Wonders of the Temple

shrink-wrapped-bodies-julien-palast-10From The Wonders of the Human Body
Physical Regeneration According to the Laws of Chemistry and Physiology


“For thou didst cover me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks unto thee ; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are thy works.” 139th Ps., 13 and Uth v.

THE human race has been asleep, and has dreamed that property and money are the true wealth of a nation, sacrificing men, women and children to the chimerical idea that danced in visionary splendor through their brains. The result of this is to be seen in the uneasiness that prevails everywhere. But humanity is waking up, slowly but surely, and beginning to realize that it, itself, is the most precious thing on earth.

The old-established statement that the individuals that make up the race are imperfect is ho more true than that a pile of lumber is imperfect, that is to be afterward reformed, or built into a house. As it is the carpenter’s business to take the lumber, which is perfect as material, and build the house, so it is the legitimate work of spiritual man to take the perfect material everywhere present and build, by the perfect law of chemistry and mathematics, the perfected, harmonious human being, and, with this material, employ the same law to build up society collectively.

It is a well-known physiological fact that the blood is the basic material of which the human body is continually builded. As is the blood, so is the body; as is the body, so is the brain; as is the brain, so is the quality of thought. As a man is builded, so thinks he.

According to the views of students of modern alchemy, the Bible both the Old and the New Testaments are symbolical writings, based primarily upon this very process of body building. The word alchemy really means fleshology.

It is derived from chem, an ancient Egyptian word, meaning flesh. The word Egypt also means flesh, or anatomy. Alchemy, however, in its broader scope, means the science of solar rays. Gold may be traced to the sun’s rays.

The word gold means solar essence. The transmutation of gold does not mean the process of making gold, but does mean the process of changing gold, solar rays, into all manner of materialized forms, vegetable, mineral, etc. The ancient alchemist studied the process of Nature in her operations from the volatile to the fixed, the fluid to the solid, the essence to the substance, or the abstract to the concrete, all of which may be summed up in the changing of spirit into matter.

In reality, the alchemist did not try to do anything. He simply tried to search out nature’s processes in order that he might comprehend her marvelous operations. To be sure, language was used that to us seems symbolical and often contradictory, but it was not so intended, nor so at all in reality. We speak in symbols. If a man is in delirium, caused by alcohol in his brain-cells, we say he has “snakes in his boots.” Of course, no one supposes that the words are to be taken literally. Yet, if our civilization should be wiped out, and our literature translated after four or five thousand years, those who read our history might be puzzled to know what was meant by “snakes in his boots.”

Again, it has been believed by most people that the words, “transmutation of base metals into gold,” used by alchemists, referred to making gold. But a careful study of the Hebrew Cosmogony, and the Kabala, will reveal the fact that the alchemist always referred to solar rays when he used the word gold.

By “base metals,” they simply meant matter, or basic material. The dissolving or disintegration of matter, the combustion of wood or coal, seemed as wonderful to these philosophers as the growth of wood or the formation of coal or stone. So the transmutation of base metals into gold simply meant the process of changing the fixed into the volatile, or the dematerialization of matter, either by heat or chemical process.

It is believed by modern students of alchemy that the books of the Old and New Testaments are a collection of alchemical and astrological writings, dealing entirely with the wonderful operation of aerial elements (spirit) in the human body, so fearfully and wonderfully made. The same authority is given for the statement, “Know ye not that your bodies are the temple of the living God” and “Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

According to the method of reading the numerical value of letters by the Kabala, M and E figure B, when united. Our B is from the Hebrew Beth, meaning a house or temple the temple of the spiritual ego the body. Thus by coming into the realization that the body is really the Father’s House, temple of God, the spirit secures peace and contentment or rest.

The human body is composed of perfect principles, gases, minerals, molecules, or atoms; but these builders of flesh and bone are not always properly adjusted. The planks or bricks used in building houses may be endlessly diversified in arrangement, and yet be perfect material.

Solomon’s temple is an allegory of man’s temple the human organism. This house is built (always being built) “without sound of saw or hammer.” The real Ego manifests in a house, beth, church, or temple i. e., Soul-of-Man’s Temple, for the Ego or I AM.

The solar (soular) plexus is the great central sun or dynamo on which the Subconscious Mind (another name for God) operates and causes the concept of individual consciousness. Specifically stated thus :
1. The upper brain (cerebrum) ; “The Most High” or Universal Father, which furnishes substance for all functions that constitute the body.
2. The Spiritual Ego (“I AM”) resident in the cerebellum.
3. The Son of God, the redeeming seed or Jesus, born monthly in the solar plexus.
4. Soul, the fluids of the body.
5. Flesh, bone, etc., the fluids materialized. (In a broader sense body also is termed soul, “Every soul perished.”) It is not thinkable that every Spirit, or Ego or “I AM” was drowned.

No wonder that the seers and alchemists of old declared that “Your bodies are the temple of the living God” and “The kingdom of Heaven is within you.” But man, blinded by selfishness, searches here and there, scours the heavens with his telescope, digs deep into earth, and dives into ocean’s depths, in a vain search for the elixir of life that may be found between the soles of his feet and the crown of his head. Really our human body is a miracle of mechanism. No work of man can compare with it in accuracy of its process and the simplicity of its laws.


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