Root Chakra Cords

Red Phone CordRoot Chakra Cords
By Cinnamon Crow

Chakra cords are […] cables that connect two people chakra to chakra. They serve as conduits for energy exchange.

Psychic vampires are famous for cord connections used to siphon off an unsuspecting victim’s energy. While this is a real phenomenon, most cords are connected unconsciously.

Some are negative and should be removed at once, others are necessary for healthy existence.

An infant has multiple cords connecting to her parents Root to Root as she depends on them for survival and belonging. This is natural and should remain in place for a time to develop a healthy sense of security and bonding.

As the child becomes self-sufficient most Root cords should be removed. Because children mature at different rates, there is no set age for cord removal. Under most circumstances, when the child can feed, bathe and dress herself, it is time [start cutting the] cords.

Leaving the basic cord concerning food, shelter and clothing in place until the child reaches adulthood will not harm the child or parents as long as all the other Root cords have been removed.

Once the child reaches adulthood, assuming the child is mental and physically able to leave the nest, all Root cords to parents should be removed immediately. No benefit is to be had from keeping this cord in place on an adult child. She must learn personal responsibility and survival skills. This is where the saying ‘cutting the apron strings’ originates.

Similar to infant cords, adult children that are primary caretakers will have Root cords to elderly, ill parents. These cords should stay until the parent recovers or passes.

The time to remove cords is a personal decision. Carefully evaluate your child. If you cut a cord too soon, you may always reconnect.

Like with any other type of boundary setting, children will try to reconnect once necessary cords are cut. When this occurs remove with love, give an explanation and send loving energy from the Heart.



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