Numerology – The Life Path

By Jacobus Swart


We understand that we have free choice in many matters concerning life on this earth. The subject of “Destiny, Fate & Free-will” needs to be closely examined, and again a forthcoming message will deal with that from one Kabbalistic perspective.

Now, although we are able to change events, e.g. home, vocation, and even our names, our dates of birth can never be altered. As indicated earlier, using the simple formula of adding the numbers of your date of birth and reducing it to a single digit, the “Life-path digit,” pointing to the main frequency driving your life is found. Now let us look again at how the “Life-path digit” is calculated. To recapitulate what was shown before, to calculate this most important number of someone born, for example, on 27th May 1952, the numbers are reduced to a single digit by plain addition.

Day Number         –     2 + 7                                  =     9

Month Number      –     5                                        =     5

Year Number        –     1 + 9 + 5 + 2 = 17 (1 + 7)    =     8

                    Total      9 + 5 + 8 = 22 (2 + 2)          =     4

So the “Life-path digit” of someone born on this date is then FOUR (4). There are two important numbers with special energy frequencies, these being ELEVEN (11) and TWENTY-TWO (22), called “Master digits,” to which special attention must be given. We note here that before the number was reduced to its singular frequency of FOUR, the number TWENTY-TWO (22) appeared, to which, as said, special attention must be given.

Having arrived at the “Life-path digit” we must apply the simple understanding of the digits as explained before, as well as look at the more advanced meanings pertaining to “Life-paths.” These are:

1 “Life-path” number 1, the first number of the Material or Physical Level, is called “The Innovator.” If you have this number ruling your life, you are required to stand on your own feet almost from birth. Virtually all natural leaders have this number governing their lives, since it attracts energy frequencies engendering independent action. Thus the number 1 represents the individualist, the innovator of ideas, making personal decisions, who is at his or her best when holding the reins. People governed by this number are ambitious, acting with firm will-power, courage and independence, yet should guard against a tendency to dominate, as well as egotism and self-seeking at the expense of others. The individual having number 1 as a “Life-frequency,” should be careful not to act only according to personal desires, since accusations of contrariness and tyranny, will be directed against that individual. If this is your ruling number, be careful not to rebel against responsibilities placed on you, since number 1 as a strongly advancing number always aid you in leading and assisting others in a practical and fruitful manner. In all matters you should trust your own final judgment after due consideration was given to the needs of others.

2 “Life-path” number 2, the first number of the Emotional Level, is called “The Diplomat.” If this is your ruling number, association and assimilation will be important influences in your life. You will be required to follow the lead of others, and should cultivate diplomacy and tact. Others will map out progressive ideas for you to put into practice. The meaning of service and co-operation will play an all-important part in your life, while peace and success can be found in your capacity to back up ideas. If you behave in a positive way you will become noted for your gentle charm and friendliness but apathy and shyness, as well as deceit and cowardice, must be avoided if you wish to by-pass unnecessary pain and trouble. The frequencies of this number are excellent for those who want to make diplomacy on all its levels their career, yet when the negative energies of this number begins to govern, the field of espionage with its associations of deceit will emerge.

3 ”Life-path” number 3, the first number of the Spiritual Level, is called “The Expressive.” If this is your ruling number, life will lead you along a path filled with opportunity for self-expression. You will learn to view the optimistic side of all situations, and you will be called upon to boost the morale of others. If you give of yourself freely and joyously you will experience rewarding responses from those around you. The energy frequencies of number 3 always leads to finding joy in living. The negative of this number is unnecessary extravagance and spectacle, i.e. the need to show off, which must be avoided at all costs, since you do not need any props in your life. Your own personality will show you the way. Those negatively influenced by this number are noted for boastfulness and exaggeration.

4 ”Life-path” number 4, the second number of the Material Level, is called “The Builder.” If this is your ruling number, you will be called upon to attend strictly to duty in life. You will know that if you lay foundations well, all enterprises will meet with success. There will however be no short cuts to happiness. Joyful hard work will be your life motto. Those ruled by this number are the loyal, conservative backbones of the world, noted for their practical dedication and service. However, on the negative side, they should beware of falling into a rut through restrictive thinking leading to destructive fundamentalism. Another danger arising from the negative influence of this number, is dogmatism, and a negative energy influence of this number leads to vulgarity and violence. However, the most profound results of this frequency come from true dedication to the job in hand.

5 ”Life-path” number 5, the second number of the Emotional Level, is called “The Rejuvenator.” Persons ruled by this number, can expect frequent change and variety. Since this is the number of communication, those having this number as their “Life-path digit,” will experience a great urge for freedom of thought and movement in their lives. If this number is your ruling number, you should use this influence to your advantage, and learn to adapt to new situations and surroundings. The unexpected will always be around the corner so no time should ever be wasted in remorse or despair. It will benefit those under the influence of this number to study foreign languages, especially early in life, for this is a universal “Life-path” number. Again if this be your ruling number, you should try not to become too attached to material objects for you may suffer at their unexpected loss. There will be a need to cultivate patience and real loyalty for there could be periods of restriction interspersed with many changes of direction. The negative energy frequencies of this number is the scattering of your versatile powers through actions prompted by the baser emotions. This should be avoided at all costs.

6 ”Life-Path” number six, the second number of the Spiritual Level, is called “The Harmoniser.” Adjustment towards responsibility will be your path if you are under the influence of this number. Yours will be the task to create harmonious conditions for others to work and live in. Cheerful and efficient service will be required from you to succeed and you can become a pillar of home and community, respected and loved by all. Many “sixes” have great musical talent or artistic ability. All have an inborn sense of justice, but must guard against the too strict imposition of their own ideals on others. The negative influence of this number is pride and cynicism which must be avoided like the plague, for these negative emotions could destroy the inherent harmony.

7 ”Life-path” number seven, the third number of the Practical Level, is called “The Thinker.” Individuals under the influence of this number will have to learn to be alone and yet not lonely for this is the “Life-path” of individual wisdom through strictly personal effort. If you are under the influence of this number, you will find that others will come to you for solace and guidance, and you must develop your inner power resources to become a fit and useful counsellor. Rest, meditation and study should be your key-words, for from the silence of your inner self will come the strength to assist you to help others. Keen mental analysis must be applied to all situations. Steer well clear of melancholia and sarcasm, which is the negative energy frequencies of this number, since it will lead to destructive malice and deceit.

8 ”Life-Path” number eight, the third number on the Emotional Level, is called “The Expansionist.” If this is your ruling number, power and authority of a material nature will be placed in your hands. Your own judgement and discrimination and the exercise of a strong free-will will determine your success or failure. Many “eights” are born commercial and industrial leaders, but should learn to realise that others are not all endowed with the same qualities. Those having this number as their ruling number, will have plenty of self-confidence, and should use this to guide their subordinates without becoming intolerant and over-demanding, this being the negative energy frequencies of this number. Another negative energy influence is self-ambition which, if allowed to rule too strongly, will be a danger of becoming unscrupulous. Use your power with wisdom and consideration and many doors will open to you.

9 ”Life-Path” number nine, the third number of the Spiritual Level, is called “The Universalist.” If this is your ruling number, philanthropy and compassion should rule your life. Generosity in all dealings is the hall-mark of successful number nines. Nine symbolises the energy frequency of the teacher and the healer, who practices humanitarianism on a large scale. Those under the influence of this number will possess much personal magnetism and should avoid any tendency towards egocentricity, the negative influence of this number, which could result in aimless dissipation of your talents. Any undertaking in your life will only succeed if your actions are prompted by high unselfish motives. All number nines have the ability to do much good for the community if they learn and understand the laws of free will and service.



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