Solar Plexus Chakra Properties

Solar Plexus Chakra CLProperties of the Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

Meaning: City of Gems

Color: Yellow

Petals: 10

Sanskrit Letter on Petals: dam, dham, nam, tam, tham, dam, dham, nam, pam, pham

Associated Age: 14-21 years

Location: Between Navel and bottom of the Sternum

Work organ: Legs and Feet

Sense organ: Eyes

Shape: Triangle

Note: E

Frequency: 349 cycles per second

Seed Mantra: Ram

Mantra: Om Namo Bhagwate Rudray Swaha

Loka: Svar

Element: Fire

Ruling Gods: Vishnu and Lakshmi

Ruling Planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Tarot: The High Priestess, The Emperor

Open chakra: Will Power, Personal Power, Determination, Self Esteem

Closed chakra:

See also Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra Properties


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One thought on “Solar Plexus Chakra Properties

  1. bluebutterfliesandme November 7, 2013 at 3:27 am Reply

    Very cool!

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