Major Arcana And Career (3)

The Devil - NefertariThis is a post in progress. I will edit the text to the cards as I come across them. You can find the full descriptions of cards by clicking on the links on the source website.

Tarot and Your Career Personality Type

See part 1 and part 2


XV  Devil (Sign Capricorn)
Team spirit, Humorous, Go-getter, Original
Potential Weaknesses: Obnoxious, Disrespectful, Manipulative

The Devil card is a reminder to keep your sense of humor, even when everyone around you may seem to have lost theirs. If events at work feel overwhelming right now, you can gain a sense of perspective by trying to see the humor in the madness. As you find a way to laugh at yourself, you may find that you see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Upright Devil
The Devil shows that you may feel imprisoned by your own ambitions and motivations. These are things that you feel that you must have in order for your to feel content and whole. Often, the Devil card reveals that we are too attached to material goods, relationships that aren’t working or our financial positions. Perhaps your fears are binding you to situations that make you unhappy. Are you staying in your situation out of fear? Does your employer control you? Do you feel you need to leave, but can’t? Often, when we are in extreme fear, we simply can not move forward. We may be chained to our pasts. This can also be said for old wounds of the past. The tarot card meanings of the Devil Card urge you to confront the darker parts of yourself. This is a good time to explore your fears, limitations, and unhealthy attachments.

Reversed Devil
There are two aspects to the Devil card reversed; one positive the other negative. A positive feature of the Devil reversed indicates that you may have or our now willing to free yourself from the restraints you have imposed upon yourself. You are no longer controlled by your darker impulses. Perhaps you are ready to emancipate yourself from an oppressive situation. Money may not have the same hold on you as it use to and you can enjoy other aspects of your life. The negative aspect to the Devil reversed reveals that there may be too much of an attachment to material possessions. One of the Devil cards tarot meanings is total and utter greed. Perhaps you have been obsessing on your financial security. Your self-centeredness may be giving you a false sense of power. It could also be possible that someone is attempting to manipulate, threaten or control you. You may be experiencing anxiety and/or depression. You must get willing to face your issues. You may feel useless and caged in by a situation that has no future.


XVI  The Tower (Sign Mars)
Creative thinker, Futurist, Theorist, Transformative
Potential Weaknesses: Pessimistic, Not practical, Fearful

Upright Tower
In its upright position, the Tower indicates that there may be a breakdown of a system or structure. Change will be unavoidable. This change may be shocking and powerful, so it may be in your best interest to surrender to its force. This is not something you can fight nor prevent. The Tower card often reveals a belief system that is no longer working for you. It is, perhaps, preventing you from seeing the truth. The disruption of the Tower signifies that a new lesson must be learned. Your current value system does not reflect who you really are. You may have to let go of ineffective behavior patterns and realign yourself with what you truly value. This can be a period of chaos and uncertainty. However, what follows is transformative and necessary. You may find yourself in the throws of sudden changes.

Reversed Tower
In a reversed position, the Tower card can signify the ending of a troubling situation. This may be a good time to start over. Your internal structures have collapsed and you are in the process of discovering who you really are. The Tower reversed may represent the deconstruction of your own identity. You are not who you thought you were. Although this can be a painful process, it’s time to become the person you want to be through a journey of self-discovery. On a more negative note, the Tower reversed can indicate some form of injustice in your life. You may feel trapped in a situation that you wish to be freed from, but are unsure how to proceed. You may be required to confront a situation that could have been avoided. This is a good time to review your own behaviors.


XVII  The Star (Sign Aquarius, Star Sirius)
Spokesperson, Front man, Media and public relations
Potential Weaknesses: Smooth talker, Inconsistent, All talk no action

Upright Star
In its upright position, the star signifies relief and restoration. You have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. This is the time to balance and center your self. It is also the time to rely on divine faith. Trust your inner wisdom and intuition. The Star is a card of hope and protection. You can now trust that the divine spirit is working in your best interest. Perhaps you have wanted a situation to come to fruition. Trust that the Universe will provide you with everything you need. The Star often brings good news in relation to things you have wanted. The Star encourages you to apply your self as you will reap the rewards. Often, the Star card suggests that this is the time to undertake the development of a special talent.

