Closing Portals and Dark Entities

Dark cloudClosing Portals
Closing an Open Portal

Where there is an exposed, open naturally occurring portal “dark” entities from other frequential densities, parallel spaces and “dimensions” can come in. These portals are actually small wormholes. They can be in a field, park, home, office, or public space like a bank or grocery store, etc. They can even open up in churches. The closing of this type of portal has to do with preventing dark, parasitic energies from entering our realm and harming people, animals, plants and minerals as well as locations. These dark entities feed on negative emotions, and so they stimulate people and animals to create situations where either the host or those they encounter are caused/encouraged to release anger, fear, hostility, sadness, grief, and pain of all kinds. These emotions are what the dark energies feed upon. […]

These dark beings do not need to be in our space here on Earth any longer. As we are now creating Heaven on Earth, we are sending them to whatever it is they call home, or their version of Heaven. After we have sent them away, it is a good idea to look for open portals so new ones do not come in.

Some work is permission-based only-in fact all healing work requires permission of the person(s) being healed. However some things do not require permission: the violet flame, for example, is not permission based. You can place a Violet Flame containment field anywhere according to the Ascended Master Saint Germaine who holds the Violet Flame in consciousness on behalf of humanity. Just so is the portal closing work. Where there is an open portal the dark beings which come in can get on anyone/everyone, so we have the right to protect ourselves and the general public by closing the portal. The Spiritual Hierarchy gives us permission to do this.

First, invoke the Archangel Michael. Then locate the portal. You can either do this remotely, if so trained, or in person. If you are doing this in person it is helpful to have either dowsing rods a pendulum or as a tool. Ask your tool to confirm for you the location of the open portal(s). Locate them one at a time and close each one individually if there are more than one. Find the center of the portal. A portal is shaped like a tornado or vortex. These spin counterclockwise. To close them, spin the Violet Flame clockwise into the swirling tornado. This is the opposite direction of their natural spin.*

Swirl it clockwise until the portal (which is a doorway) is closed down to a small point and then is finally gone. Some people like to place a stone of kyanite or black tourmaline crystal on top of the spot where the center of the vortex was located. They leave it there for a few hours, or the length of time that they are guided to leave it there-to prevent the portal’s re-opening. This is not always necessary. Consult guidance via the pendulum or dowsing rods. When finished, thank and release the Archangel Michael.

* This spin direction is true in North America. However, the spin directions are the exact opposite on the side of the world where water drains out of the sink or tub counter clockwise, as in Australia, for example. Flush the toilet, or watch the water drain out of a filled sink or tub to discover which way water drains where you live […].



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One thought on “Closing Portals and Dark Entities

  1. glittergoddessg October 31, 2015 at 8:54 pm Reply

    Fascinating subject! Here is an alternate way to close a portal that I have had a lot of success with: This clearing deals with the enforcer and governance entities that keep the portal open. Ask:
    “To all the governance and enforcer entities of this portal: Truth, what is your job? Truth what was your job before that, truth before that, truth before that, truth before that?… etc (until the energy shifts) and then, ask truth what will your job be in the future?”
    Then thank them for doing an excellent job and remind them they can go now.
    Pretty easy stuff actually! This is a tool from “Talk To The Entities” by Shannon O’Hara.
    Whatever works, I’m glad to have multiple tools in my belt to close portals that I come upon.

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