Major Arcana And Career (2)

Death - Grand TrumpsThis is a post in progress. I will edit the text to the cards as I come across them. You can find the full descriptions of cards by clicking on the links on the source website.

Tarot and Your Career Personality Type

See part 1 and part 3


VIII  Strength (Sign Leo)
Diplomatic, Negotiator, Peace keeper, Management
Potential Weaknesses: Power hungry, Controlling, Overly reactive

Upright Strength
The upright position of the Strength Card indicates that a new opportunity will require some risk taking. This will be a time of courage. Inner conflicts may cease due to your awareness of your darker impulses and more effective management of them. You may need to develop greater patience to solve your problems. Diplomacy and compassion may be the best solution. Self-discipline is your greatest ally. As you gain control over your inner desires and impulses, you now find that you can stand up to those that are pushing you around.

Reversed Strength
In a reversed position, the Strength Card may indicate that you may have lost your nerve in the face of a new opportunity that requires some risk. You may be giving in to your inner impulses. You may want to hide within the confines of your comfort zone. Perhaps there have been personal issues that you have not yet confronted. This is the time to face your fears. Someone may pushing you around and you feel powerless. Perhaps there is an undesirable behavior pattern that continues to occur in your life. When the Strength Card comes up reversed, this may indicate that your dependence on other people is inhibiting your emotional and spiritual growth. You may have to become more independent. Your timidity is causing you to miss out on new opportunities.
Another important element to the Strength Card reversed is the concern that you may be using too much force in the world around you. Others may be wary and distrustful of you. The Strength Card reversed warns of an overbearing personality. It may be time to refocus your attentions towards a softer and more gentle approach. It will be difficult to achieve your goals through force and control alone.


IX  Hermit (Sign Virgo)
Detail oriented, Can work well alone, Diligent, Dependable
Potential Weaknesses: Limited, Lacks communication skills, Can be difficult to work with

At work, you may need to spend some time in retreat or contemplation as you seek to gain a greater understanding of yourself. Spend some time alone, thinking about the direction your work is taking and what you want to do with your life. This is not a time for action, but instead presents an opportunity to gain clarity and insight about your next steps.

Upright Hermit
In its upright position, the Hermit suggests it is a time for withdrawal and privacy. The Hermit reminds us that we can find truth in our solitude and self-examination. Meditation and contemplation are needed to progress and connect with the quiet wisdom both within ourselves and of the universe. We find guidance through our connection to something greater than ourselves. Before proceeding into action, you must thoroughly consider your plans for self-discovery and your desired goals for personal growth. You may need to take things more slowly  as you decide which path or strategy is the right one for you. The Hermit indicates that you may get counsel or advice from a wise, more experienced mentor, so be open to expert help.

Reversed Hermit
In its reversed position, the Hermit warns that excessive isolation can be harmful. You may feel lost, lonely, and without purpose. Be careful of becoming so consumed with doing things your way that you have passed up good advice from a wise counsel. You can be your own worst enemy. Be wary of turning away from sound advice. You may be suspicious of help offered by others. The fear you are feeling is blocking you from discovering your path and benefiting from help that is offered along the way.


X  Wheel of Fortune (Planet Jupiter)
Aims big, High roller, Entrepreneurial, Trailblazer
Potential Weaknesses: Gambler, Materialistic, Compulsive

When you get the Wheel of Fortune in a reading you can expect a time of opportunity to arise in your career. This is a card that brings unexpected and often very fortunate changes. A position may open up that offers you the possibility for growth and recognition. This can be a good time to ask for a raise or advancement of some kind as others see you in a positive light.

Upright Wheel of Fortune
You are beginning a new life cycle, one that promises fortunate circumstances. Things have been set in motion that you have little control of, yet if you accept the process, change and growth will occur. This is a process of destiny and if you let it work through you, events of great significance can manifest. In your current situation, you have no personal control to influence the outcome. Allow the universe to work for you. This may be a period where there are many changes. Expect new opportunities and be willing to take some chances. Although things may be moving rapidly, be sure you look at the bigger picture. Know that your labors will bring big rewards.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune
In a reversed position, the Wheel of Fortune may indicate that you have not yet progressed through the nine stages of development. The paths to self may still be unclear. You have not yet reached a point where you are ready to embark on a spiritual journey. There may be a turn for the worse. You good luck has wavered and you must wait until the wheel has made a full circle. The path you our on will not provide the results you want. Things may have to get worse before they can get better. You may be experiencing Murphy’s law. You may feel discouraged and disappointed. There is no reasoning as to why your present circumstances are the way they are. You may need to question your path.


XI  Justice (Sign Libra)
Structured, Rational, Observant, Systematic
Potential Weaknesses: Unimaginative, Narrow-minded, Opinionated

Upright Justice
When the Justice Tarot Card appears upright in your online tarot reading, it usually is a good indicator that there is a decision that must be made in order for your life to take a new direction. This decision typically requires a great deal of consideration and contemplation. This is a milestone, often influencing the course of your fate. Its tarot card meanings usually refer to the need to take the time to restructure your life according to moral principles. It would be in your best interest to explore other points of view. There may be issues of justice and fairness. You may have to become accountable for your choices. Should you have acted in an unfair matter, it may come back to haunt you. At times, the Justice Tarot Card can indicate the onset of legal issues. Things should proceed with fairness and integrity. The outcome should be positive. You may receive help from an outside party that can tip the legal matter in your favor.