Reversed Star
In its reversed position, the Star still has a positive tarot meaning. However, it may indicate that you may not be aware of the spiritual implications in your life. Perhaps you are not grasping the significance of aligning your intentions with those of the universe. In some cases, the Star warns that your connection to divine spirit is struggling. If you have started a new venture, there may be setbacks. However, these should be temporary. A poor attitude and low self-esteem can be prohibiting you from feeling happy. A lack of faith is causing you unnecessary anxiety and fear. The Star reversed sometimes signifies the need to get grateful. Perhaps you are too focused on what you do not have. Take contrary action. Give rather than receive. Focus on what you have. The Star reversed also warns of rigid and obstinate thinking. The best action to take would be that of letting go. Surrender to the process and let the Universe guide you.


The Moon (Sign Pisces, Level Unconscious)
Responsive, Sensitive, Overseer, Deals with people
Potential Weaknesses: Moody, Emotional, Indecisive


The Sun (Star Sun)
Manager, Encouraging, Committed, Enthusiastic
Potential Weaknesses: Demanding, High expectations, Self-righteous


XX  Judgment (Planet Pluto)
Ability to see patterns and trends, Accountable, planner
Potential Weaknesses: Theoretical, Can’t implement concepts, Too conceptual

The Judgement card can mean that a decision you have been waiting for in relation to your work is now at hand. This is the time to move forward and leave the past behind, stepping into the future with a new perspective on life. Now that you know the answer, you can take the next steps on your path, using this new information to guide you toward your destiny.

Upright Judgment
In its upright position, Judgment indicates the end of a cycle. Judgment can reveal the beginning of a new path. This is a good time to make major changes and explore new opportunities, as the results could be transforming. The Judgment card can also represent the need to make an essential life decision. In this case, it is extremely important to evaluate the possible consequences of your decision. Judgment typically indicates the need to review the course of your actions. This is the time to ask yourself if the current direction of your life is aligned with you highest good. If you anticipate a transformation of some kind, then the decision you make will be successful. The Judgment card can also signify a spiritual awakening. Symbolically, you may experience a rebirth. Your life may take an entirely new path. If a new career path is in front of you, take it.

Reversed Judgment
In a reversed position, the Judgment card can indicate unhappiness, isolation and difficulties with overcoming obstacles. You may be forced to deal with the consequences of the decisions of your past and learn valuable lessons from them.  It’s time to take constructive measures. You may also find that you are fearful about making important decisions. Change is inevitable. If you are unwilling to accept changes, stagnation will replace growth. Unwanted changes could make you feel out of control and helpless. Perhaps you are reluctant to let go of a job or circumstance that is no longer working for you. The Judgment card encourages you to listen for divine guidance. A reversed Judgment card signifies the need to let go of the past and move forward.


XXI The World (Planet Saturn)
Experienced, Qualified, Knowledgeable, Authority figure
Potential Weaknesses: One-dimensional, Traditional, Stuck in past

Upright World
In its upright position, the World indicates that you are coming to an end of a life cycle. This could also represent the completion of a project or situation. Everything is as it should be and the achievement of goals will be met with success. Your hard work will reap rewards. You have struck a balance within yourself and feel whole and complete. The World indicates a period when new opportunities are on the horizon. Destiny is working in your favor, and a new door will open. The World also represents the need to prepare for new experiences. As you complete this last stage, plan to begin something new. This is the time to ask yourself what you really would like to do. You have reached a level of maturity that will enable you to take appropriate risks. You have the wisdom and experience to begin projects that you once thought impossible. You may find an invitation for travel.

Reversed World
When the World comes up in a reversed position, if often indicates delayed success. You may feel stagnant and insecure. This is the time to review the stages of your journey. Did you leave any loose ends that need to be addressed? This is also the time to take a personal inventory. Fear is one of the greatest inhibitors of personal growth. The reversed World Tarot card sometimes suggests that fear has blocked you form achieving your goals. You may not be aligned with the intentions of Divine Spirit. You may be apt to quit a situation rather than see it through. A lack of commitment is preventing you from achieving your goals. The World reversed conveys a lack of completion and wholeness within oneself. On some level, there is a resistance to change. New experiences appear daunting and formidable. A new door has yet to open. You still have transforming work to do.




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