Grounding Root Food

Grounding Foods to Maintain a Healthy Root Chakra
By Deanna Minich, PhD, CN
[edited by 7M]

Many food and eating issues are intertwined with our ability to be able to trust, feel safe, protected, and be grounded and present.

Without a strong foundation in basic principles for survival like trust, safety, and security, you might imagine that we may not trust our own bodies’ instincts about eating.

Most people are out of touch with their bodies. They are not in the present moment, and in order to feel grounded, some people choose to eat, sometimes to the extent that they end up with the opposite feeling that was intended – they feel detached from their bodies, or fragmented. To keep from feeling detached, we must learn how to eat in the way that will promote a healthy root chakra.


The part of our energy that has a deep, earthy physical resonance and is connected to these core survival and physical body issues is known as the root chakra. A healthy root chakra translates into being able to survive adequately in the world without being plagued by fear around providing a living. As you can imagine, during this time of an economic downturn, fear is being conjured up all around us. Our root chakra issues come to the forefront as we start questioning our ability to provide for life’s necessities, including meals.

Why it is important to maintain a healthy root chakra
The root chakra also represents boundaries and support in our lives. Here are some reasons why keeping the root chakra healthy is important:

  • It is responsible for the energy of body systems that provide us with physical structure, allowing us to make tangible, meaningful contact with the Earth. These anatomical parts include the joints, bones, muscle, legs, and feet.
  • The root chakra enforces boundaries in the body by keeping us in check with an internal and external defense system, including the immune system (internal “defense” strategy) and skin (external barrier between us and others).
  • The root chakra oversees the action of the adrenal glands which allow us the momentum to “fight or flee” when we feel that we are in danger.


Honor Your Body’s Wisdom: Since most people are out of touch with their bodies, it may be difficult for them to know when to eat. Try to get in touch with listening to your body by observing its natural rhythm rather than your imposed rhythm. See if there are certain foods that your body instinctually needs by simply asking yourself what you need. Practice trusting the response. Note whether some foods make you feel “grounded” or “ungrounded”.


Protein: Protein assists us in reestablishing and strengthening our connection to the earthly vibration within us, bringing us back to our roots. It makes us feel heavy and slower moving, a welcome feeling if we are feeling fragmented or spacey. Animal proteins are particularly grounding since their origin is from some of the most grounded [sentient beings]. Vegetable protein works perfectly for those who are [vegan]. 

Minerals: Minerals, which are stable compounds from the Earth’s crust, impart structure and stability to the body and workings of the root chakra. Foods high in minerals would be nourishing to the root chakra.

Root vegetables: These tenacious vegetables grow deep within the dark, quiet Earth, and embody earthy energy. Root vegetables help us to nestle into our internal, lower core and to be comfortable in its darkness. Examples include beets, parsnips, and rutabaga.

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