low voltage that is safe for humans and they send out frequencies (Hertz) that match the pathogens. This electronically ‘zaps’ and kills the pathogens without interfering with or harming the human body.)           

Emotions have unique vibrations just like colors and physical objects do. These emotional vibrations also go from higher/faster to lower/slower. When you are laughing and having fun, your body’s vibrations are lighter (higher and faster). When you are tired and sick your vibrations are heavier (slower and lower). You know how when you are in love, you feel “energized”, “high”,  like you’re “walking on a cloud?” That’s because your emotions are literally adding voltage and power,  lightening your body. And when you’re negative and depressed, you feel sluggish, “feeling low,” “heavy”. “I’m down today.”  Your emotional vibrations are giving your body a slower, lower vibration. This is not speaking metaphorically. This is scientifically measurable. (Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candace Pert and HMI www. )




Feeling love and other positive feelings

0.10 – 0.15  Hz *

Feeling negative feelings

0.01 – 0.08 Hz *

* Entrainment frequencies as measured on Power Spectrum Graph, HeartMath Institute research

For those who are math-challenged, these measurements mean that when we feel love we vibrate at a higher frequency. When we feel negative feelings we vibrate at a lower frequency. In addition to measuring them, we can also take pictures of these emotional vibrations. Kirlian photography shows our energy field and the effect our emotions have on our bodies. (http://www.

We can take these pictures and measure our body’s frequencies because human beings are electromagnetic (ELM) energy. And our ELM energy vibrates or pulses. With every pulse, your ELM energy both broadcasts and attracts.  Your energy field transmits your vibrations and magnetizes other similar vibrations into your energy field. You are constantly broadcasting your own energy and attracting other energy.

Like a satellite dish, the direction you turn determines what comes into the dish of your energy field. What you attract into your field is your energetic food. It is literally what you are feeding yourself. Again, this is not speaking metaphorically. This is scientifically measurable in the good ol’ Newtonian way.

The phrase ‘garbage in, garbage out’ takes on new meaning. Understanding this gives us clear choices if we want to choose health and well-being. Remember “Choice counts. Always.” The choice of where you look shapes you. You are choosing the make-up of your body by what you digest energetically just like what you eat by mouth affects your body.  Simple choices profound results.

Do you choose to focus:
On the trash in the gutter, or the blossoms on the trees?
On the criticism of Funky Francis, or on the cooperation offered by Creative Kim?
On pain and suffering, or on health and happiness?

While trash is visible to us in the ELM, criticism and failures are non-physical vibrational realities that are absorbed by our body. They are just as real as the physical food eaten by mouth. Negative emotions pollute our body just like junk food. Positive emotions nurture our body just like gourmet health food.

When you absorb a frequency into your energetic body over along period of time, it permanently contributes its resonance to you. Remember how magnets are made? A constant intake of a certain frequency literally magnetizes your body to that frequency.

Whether you are the small satellite dish of Rose Oliver or the large satellite dish of ORB, Inc., the same energetic laws are operating.



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