Root Chakra Properties

Root Chakra CLProperties of the Root Chakra – Muladhara

Meaning: Foundation

Color: Red

Petals: 4

Sanskrit Letter on Petals: vam, sham, sham, sam

Associated Age: 1-7 years

Location: Base of Spine – Genital Region

Work organ: Anus

Sense organ: Nose

Shape: Square

Note: High C

Frequency: 535 cycles per second

Seed Mantra: Lam

Mantra: Gan Ganapataye Namah

Loka: Bhur

Element: Earth

Ruling God: Brahma

Ruling Planet: Mars

Day: Tuesday

Tarot: The Fool, The Magician

Open chakra: Groundedness, Stability, Balance, Strength, Health

Closed chakra: Fear, Insecurity, Introversion, Low Self Esteem



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