Reversed Justice
In its reversed position, Justice indicates that you may be experiencing unfairness. False accusations are being thrown around. A person of authority may be basing their decisions from a prejudiced point of view. Justice reversed can represent the need to make decisions which you have been reluctant to examine. Perhaps you have been over confident and failed to recognize cues that your behavior is sabotaging your endeavors. There may be a setback in you getting what you feel you deserved. Are you being lazy and indecisive? Justice reversed always represents an imbalance of some kind. You may be too focused on your position and status in society. You need to find equilibrium between your conscience and inner desires. The goal is to get them to work in a partnership. Justice reversed also warns that an apology that you expected may not come. Someone in authority is abusing their power and this may be influencing a course of action you wish to take. Legal matters may become difficult and tedious. The outcome may not be in your favor. Be careful of your feelings of injustice, the behaviors you choose can be costly. Do not take the law into your own hands.


XII  The Hanged Man (Planet Neptune)
Uncomplaining, Enduring, Will sacrifice for the good of all
Potential Weaknesses: Narrow minded, Can’t see things from different perspectives

Upright Hanged Man
When The Hanged Man appears upright in your Tarot spread, it may be likely that you need to take a moment to pause. You may have to re-examine your priorities and establish if they conform to the spiritual principals you choose to live by. Sometimes, The Hanged Man indicates that a lesson needs to be learned. You may feel tested by outside influences. In a Tarot reading, The Hanged Man can suggest a transitional period. Perhaps you feel suspended between old and new beliefs. You may be forced to  sacrifice something you feel attached to. You may need to look beyond your self interests and perceptions. The Hanged Man also informs you that you are quite capable of selfless endeavors. Perhaps, you can explore some projects that you can dedicate some free time to, which will serve others besides yourself. The Hanged Man urges us to let go and relinquish our perception of control. Trust your higher self. You may need to reconnect to the spiritual elements of your life in order to draw wisdom from your higher consciousness. In a relationship reading, The Hanged Man can indicate that you may give up a selfish ambition out of love for another person. It can also indicate that a relationship will dissolve due to the awareness that it is damaging and will most likely not meet your needs.

Reversed Hanged Man
In a reversed position, The Hanged Man warns that you are not being true to yourself. Perhaps you are sacrificing too much of yourself in order to keep the people closest to you happy. Are you denying yourself the right to meet your own needs? In contrast, The Hanged Man reversed reflects an unwillingness to surrender for the higher good. Selfishness and dissatisfaction have become a central theme to your perceptions and motivations. You may be lingering in the past or you are too consumed with controlling the outcomes of your decisions. On a more positive note, The Hanged Man reversed can indicate new movement that can transform in your life. In money readings, the Hanged Man reversed advises you that a financial investment could turn out to be disadvantageous. This is not a time to make financial risks.


XIII  Death (Sign Scorpio)
Money management, Cost cuts, Catalyst for change, Unconventional
Potential Weaknesses: Aggressive, Impersonal, Cold blooded

Upright Death
In a Tarot reading, the Death card indicates that there is going to be a major change in your life. It will be an experience that leads to an important transformation. You may find your life takes a totally new and unexpected turn. The Death card tends to appear in a Tarot reading when there are major life events such as career changes. Typically, this suggests that your life may have to be restructured. There may be a phase in your life that is coming to an end. Death’s Tarot meaning also informs us of the need to purge oneself of old ideas, relationships and situations that are no longer useful. This may require a period of reflection. Sometimes it takes a great deal of effort and introspection to uncover what exactly is not working in our own lives. Death indicates there must be a shift in order to carve a new way.

Reversed Death
In a reversed position, Death typically warns that there is a refusal to change. This could be related to a fear of the unknown or being too attached to old ideas that allow you to feel safe. In a Tarot reading, Death indicates that you are gripping on to an outdated situation or perspective. You may feel a reluctance to look forward due to your attachment to the past. You may be forced to give up what you do not necessarily want to. Resisting change makes the process much more painful. Surrender and acceptance would be in your best interest. Choosing to face the transformation reaps the greatest reward.


XIV Temperance (Sign Sagittarius)
Checks & Balances, Organizer, Strategic Planning
Potential Weaknesses: Rigid, Obsessive compulsive

The Temperance card offers you the opportunity to blend a number of diverse skills and abilities in your work. You can now assess what you are good at and what you like to do and integrate these into your career in a whole new way. You will find that you are able to achieve a sense of balance and healing as you strive to incorporate your many different talents into your professional life.

Upright Temperance
In its upright position, Temperance indicates the need to combine opposing elements in order to form something of greater value. This may require you to take control of volatile factors in your current situation. This is a good time to ask your self what feels as though it is on the verge of becoming out of control. You may find yourself in a situation that requires that you and another person may have to combine your skills to get something accomplished. This also may refer to your inner world as well. You may have to face and manage your desires and fears in order for you to forge a new consciousness. Temperance encourages you to moderate your impulses and behaviors. You may find yourself desiring things that go against your value system. You may need to slow down and examine where you stand in your current situation. It is important to be willing to compromise.

Reversed Temperance
In a reversed position, Temperance warns that you may be lacking in moderation and will be forced to face the consequences. Your unmanaged impulses could get you into trouble. You need to be careful that your ambitions don’t cause you to make radical decisions. It would be wise to consider a compromise or serious problems could result. You may be overreacting to a situation. In some circumstances, Temperance indicates a discrepancy between one’s mind and one’s emotions. Temperance reversed always indicates there is a lack of balance in some aspect of your life.


Continued in Part 3



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