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Stretch Recapitulation Exercise – calling back your energy
By Biofield Therapeutics


The purpose of this exercise is to rid yourself of any residual energies that may be in your body following any trauma – an assault, an act of betrayal, a violation. Those who have experienced early childhood trauma often carry around a traumatic imprint at the site of injury, as well as in the emotional body.

Many times, disease and illness manifest in areas of traumatic imprinting. The invisible scars are just as present as a physical scar left by an accident or injury. Density builds up, like scar tissue, in the human energy field, and that density interferes with the free flow of energy necessary for you to feel complete, and fully functional.

It is possible to remove this imprinting with intention, energy healing and this simple breathing exercise. It is yet another must-have to add to your “jewelry box” as one reader put it.

You can do this exercise for severe cases of abuse, as well as even minor events that happen in the course of the day. If someone was rude to you or hurt your feelings, and you can feel yourself internalizing that feeling of pain or anger, quickly do the recapitulation exercise and get rid of the energy before it settles in and does you any harm.

This exercise is also good for people in co-dependent relationship, who feel pained or negatively affected by the decisions of another. You will have a more healthy relationship if you disentangle your energies with this exercise.

Recapitulation is an exercise where you turn your head from side to side, inhaling and exhaling. You will do a round of ten complete breaths.

Inhale, turning your head to the left. On the inhale turn, envision pulling any of your energy back from the person you’ve been projecting anger, rage or blame at, and bringing your own energy back to a ball above your crown chakra at the top of your head.

On the exhale, turn your head from left all the way to the right. As you do this, you are expelling any energy that the tyrant might have left in you, or that you are holding onto, and sending it back to him. You do this ten times.

First, sit up straight and ground yourself with my grounding exercise, or any grounding exercise of your choice. When you are fully grounded, imagine the person you are entangled with – the person who violated you, the person who upset or betrayed you -standing in front of you, facing you.

On the inhale, you are going to pull out of the abuser/tyrant, any residual energy of yours that my still be in him, including rage, blame, desire for revenge, desire for apology, guilt, etc. With each in breath, you will scan every cell of his physical, mental, emotional bodies and human energy field, pulling your own energy out and putting it in a ball above your own head. You are going to reclaim and purify your long lost energy and bring it back into your body at the end of the exercise.

On the exhale, intend that you are scanning your entire being for energy that this person may have left in you, or that you may not have been willing to let go of. You are going to vacuum your body and human energy field on the exhale, depositing this person’s energy into a ball above his head. It would not be impeccable to force it back into him. Rather put it in the ball above his head so that he can choose to take it back or not, but the energy is fully removed from you.

Do this inhaling to the left and exhaling to the right, slowly, ten times. All the while visualizing separating your energies.

After the tenth and final breath, you will completely detach from all of the energy you have deposited above the head of your abuser.

Then, imagine the ball of your own new found energy, in a ball above your head, being purified with Divine Light. This is a gift to yourself, this energy that you have been missing for so long. When you are ready, bring your new found, purified energy in through the crown chakra, at the top of your head, and let the energy come all the way through your light body, coming to rest in the places that need it the most.



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