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What is a Sha ? (Bad Energy)
An extract of Feng Shui Remedies for practitioners, by Lesley Mitchell, 1998.

Sha’s & some corrections

Not all influences that enter our environments are beneficial and good for us. Just as we have Chi (good energy) flowing throughout, we can also have Sha energy.

Where Chi is the positive, healthy energy for the human body, Sha is the destructive or cutting Chi. It is pronounced Shar or Saaa (in some ways this sounds as if you are running out of breath).

Examples of Sha energy are anything that ‘points ” at you. If someone were to stand over you and point their finger in your face, most likely you would feel somewhat uncomfortable. In this instance we would ask them to remove their finger. Yet on a subtle level we have many things “pointing” at us constantly that if we are unaware of them we do nothing to deflect their energies.

If a home is at the end or the turning point of a road, as cars come by, notice if the headlights point at the house. If they do, there is Sha energy coming into the house. For corretion you may hang up a gem mobile to deflect the lights, a fence or a row of trees. In walking around the house (or office) you may observe what other influences point at the building. The neighbours roof may come to a point and direct into the house, for example.

Any of these will create Sha energy in the house and disrupt the energy on a subtle level. Over time if the occupants live with a number of different Sha energies, illness, lack of motivation and general aches and pains may follow, not to mention general lack of positive energy flow in the home and body.

One method of protection from this Sha energy is with a minor to deflect it back. Bagua mirrors are used by Feng Shui practitioners for divine protection and deflecting and reversing many types of unwanted energies.

“Pointing” Sha’s are one type of disruptive energies, another type of Sha we get fiom unpleasant feelings or situations. If the house looks out over a graveyard, funeral parlour, or office where unpleasant feelings or arguments may arise (eg: a police station) this energy can also effect the household.

Placement of a bagua mirror will assist to deflect these energies back and prevent them effecting the household and its occupants. The mirror needs to be carefully placed so that the offending area is deflected back.

A standard mirror may be used if nothing else is available, yet the bagua around the mirror is that of the earlier heaven sequence and is used as a protective talisman against (evil) negative energies; hence it carries protection as well as deflection.

An example we had was near hard garbage collection our neighbour placed a huge pile of garbage out on the street directly opposite our front door. Every time we opened the front door all we were greeted by was rubbish. Symbolically this can be interpreted as Rubbish Ch’i entering our home constantly. The energy began to feel “sticky” and uncomfortable. We placed a Bagua mirror up pointing at this rubbish to deflect the Sha back until the rubbish was removed and then we removed the Bagua Mirror.

It is probably a better choice on a front door to put up a dragon plaque for protection, rather than a bagua mirror unless you are specifically pointing the mirror at something, such as the discussed rubbish or a pointy roof. A dragon plaque will simply put up a strong protective energy and only allow beneficial Ch’i to enter the home.

Please note: We recommend you use mirrors with caution as they will attract as well as reflect energies, do not place them inside the house unless trained in their correct placement. Mirrors are an extremely valuable correction. The method given here is a simple external remedy.

Another remedy for correcting Sha energy especially in the case of a disruptive argument imprinting on a room. It could be space cleared and then a Jade Quan Yin placed in the room to prevent further energies imprinting.

In Feng Shui, often people have a small Quan Yin in each room to assist in keeping the energy harmonised. The Jade Quan Yin’s are good as the jade does not need cleansing from human vibrational concerns and they are small enough to carry with you when you travel or to have placed discretely in each room.



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