Sacral Chakra Properties

Sacral Chakra LoverProperties of the Sacral Chakra – Savadisthana

Meaning: Abode of the Self

Color: Orange

Petals: 6

Sanskrit Letter on Petals: bam, bham, mam, yam, ram, lam

Associated Age: 8-14 years

Location: 4 Fingers above Genitalia

Work organ: Genitals

Sense organ: Tongue

Shape: Circle

Note: D


Seed Mantra: Vam

Mantra: Om Namo Narayana

Loka: Bhuvar

Element: Earth, Water

Ruling Gods: Four Armed Lord Vishnu and Shrivatsa

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Day: Wednesday

Tarot: The Moon, The Lovers

Open chakra: Balance, Harmony, Peace

Closed chakra: Emotional, Resentment, Overindulgence


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